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Top 3 local dual-threat quarterbacks; 2 more on the way

05/07/2013 7:00am
Dual-threat quarterbacks are all the rage in the NFL. Cam Newton, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Kaepernick are the young guns tearing up the league. Utah teams have produced their share of dual-threat play-callers with more on the way.

By any measure, BYU football belongs with the big boys

05/07/2013 12:11pm
Over the last three years, BYU has seen a number of lower college football programs be able to switch conferences and end up in a more advantageous situation. All the while, Cougar fans grow nervous, wondering where it leaves their team.

Total fan dedication and BYU rugby's championship play

05/07/2013 1:39pm
A hockey fan proved his fandom though a pizza receipt and some help from Reddit. We also have video of a kayaking hot dog vendor and the play that won the BYU rugby team its second consecutive national championship.