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The Sports Beat: Which OC will prove to be the better hire, Anae at BYU or Erickson at Utah?

02/11/2013 11:29am
With a finger on the pulse of the sports world KSL asks the pressing questions and gets the insightful answers from our team of sports reporters. Today's question: Which OC will prove to be the better hire, Robert Anae at BYU or Dennis Erickson at Utah?

BYU's not afraid of Dennis Erickson

02/11/2013 2:05pm
The Utes hired Dennis Erickson on Monday as their offensive coordinator, Cougar fans look back and say (half in jest), "I'm not afraid of Dennis Erickson."

Cougars have a week to forget

02/11/2013 2:19pm
The Cougars lost two straight for the second time this season. What does this latest losing streak mean for the Cougars?

Shep Talk: Announcers are more than just voices

02/11/2013 2:31pm
Sports announcers do more than just call games; they make memories.