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Going it alone gives Obama new sense of purpose

02/22/2014 1:49am
This week, President Barack Obama promoted tougher fuel efficiency standards for trucks. He touted progress on initiatives to strengthen the U.S. patent system. And he signed an executive order intended to speed up the process for approving import or export cargo.

Medicare Advantage plans may face cuts

02/22/2014 1:52am
Cuts are on the table next year for Medicare Advantage plans, the Obama administration says. The politically dicey move affecting a private insurance alternative highly popular with seniors immediately touched off an election-year fight.

Mixed signals over in-flight use of cellphones

02/22/2014 6:57am
When it comes to deciding whether airline passengers can use their cellphones in flight, federal agencies are sending different signals to consumers.

High-wire walker sets sights on Georgia gorge

02/22/2014 9:02am
Daredevil tightrope walker Nik Wallenda is setting his sights on a new goal: the nearly 1,000-foot deep Tallulah Gorge in the northeast Georgia mountains.

Rural lawmakers struggle to make themselves heard

02/22/2014 9:04am
They're an endangered species in many state legislatures as more Americans move to urban centers or suburban cities: the rural lawmaker who knows what it's like to care for a herd, plant a crop or drive on gravel roads.

APNewsBreak: Mexico's Sinaloa drug chief arrested

02/22/2014 9:21am
The Associated Press has learned that the head of Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel was captured overnight by U.S. and Mexican authorities at a hotel in Mazatlan, Mexico.

AP Exclusive: Shutdown hurt 37,000 immigrant cases

02/22/2014 9:42am
The federal government shutdown last year delayed more than 37,000 immigration hearings by months or years for immigrants already waiting in lengthy lines to plead for asylum or green cards.

Last dry town in Conn. reconsiders Prohibition

02/22/2014 9:48am
The last dry town in Connecticut is considering whether to give up on Prohibition.

Detroit police feel the pain of city's money woes

02/22/2014 9:57am
It has come to this: Even some criminals sympathize with Detroit's cops.

AP Newsbreak: Internal BLM memo shows mustang woes

02/22/2014 11:30am
The head of the government's $70 million wild-horse management program warned last summer that it is headed for financial collapse unless "drastic changes" are made in the decades-old roundup policy she said could be setting U.S. rangeland-improvement goals back 20 years.

Citizenship bill worries Kan. school district

02/22/2014 11:40am
A Kansas lawmaker's proposal to track the citizenship status of public schoolchildren has raised alarm in one of the state's most diverse communities, where district administrators worry that even raising the question with parents and students would damage the welcoming environment they have tried to create.

San Diego Sierra Club suspended

02/22/2014 12:13pm
The San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club has been suspended from the national environmental group over "ongoing conflicts and divisions" among local activists.

Nuke test scores fell flat during alleged cheating

02/22/2014 12:36pm
Last summer, when dozens of nuclear missile officers allegedly cheated on exams, test scores were among the lowest of the year, according to Air Force records obtained by The Associated Press. That is the opposite of what might be expected if answers were being shared as widely as officials allege.

UN demands humanitarian aid for all of Syria

02/22/2014 2:00pm
The U.N. Security Council united for the first time on a resolution on Syria's humanitarian crisis Saturday, demanding that President Bashar Assad's government and the opposition provide immediate access everywhere in the country to deliver aid to millions of people in desperate need.

Girl Scout's effort to sell cookies goes to 'pot'

02/22/2014 2:02pm
Customers of some medical marijuana dispensaries are discovering this week that they don't have to go far if they have a case of the munchies.

NYPD gets ex-military dog, a 1st for the force

02/22/2014 2:07pm
The New York Police Department is welcoming a newcomer that's the first of his kind for the nation's largest police department: a former military service dog.

US indictments against accused Mexican drug lord

02/22/2014 2:11pm
Mexico's most wanted drug dealer, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, faces at least seven indictments in federal court in the United States. Some of the cases pending against him:

5 snowmobilers missing in Wyoming found safe

02/22/2014 2:20pm
Authorities say five snowmobilers who went missing in northern Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains have been found safe.

NJ's Christie keeps low profile as Dems attack

02/22/2014 2:30pm
Moving cautiously to repair his image, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is maintaining a low profile this weekend as the nation's governors gather in Washington.

Holder salutes 'landmark' arrest of drug chief

02/22/2014 2:38pm
Attorney General Eric Holder says the capture in Mexico of the world's most-wanted drug lord is a "landmark achievement."

Wis. governor: Released documents are 'old news'

02/22/2014 2:59pm
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is dismissing as "old news" the thousands of internal documents released this week that suggest former aides routinely mixed campaign and official Milwaukee County business.

Official: Homeland Security helped in drug arrest

02/22/2014 3:05pm
A federal law enforcement official says intelligence from a Homeland Security Department investigation helped lead U.S. and Mexican authorities to Mexico's most wanted drug dealer.

Governors: Legalized pot buzz just smoke

02/22/2014 4:03pm
All the buzz at the National Governors Association meeting over legalizing pot, some say, is just smoke.

Pa. mayor rejects request to fly Dominican flag

02/22/2014 4:09pm
The mayor of a heavily Latino town in eastern Pennsylvania says he won't fly the Dominican Republic's flag at city hall to commemorate that country's founding.

Cuban lost while windsurfing to Fla. found adrift

02/22/2014 4:24pm
The third and last Cuban migrant who disappeared while trying to windsurf across the Florida Straits has been found adrift.

Missing NH college student killed by train in Rome

02/22/2014 4:29pm
A college student from New Hampshire who was missing for two days in Rome was hit by a train, Italian railway police said Saturday.

US official: Security guards talked to authorities

02/22/2014 4:59pm
A U.S. law enforcement official says members of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's security team helped Mexican and U.S. authorities find the country's most wanted drug dealer in a hotel in a beach resort town.

AG thanks DEA for role in Mexican cartel arrest

02/22/2014 5:23pm
Attorney General Eric Holder is personally thanking the Drug Enforcement Administration for its role in Saturday morning's arrest of Mexico's most-wanted drug trafficker.

Mo. firefighter killed at walkway collapse scene

02/22/2014 5:23pm
A 23-year veteran firefighter was killed Saturday while helping evacuate students from a University of Missouri-run apartment complex after a second-story walkway collapsed, according to Columbia Fire Department officials.

Obama to propose changes to wildfire funding

02/22/2014 6:27pm
President Barack Obama's upcoming budget will include a proposal to change the way the federal government pays to fight wildfires, a White House official said Saturday.

Police: Tour bus driver dead in Vt. truck crash

02/22/2014 6:33pm
A tour bus struck a jackknifed tractor-trailer on an icy western Vermont roadway, killing the bus driver, police said Saturday.

San Antonio man glad to receive Medal of Honor

02/22/2014 7:38pm
Former Sgt. Santiago Erevia remembers the day in May 1969 when his Army unit came under heavy enemy fire in Vietnam. While crawling from one wounded solder to the next, the radio telephone operator used two M-16s and several grenades to single-handedly destroy four enemy bunkers and their occupants.

3 dead in plane crash at airport in west Georgia

02/22/2014 8:50pm
Three people were fatally injured Saturday when a small plane crashed at an airport in west Georgia.