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Entrepreneur: Boost Calif. wages to $12-an-hour

01/12/2014 2:01am
Democrats across the nation are eager to make increasing the minimum wage a defining campaign issue in 2014, but in California a proposal to boost the pay rate to $12 an hour is coming from a different point on the political compass.

Philly fire escape collapses; 3 injured

01/12/2014 6:24am
Authorities say three people were injured, one critically, when a fire escape landing collapsed and fell four stories in downtown Philadelphia.

Loss of jobless aid leaves many with bleak options

01/12/2014 8:40am
A cutoff of benefits for the long-term unemployed has left more than 1.3 million Americans with a stressful decision:

Gates defends new memoir as `an honest account'

01/12/2014 9:13am
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he doesn't regret anything he wrote in his controversial new book and calls the memoir "an honest account."

Giuliani finds Christie 'credible' on bridge flap

01/12/2014 9:26am
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says he finds it "pretty darn credible" that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie didn't know about an apparently politically motivated plan to create traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge.

Neiman Marcus is latest victim of security breach

01/12/2014 9:49am
Luxury merchant Neiman Marcus confirmed Saturday that thieves stole some of its customers' payment card information and made unauthorized charges over the holiday season, becoming the second retailer in recent weeks to announce it had fallen victim to a cyber- security attack.

New England port services victim of fish limits

01/12/2014 10:08am
Jeff Wilcox is shutting his 135-year-old family marine supply business in Stonington, a casualty in the battle over federal fishing limits.

NJ Democratic lawmaker: Bridge scandal was a crime

01/12/2014 10:16am
A Democratic New Jersey lawmaker leading a state investigation into a traffic jam scandal that has ensnared Republican Gov. Chris Christie's administration says private email exchanges show a crime was committed.

Food stamp cut hits Ky. county harder than most

01/12/2014 10:22am
Rosanna Troyer is coping with the drop in her federal food assistance from $367 to $303 by cutting back on meat purchases and buying more canned goods and macaroni and cheese.

Boston gangster's belongings to be sold at auction

01/12/2014 10:47am
When authorities searched the apartment of Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger, they found $822,000 in cash and a large collection of guns hidden in holes cut into the walls.

Lawmakers plot new strategy for defying gun laws

01/12/2014 10:51am
Having failed in an earlier effort to bar federal agents from enforcing gun regulations in Missouri, conservative lawmakers are trying a new tack this year: banding together with other like-minded states to defy certain federal laws at the same time.

AP PHOTOS: Detroit auto show through the years

01/12/2014 10:55am
The Detroit auto show, which opens to the public Jan. 18 after a week of media and industry previews, dates to 1907, when a group of dealers held a show in a city park.

US issues travel alert for Sochi Olympics

01/12/2014 11:12am
Americans planning to attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, should be vigilant about their security due to potential terrorist threats, crime and uncertain medical care, the State Department advised Friday.

Northern New England wood pantries stock stoves

01/12/2014 11:29am
In a wintertime take on food pantries, some northern New England communities are helping needy families stock their woodstoves instead of their shelves.

NJ mayor conflicted on Christie role in bridge jam

01/12/2014 11:45am
A Democratic mayor of a New Jersey town at the center of a traffic jam scandal says he wants to believe Republican Gov. Chris Christie had no involvement but is having a difficult time buying it.

New NYC mayor seeks to advance liberal agenda

01/12/2014 12:52pm
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, propelled by a landslide election and the hopes of a party out of power for a generation, will be quickly unveiling an ambitious liberal legislative program that could fundamentally reshape the role of government in the nation's largest city.

NJ strip club shooting suspect caught in Fla.

01/12/2014 1:16pm
The man wanted for allegedly killing three people inside a northern New Jersey strip club on Christmas morning has been captured at his mother's home in Florida, authorities said Sunday.

4th-floor balcony collapses at Philly home; 1 dead

01/12/2014 1:34pm
A fourth-floor balcony collapsed during a birthday party at a Philadelphia apartment, killing a young man and injuring two women, police said Sunday.

RNC chairman: Christie can still run for president

01/12/2014 2:18pm
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus (ryns PREE'-bus) says a traffic jam scandal won't disqualify New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie from running for president.

Partisans divided over scandal fallout for NJ gov

01/12/2014 2:23pm
Prominent Republicans leapt to GOP Gov. Chris Christie's defense on Sunday, insisting that an ongoing traffic scandal wouldn't ruin any presidential ambitions, while Democrats say it's difficult to believe such a hands-on manager knew nothing about a plan by a top aide to close lanes at a bridge into New York City.

Top envoys insist Syria peace talks must proceed

01/12/2014 2:59pm
Syria's Western-backed opposition came under steely pressure Sunday to attend peace talks in just over a week as envoys from 11 countries converged to help restore, and test, credibility of a rebel coalition sapped by vicious infighting and indecision.

Tyson Foods recalls 33K pounds of chicken product

01/12/2014 4:24pm
Tyson Foods is recalling nearly 34,000 pounds of mechanically separated chicken products that may be contaminated with a strain of salmonella.