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SB: Did the Jazz overestimate Enes Kanter's potential?

02/04/2014 11:42am
Monday night Enes Kanter had 10 points and 3 rebounds in 20 minutes of play as the Utah Jazz lost to the visiting Toronto Raptors. Utah is 1-21 this season with Kanter starting, but 15-11 when coming off the bench.

Marvin Williams is a true professional

02/04/2014 11:55am
Marvin Williams isn't one of the flashy young guys in the NBA anymore, but his work ethic and attitude have kept him in the NBA, going on nine years.

Jazz Beat 2-4: What's the team's potential

02/04/2014 8:42pm
On today's podcast we look back when the Jazz honored Hall of Fame head coach Jerry Sloan, the potential of Enes Kanter and the rest of the team.