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Ex-Nevada lawmaker enters plea deal in Calif. case

03/30/2014 12:20am
A former Nevada lawmaker who led California police on a high-speed chase on the day he was expelled from the state Assembly has entered into a plea deal in the felony case.

Lioness dies less than 4 months after giving birth

03/30/2014 1:10am
A lioness that had given birth to a healthy cub less than four months ago at Zoo Miami has died.

UF to pay company $186 million for online program

03/30/2014 2:20am
The University of Florida will pay the company Pearson Embanet an estimated $186 million over the life of its 11-year contract to help launch and manage the state's first fully online, four-year degree program.

NMSU professor chosen to advise health director

03/30/2014 3:10am
A New Mexico State University Regents professor has been selected to serve on an advisory committee that works with the nation's top health officials.

UN science report: Warming worsens security woes

03/30/2014 3:11am
A United Nations climate panel has a major report due out tomorrow and one conclusion is that global warming could lead to hotter tempers and a chill in human relations.

Nevada rancher fighting federal cattle roundup

03/30/2014 6:00am
A turf battle between a southern Nevada rancher and federal land managers is heading for a showdown on remote public land northeast of Las Vegas.

Fellowships offered for NH North Country teachers

03/30/2014 6:31am
Teachers in the North Country are encouraged to apply for fellowship and scholarship programs sponsored by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

Pa. Craigslist killing suspect says 2 never showed

03/30/2014 6:50am
A woman charged along with her newlywed husband with killing a man she met through Craigslist tells a newspaper that two other men had responded to her ad for companionship but never showed up.

Pitt-Johnstown students falling ill

03/30/2014 7:10am
Officials at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown say that several students have reported an illness that's believed to be an airborne norovirus.

Ohio college farm provides food for zoo animals

03/30/2014 7:30am
A northeastern Ohio university's farm is now providing food for animals at Cleveland's zoo.

Former star athlete triumphs after accident

03/30/2014 7:41am
Pushing through the crowd of emergency responders, Royal Carpenter yelled frantically for his daughter, the teenager he often called "gym rat" at Hatton High where he coached.

Charleston club discusses just about anything

03/30/2014 7:50am
They gather the first Thursday of the month at the University of Charleston's Geary Student Union for drinks, dinner and a topic that could be just about anything.

W.Va. teacher helps students learn the violin

03/30/2014 7:50am
Christopher Dickey is helping students face the music at Rivesville School.

Man: 86-year-old NY shooter wanted victims evicted

03/30/2014 8:00am
An 86-year-old man shot his grandson in the head, killed the grandson's girlfriend and then took his own life because he believed the couple was taking advantage of his ailing daughter and living in her home, the grandson said in an interview published Sunday.

Long Island teen sues high school over slashing

03/30/2014 8:00am
A teenager who says another student slashed her in the face at their Long Island high school is suing the school system. She says officials knew she had been bullied and harassed but didn't take steps to prevent the attack.

'Streetcar' to play at Mississippi College

03/30/2014 8:10am
Scenes from the Tennessee Williams play "A Streetcar Named Desire" will be presented April 11-12 at Mississippi College.

Pike narrows search for schools chief

03/30/2014 9:50am
The North Pike School District Board has narrowed the field to three candidates in its search for a new superintendent of schools.

New leader chosen for UW medical education program

03/30/2014 10:00am
A veteran University of Wyoming faculty member has been chosen to lead the Wyoming medical education program.

Idaho supremes rule on health court sentencing

03/30/2014 10:01am
The Idaho Supreme Court says prosecutors do not have an absolute right to veto a judge's desire to sentence a person to a mental health court program.

Kansas extend testing amid computer problems

03/30/2014 10:01am
Kansas education officials have extended this year's testing period for students because of persistent computer glitches with state tests.

New corps of military lawyers help rape victims

03/30/2014 10:20am
As an Army general faced court-martial for sexual assault this month, a young military lawyer sat each day in the front row of the gallery, a few feet behind the prosecutors.

Racist graffiti again targets Amherst teacher

03/30/2014 10:20am
A black math teacher at Amherst Regional High School who has been the target of racist graffiti has again been the subject of graffiti.

Longwood says fee cut will offset tuition hike

03/30/2014 10:30am
Longwood University says a reduction in mandatory student fees will largely offset a tuition increase for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Study: Married folks have fewer heart problems

03/30/2014 10:58am
Love can sometimes break a heart but marriage seems to do it a lot of good. A study of more than 3.5 million Americans finds that married people are less likely than singles, divorced or widowed folks to suffer any type of heart or blood vessel problem.

EXCHANGE: Sculptor works with Belleville students

03/30/2014 11:10am
Governor French Academy students with wet, sticky modeling compound in their hands went to work forming trees on two different sculptures under the direction of sculptor Marina Lee of Milwaukee, Wis.

100-year-old Sugar City silo meets its end

03/30/2014 11:10am
The skyline of the eastern Idaho community of Sugar City has a different look now.

2nd Alderson Broaddus student charged in fight

03/30/2014 11:20am
A second Alderson-Broaddus University student has been charged and expelled in connection with a group fight at West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Utah looks to play a more prominent role in 2016 presidential primary

03/30/2014 11:59am
There's still a push for Utah to play a bigger role in the 2016 presidential primary race, even though a bill to make the state's election the first in the nation stalled in this year's Legislature.

Kansas military families also affected by PTSD

03/30/2014 12:00pm
Two Hutchinson sisters want people to know that post-traumatic stress disorder can also affect the children in military families.

Retirees help caregivers cope with hospital stays

03/30/2014 12:21pm
Edwin Pacheco was in and out of the hospital for months. He'd survived one organ transplant and desperately needed another. But he wasn't the only one suffering. Few people asked how his wife was holding up as she kept vigil, cornered hard-to-understand doctors and held job and family together.

Rural residents confront higher health care costs

03/30/2014 12:40pm
Bill Fales wanted a new baler and a better irrigation system for the 700-acre ranch where he raises grass-fed beef cattle, but he scrapped those plans when he saw his new health insurance premiums.

Music helps trigger Alzheimer patients' memories

03/30/2014 12:41pm
Ball State University students are using music to help bring patients with Alzheimer's disease out of their fog of memories.

Test accurately rules out heart attacks in the ER

03/30/2014 12:41pm
A simple test appears very good at ruling out heart attacks in people who go to emergency rooms with chest pain, a big public health issue and a huge worry for patients.

Coloradan claims license plate led to pot search

03/30/2014 12:50pm
A Colorado man is suing Idaho police, accusing a trooper of presuming he had marijuana simply because his license plates marked him as being from a state where medical post was legal, The Denver Post reported Sunday.

Animal detection system makes Idaho US 95 safer

03/30/2014 12:50pm
Three sets of bleached rib cages lie in the grass at the edge of U.S. Highway 95.

Ohio man's 18 dogs poisoned with antifreeze

03/30/2014 1:01pm
Authorities say an Ohio man's 18 dogs were poisoned with antifreeze, and that one of them has died.

SUNY researchers develop crime scene tool

03/30/2014 1:01pm
Researchers at the State University at Albany report developing a fast, accurate method for crime scene investigators to detect and recover gunshot residue from a crime scene or suspect.

Wyoming Guard program transforms teenagers

03/30/2014 1:51pm
Their motto is simple — courage to change.

Animal mummies displayed at California museum

03/30/2014 2:00pm
Dogs and cats are often beloved family members in current culture, but animals held such a prominent place in ancient Egyptian society that tens of millions were mummified, some going into the pharaohs' tombs to rest eternally in the company of their kings.

Pine Belt principals in favor of CPR training

03/30/2014 2:01pm
Several Pine Belt principals say a bill that would require high-school students to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a great idea.

UMass' Springfield center holds opening ceremony

03/30/2014 2:01pm
The University of Massachusetts has scheduled a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new satellite center in downtown Springfield.

Meridian paramedic school closes

03/30/2014 2:01pm
A paramedic school in Meridian has closed, leaving some students in the program with questions about completing their training.

Health overhaul signup ends, survives for now

03/30/2014 2:11pm
Monday marks the end of the six-month sign-up period for insurance under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, a highly controversial attempt to reduce the number of Americans without medical coverage, estimated at about 50 million.

Test accurately rules out heart attacks in the ER

03/30/2014 2:21pm
A simple test appears very good at ruling out heart attacks in people who go to emergency rooms with chest pain, a big public health issue and a huge worry for patients.

Improving weather could aid search for victims

03/30/2014 2:21pm
Mainly dry weather is forecast tomorrow through Wednesday in western Washington, which should help recovery workers at the site of the mudslide who have been working in the rain.

Fla. student goes from homeless to Carnegie Hall

03/30/2014 2:31pm
A once homeless Florida college student is now realizing his dreams after placing in a piano competition that will allow him to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Okla. Senate Democratic leaders to camp at Capitol

03/30/2014 2:41pm
Democratic leaders in the Oklahoma Senate plan to pitch their tent on the Capitol lawn overnight to welcome rallying teachers.

Storefront offers refuge to some students

03/30/2014 2:41pm
For 16-year-old Banderas Walker, who speaks softly and wears nail polish, school was a series of fights and bullies. His situation was so bad, he says, Shelby County Schools allowed him "safety transfers."

Survey: Mount Rushmore tourists happy with visit

03/30/2014 3:01pm
A survey of hundreds of visitors to Mount Rushmore National Memorial shows that the vast majority of tourists are satisfied with their visit, with an average tour lasting nearly three hours, but it also highlights ways visitors say the site could be improved.

Killer from '60s seeks release from psych center

03/30/2014 3:11pm
A killer who has been in custody in a psychiatric hospital for more than 40 years is asking a western Michigan judge to give him a chance at freedom under a law that was repealed in the 1960s but still applies to him.

Transient arrested in string of SLC bank robberies

03/30/2014 4:01pm
A transient has been arrested on suspicion of robbing five banks and credit unions around Salt Lake City since early February.

Official: Man scaled White House fence, arrested

03/30/2014 4:10pm
The Secret Service says a man has been arrested after he climbed over a fence at the White House.

Pinpointing governor's influence a tough task

03/30/2014 4:21pm
When Gov. Mike Pence signed the new preschool pilot program into law last week, he heaped praise on a bipartisan group of lawmakers who gathered around him at the DayStar Childcare Ministry in Indianapolis.

Health law legacy eludes Obama as changes sink in

03/30/2014 4:32pm
As a roller-coaster sign-up season winds down, President Barack Obama's health care law has indeed managed to change the country.

Shasta County sees spike in illegal pot grows

03/30/2014 4:50pm
An explosion of illegal marijuana growing operations in Shasta County is taxing local law enforcement's ability to keep up, according to the Shasta County Sheriff's Office.

Magnitude-4.8 earthquake shakes Yellowstone park

03/30/2014 5:07pm
The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude-4.8 earthquake that shook northern Yellowstone National Park is the strongest there since 1980.

Police fire pepper spray at Arizona students

03/30/2014 5:09pm
Tucson police shot pepper spray at several hundred fans who took to the streets and threw beer bottles and firecrackers at officers Saturday night after the University of Arizona basketball team's overtime loss to Wisconsin in the NCAA tournament.

No national system to track landslide hazards

03/30/2014 5:30pm
People living in the path of a deadly Washington state landslide had virtually no warning before a wall of mud, trees and other debris thundered down the mountain. Some of the homeowners didn't even know the hillside could give way at any time.

Fewer Miss docs accepting Medicaid payments

03/30/2014 6:31pm
Fewer than half of Mississippi's primary care doctors are taking new Medicaid patients, Mississippi State University researchers say.

Delta State's new president on the road recruiting

03/30/2014 6:41pm
Delta State University's new president is going on the road to recruit students to the regional university in Cleveland.

Funeral set for man shot by BLM rangers in NV

03/30/2014 6:41pm
A funeral service will be held Monday for a 20-year-old man fatally shot by federal Bureau of Land Management rangers near Red Rock Canyon about 20 miles west of Las Vegas.

La excluding magnet schools from national awards

03/30/2014 7:01pm
Louisiana excluded magnet schools from this year's nominations for the federal Education Department's Blue Ribbon School of Excellence honors.

Las Vegas area's oldest arts organization folding

03/30/2014 7:01pm
The Las Vegas area's oldest arts organization is shutting down after 25 years in operation.

AP NewsAlert

03/30/2014 7:21pm
Washington authorities say the number of confirmed dead from the mudslide rises from 18 to 21.

Idaho man struck, killed by train in Ontario

03/30/2014 7:51pm
An Idaho man has been struck and killed by a train in Ontario, Ore.

Police: Man dead after shooting at Ga. university

03/30/2014 8:01pm
A man was shot and fatally wounded by campus police on Sunday near student apartments at Georgia's Columbus State University after they responded to reports that someone had been seen loading a gun, campus authorities said.

Storms give boost to dismal Sierra snowpack

03/30/2014 8:30pm
A string of storms is giving a much-needed boost to a dismal Sierra snowpack just before the traditional peak of the snow season.

Surfboard, sailboat innovator 'Hobie' Alter dies

03/30/2014 9:31pm
Hobart "Hobie" Alter, who helped popularize surfing and sailing with the development of the foam surfboard and the "Hobie Cat" sailboat, has died. He was 80.

Panel conducts Nevada redistricting process

03/30/2014 10:11pm
Unlike some other states where Republicans used their gains in statewide elections to seize control of the redistricting process after the 2010 census, the re-drawing of Nevada's voting districts was done by a court-appointed panel and overseen by a judge.

Redistricting in Utah makes it tough for Democrats

03/30/2014 10:11pm
Utah earned an additional congressional seat following the 2010 census, and Republican state lawmakers in charge of the redistricting process used that opportunity to slice up the district of seven-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson into four parts.

US, Russia talks fail to end Ukraine deadlock

03/30/2014 10:49pm
The United States and Russia agreed Sunday that the crisis in Ukraine requires a diplomatic resolution, but four hours of talks between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov failed to break a tense East-West deadlock over how to proceed.

Idaho redistricting puts more Dems in 2nd District

03/30/2014 10:51pm
Idaho has just two congressional districts and the border between them has been shifting on a steadily westward march since the 1970s as the population of Boise grows.

Mudslide death toll rises; search dogs take break

03/30/2014 11:01pm
Many of the dogs essential in the search for victims of the deadly mudslide that buried a mountainside community will take a two-day break, rescue crews said Sunday, as the official death toll rose and more bodies were recovered.

Albuquerque police face hundreds of protesters

03/30/2014 11:31pm
The Albuquerque mayor said late Sunday that a more than 10-hour protest over recent police shootings has turned from peaceful into "mayhem," as officers in riot gear clashed with protesters who blocked traffic, tried to get on freeways and shouted anti-police slogans.