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Japan trade deficit hits record $27.4B in January

02/20/2014 12:30am
Japan's trade deficit surged to a monthly record of 2.8 trillion yen ($27.4 billion) in January as imports jumped 25 percent, underscoring the challenge the country faces in restoring export-driven growth.

Plan to move base highlights US problem on Okinawa

02/20/2014 12:31am
For 10 years, Hiroshi Ashitomi has been coming to the beach near his Okinawa home every day to sit. He loves nothing more than the sea around the island, the rare sightings of dugongs and sea turtles, the tan sand and the crags out by the breakwater. He believes the sea is the greatest gift of his ancestors and he wants to pass it on to future generations.

Portugal counts days to end of bailout program

02/20/2014 2:57am
The Portuguese are less than three months away from their big day _ May 17 _ when they expect to get financial sovereignty back after three years of being told what to do by foreign bailout creditors.

4 charged in Germany on suspicion of terrorism

02/20/2014 2:59am
German authorities say they've charged four Turkish men with belonging to a leftist terrorist organization believed to be behind the suicide bombing on the U.S. Embassy in Ankara last year.

EU defense ministers gather in Athens

02/20/2014 3:01am
European Union defense ministers are gathering in Athens to discuss European military operations and cooperation in a two-day informal meeting, which will also be attended by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Egyptian army bombs suspected militants in Sinai

02/20/2014 3:39am
Egyptian security officials say army helicopter gunships have rocketed several houses where militants were thought to have gathered in the northern region of the Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 10.

Quiet diplomacy faulted for Africa's anti-gay laws

02/20/2014 4:22am
Last month, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni met in his office with a team of U.S.-based rights activists concerned about legislation that would impose life sentences for some homosexual acts. South African retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu joined them by phone, pointing out similarities between Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill and racist laws enforced under South Africa's former apartheid government.

Greece seeks criminal charges for 9 far-right MPs

02/20/2014 4:43am
Greek judges have asked Parliament to allow the prosecution of another nine lawmakers from the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party, which is being investigated for alleged criminal activities.

German defense minister announces overhaul

02/20/2014 4:57am
Germany's new defense chief has announced an overhaul of her ministry citing serious mismanagement of arms projects.

Spain Parliament rejects Catalonia secession push

02/20/2014 5:02am
The Spanish Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected plans by the powerful northeastern Catalonia region to hold a referendum on whether it should become independent or remain part of Spain.

Hungary postpones erecting disputed WWII memorial

02/20/2014 5:25am
Hungary's government said Thursday it has postponed erecting a disputed memorial of Germany's 1944 invasion until May 31, after pressure from Jewish groups who see it as an effort to minimize Hungary's role in the Holocaust, when 550,000 Hungarian Jews were killed.

Japan may review probe on WWII sex slavery

02/20/2014 5:41am
Japan's government said Thursday it may re-examine a 20-year-old study that led to a landmark apology over forced prostitution during World War II, in a sign it is leaning toward a denial that officials were involved in organizing sex slavery.

Court: No release for 3 of Rajiv Gandhi's killers

02/20/2014 6:22am
India's top court on Thursday stopped the Tamil Nadu state government from releasing three of the seven prisoners serving life sentences for the 1991 assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, a lawyer said.

Australia unaware where NKorea holding missionary

02/20/2014 6:47am
Australia's foreign minister said Thursday her government was trying to find out where an Australian missionary was being held and what his condition was in North Korea.

UN agency prepares for largest Syria aid shipment

02/20/2014 7:12am
The United Nations refugee agency says it plans to send its aid largest shipment yet to Syria.

Bulgaria identifies 4th new suspect in bus bombing

02/20/2014 7:34am
A fourth attacker may have been involved in a suicide bomb attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria two years ago, the country's chief prosecutor said Thursday.

UAE lets passengers go after airline smoke probe

02/20/2014 8:10am
Emirati security authorities have allowed all passengers on an Etihad Airways flight that had suspicious lavatory fires to leave after several were temporarily detained for questioning by police, the airline said Thursday.

Greek sections of global NGOs protest 'attacks'

02/20/2014 8:13am
Three leading non-governmental organizations in Greece are protesting "unprecedented attacks" on NGOs in the country following fraud allegations involving publicly funded local groups.

Radical Femen leader plans US feminist outpost

02/20/2014 8:19am
She quickly seduced French officialdom after arriving from Ukraine, winning political asylum within a year of her application. Her visage, framed in blond hair crowned with flowers, helped inspire France's latest postage stamp.

Germany arrests 3 Auschwitz guard suspects

02/20/2014 8:41am
German police on Thursday raided the homes of nine elderly men suspected of serving as SS guards at the Auschwitz death camp and arrested three of them on allegations of accessory to murder.

Kerry, in Paris, continues Mideast peace push

02/20/2014 9:10am
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held a second day of talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Paris on Thursday, as he continues to press for an agreement on framework for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

India's Parliament approves new 29th state

02/20/2014 9:13am
India's Parliament on Thursday approved a plan to create a 29th state following days of political mayhem, including a melee in which a lawmaker unleashed pepper spray on his colleagues.

Romania: Authorities kill over 180 street dogs

02/20/2014 9:23am
Officials say 187 street dogs have been killed in the Romanian capital under a new law prompted by the death of a 4-year-old boy attacked by roaming canines in August.

Albania opposition holds anti-government protest

02/20/2014 9:24am
More than 5,000 Albanian opposition supporters have marched peacefully through the capital Tirana, accusing the government of failing to fight poverty and unemployment.

Puerto Rico to monitor popular bioluminescent bay

02/20/2014 10:14am
Puerto Rico is building a water quality monitoring station to help protect a popular bioluminescent bay in the neighboring island of Vieques.

Report: Iran shuts down newspaper, detains editor

02/20/2014 11:03am
A news agency in Iran says officials have detained the editor of a daily reformist newspaper after they shut it down on charge of insulting Islam.

Czech pilot who fought for UK, France dies at 95

02/20/2014 11:06am
Fighter pilot Miroslav Standera, who fled Czechoslovakia to fight for the British and French air forces in World War II, has died at age 95.

Iranian Embassy in London reopens after 2 years

02/20/2014 11:15am
The Iranian Embassy in London reopened its doors Thursday more than two years after it shut down over diplomatic tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United Kingdom.

AP PHOTOS: Another deadly day in Kiev

02/20/2014 12:14pm
Anti-government protesters tossed firebombs and advanced on police lines Thursday in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Police pushed back and snipers fired, leaving scores of people dead and hundreds wounded.

Swiss court orders hijack suspect held in custody

02/20/2014 12:33pm
A Swiss court has ordered the co-pilot of a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane held in custody pending further investigation and appointed him a defense counsel.

Ethnicity or birthplace: rules of citizenship vary

02/20/2014 12:42pm
Israel is not the only country to struggle with the question of what defines nationality _ place of birth, loyalty or ethnicity? Any child born in the United States becomes American at birth, regardless of its parents' origins. But that's by no means the global standard.

Medic: 70 protesters killed, 500 wounded in Kiev

02/20/2014 1:21pm
Protesters tossed firebombs and advanced upon police lines Thursday in Ukraine's embattled capital. Government snipers shot back, killing at least 70 people and wounding hundreds of others, according to a protest doctor.

Iran's London mission reopens doors after 2 years

02/20/2014 1:54pm
Iran's diplomatic mission to Britain partly reopened its doors Thursday for the first time in two years as part of a wider agreement on the thawing of tensions between the countries.

UN urges reinforcements for C. African Republic

02/20/2014 2:03pm
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling for the African Union and France to rapidly deploy at least 3,000 additional troops and police to the Central African Republic to prevent further religious killings that have forced almost one million people to flee their homes.

Kerry 'determined' to get Middle East peace deal

02/20/2014 2:07pm
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he remained "committed" and "determined" to reaching a Middle East peace deal, but said in an interview aired Thursday that he understood Israeli fears and skepticism of its outcome.

EU says Iran nuclear talks off to `a good start'

02/20/2014 2:20pm
Iran and six world powers on Thursday ended nuclear talks with agreement on a framework for future negotiations but little progress on the main issue of what nuclear concessions Tehran must make in exchange for an end to sanctions stifling its economy.

Mexican left proposes medicinal use for marijuana

02/20/2014 2:53pm
Mexico's main leftist party has submitted a proposal in the Senate to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana.

NATO head: Afghan security pact after elections

02/20/2014 3:06pm
NATO's secretary general said Thursday he believes Afghan President Hamid Karzai will not sign a long-stalled security pact with the United States allowing American troops to remain in Afghanistan after the end of 2014, leaving the task to whomever emerges as his successor after April elections.

UN urges reinforcements for CAfrican Republic

02/20/2014 3:54pm
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called Thursday for the rapid deployment of at least 3,000 additional troops and police to conflict-wracked Central African Republic to prevent further religious killings that have forced almost one million people to flee their homes and are partitioning the country into Muslim and Christian areas.

Haiti court urges further probes on Duvalier trial

02/20/2014 4:35pm
A Haitian appellate court called for further investigation into human rights abuses allegedly committed during the 15-year rule of former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, creating an opportunity for the prosecution to submit more evidence and perhaps even launch a trial against him.

AP reporter witnesses carnage in Ukrainian capital

02/20/2014 6:30pm
I heard a strange clanking sound this morning in my hotel room overlooking the Ukrainian capital's main square. I carefully opened the balcony door and looked down. A bullet from a sniper rifle was on the floor of the balcony.

Mexico arrest warrant for former airline owner

02/20/2014 6:40pm
A judge has issued an arrest warrant for the former owner of defunct Mexicana Airlines on charges of misuse of funds, an official at Mexico's Attorney General's Office said.

Consortium says Panama Canal work resumed

02/20/2014 7:13pm
A European-led consortium said Thursday that work has resumed on a major expansion of the Panama Canal, following a two-week shutdown caused by a dispute over who is to pay for $1.6 billion in cost overruns.

Nicaragua to try 3 men for stealing 2 bananas

02/20/2014 8:16pm
A court's decision to hold three men for trial for the attempted theft of two bananas is drawing surprise and ridicule from lawyers in Nicaragua.

China accuses tycoon of murder in major gang bust

02/20/2014 8:38pm
Authorities accused a Chinese mining tycoon of running a vast mafia that blackmailed, beat and gunned down rivals in daytime attacks, traveled in Rolls Royces and Ferraris and fostered ties to prosecutors and police with drug-fueled parties.

Australian police X-ray alleged diamond thief

02/20/2014 9:08pm
Australian police searching for a stolen 200,000 Australian dollar ($180,000) rare pink diamond have X-rayed a British tourist suspected to have swallowed it.

Shaky peace reigns after Ukraine rocked by protest

02/20/2014 10:52pm
Talks between opposition leaders and the embattled Ukrainian president continued early Friday as a shaky peace reigned in the protest camps in downtown Kiev.