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Many House Republicans say: What GOP crisis?

11/13/2013 1:16am
As a Republican, freshman Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida cares about the Republican Party's image and fate. But what he especially cares about is a tiny sliver of the GOP: about 22,000 primary voters who lean heavily conservative and who secured his spot in the House.

Smithsonian makes push in 3D imaging of artifacts

11/13/2013 3:13am
With most of its 137 million objects kept behind the scenes or in a faraway museum, the Smithsonian Institution is launching a new 3D scanning and printing initiative to make more of its massive collection accessible to schools, researchers and the public worldwide.

Cracked windshield forces plane to stop in Orlando

11/13/2013 4:33am
An American Airlines flight from Miami to Boston had to make an unscheduled stop in Orlando after the aircraft's windshield cracked.

Biden chief of staff Reed leaving White House

11/13/2013 6:47am
Vice President Joe Biden is getting a new chief of staff.

DHS nominee would focus on leadership vacancies

11/13/2013 8:02am
President Barack Obama's pick to be the Homeland Security secretary says that filling key leadership vacancies and improving morale at the sprawling bureaucracy is a higher priority than the department's core counterterrorism mission.

Wrongful death suit filed vs. Michigan grandmother

11/13/2013 8:08am
A wrongful death lawsuit seeking at least $1 million has been filed against a 75-year-old Detroit-area woman who was convicted of killing her 17-year-old grandson.

Woman, 83, uses cane to fight off intruder

11/13/2013 8:23am
An 83-year-old woman said she used her cane to fight off a home intruder. "I never even thought of 911," she said.

NY woman: Grandson, 15, defending me when slain

11/13/2013 8:25am
The grandmother of a 15-year-old boy says he was protecting her when he was fatally shot inside her Rochester, N.Y., home last week.

Bishops elect Louisville archbishop new president

11/13/2013 10:16am
The new leader of the nation's Roman Catholic bishops says he will draw on his years as a pastor to guide American bishops as they attempt to shift focus under Pope Francis, who wants more emphasis on compassion than on divisive social issues such as gay marriage.

Ford Escape is roaring back

11/13/2013 10:21am
Pleasantly styled inside and out and offering fuel-savvy, turbocharged power, the Ford Escape sport utility vehicle is threatening to dethrone the Honda CR-V as America's top-selling compact SUV.

Fact sheet: 2014 Ford Escape

11/13/2013 10:21am
2014 Ford Escape SE FWD

Anthony Florida house facing foreclosure

11/13/2013 10:42am
The Orlando house where Casey Anthony lived with her parents and 2-year-old daughter is facing foreclosure.

Hawaii to become 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage

11/13/2013 10:58am
Hawaii's legislature gave final passage to a measure Tuesday to make it the 16th American state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Correction: Gonzaga-Gun Defense story

11/13/2013 11:01am
In a Nov. 11 story about two students possessing firearms in an apartment operated by Gonzaga University, The Associated Press reported erroneously which student has a concealed weapons permit. Daniel McIntosh, not Erik Fagan, had a permit, an attorney for the students said.

2 pandas born at Atlanta's zoo to leave for China

11/13/2013 11:11am
Two giant pandas born at Atlanta's zoo will soon be leaving for China.

Work not done, Obama climate adviser moves on

11/13/2013 11:29am
Heather Zichal admits her job is unfinished.

NYC kitten, rescued after hurricane, finds a home

11/13/2013 11:32am
They're two of a kind.

4 dead, 4 injured in Northern California crash

11/13/2013 11:35am
A crash at a Northern California highway intersection left four men dead and four people injured, authorities said.

Obama, religious leaders seek immigration overhaul

11/13/2013 11:42am
The White House says religious leaders and President Barack Obama have agreed there is a moral imperative for overhauling the nation's immigration laws and are committed to pushing Congress to act.

Longer school days in store for some in 5 states

11/13/2013 12:10pm
Thousands of students in five states may be spending more time at school.

White House releasing health enrollments Wednesday

11/13/2013 12:24pm
The Obama administration will release the first round of health insurance enrollment numbers Wednesday afternoon.

In key shift, US oil production tops net imports

11/13/2013 12:46pm
For the first month in nearly two decades, the U.S. in October extracted more oil from the ground than it imported from abroad, marking an important milestone for a nation seeking to wean itself off foreign oil.

Obama aides meet with Dems on health law problems

11/13/2013 12:51pm
The White House is dispatching top aides and other administration officials to Capitol Hill to mollify Democratic lawmakers anxious about deep problems with the rollout of President Barack Obama's health care law.

Correction: UN-Secretary-General-Auschwitz story

11/13/2013 1:13pm
In a story Nov. 12 about the U.N. secretary-general's upcoming visit to Auschwitz, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Ban Ki-moon would be the first U.N. secretary-general to visit the infamous former death camp, quoting a U.N. spokesman. The spokesman said Wednesday that Boutros Boutros-Ghali was the first secretary-general to visit Auschwitz in November 1995.

Court weighs arrestee's objection to home search

11/13/2013 1:13pm
The Supreme Court has said that police may not search a home without a warrant when two occupants disagree about allowing the officers to enter. Hearing arguments Wednesday, the justices seemed unlikely to order the police to stay out after the resident who refuses permission to search is arrested and taken away.

Woman pleads not guilty to immigration charge

11/13/2013 2:34pm
A Chicago-area woman accused of failing to tell U.S. immigration authorities about her role in a deadly bombing in Israel made her first court appearance Wednesday in Detroit, where she gained citizenship nearly a decade ago.

Victims' families call Bulger 'Satan,' 'terrorist'

11/13/2013 2:45pm
The families of people killed by South Boston crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger and his gang finally got the chance Wednesday to tell Bulger how his long reign of terror damaged their lives, calling him a "terrorist," a "punk" and even "Satan."

Tenn. coach charged with vandalizing his school

11/13/2013 2:52pm
A Tennessee assistant football coach was arrested Wednesday, accused of painting his team's field house with vulgarities and making it seem like the work of a rival high school, according to investigators.

Police open to new leads in Mo. editor's slaying

11/13/2013 3:22pm
Police said Wednesday that they will look into any new leads into the 2001 slaying of a Missouri newspaper sports editor after one of the two men originally convicted of murder had his case overturned and was freed.

2 Nigerian networks designated as terrorist groups

11/13/2013 3:32pm
Lawmakers who had long pushed for U.S. action against Nigerian Islamic extremists welcomed the State Department's decision on Wednesday to designate two militant groups as foreign terrorist organizations blamed for the deaths of thousands of people in Africa's most populous nation.

Another tower opens at World Trade Center site

11/13/2013 3:39pm
Another office tower has opened at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.

Pentagon ending buys of Russian-made helicopters

11/13/2013 3:49pm
The Defense Department said Wednesday it is canceling plans to buy additional cargo helicopters from the Russian arms export agency that has supplied Syrian President Bashar Assad's military forces with arms and ammunition.

Police: Man kills 3, then himself in north Phoenix

11/13/2013 3:51pm
A Phoenix neighborhood became a chilling crime scene when a man killed his wife, their teenage daughter and another family member and set fire to his spouse's body in the backyard, police said. He then killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

House votes to increase asbestos claim disclosures

11/13/2013 4:02pm
The House on Wednesday voted to tighten disclosure requirements from asbestos trusts set up more than 20 years ago to help pay billions of dollars in injury claims.

Court upholds Mass. man's terrorism conviction

11/13/2013 4:17pm
A federal appeals court upheld a Massachusetts man's 2011 conviction of trying to help al-Qaida, saying Wednesday that the trial court balanced national security concerns and constitutional freedoms in an emotionally charged case.

Purported white supremacists plead not guilty

11/13/2013 4:28pm
Two members of a notorious family that authorities say once tried to set up a whites-only nation in America have pleaded not guilty to weapons and drug charges in Arizona.

3 children in Texas sex ring allege new abuse

11/13/2013 4:56pm
Three children who were victims of a swinger's club in a small East Texas town have been removed from the custody of their foster parents after accusing their caretakers of physical and emotional abuse, a child welfare official said Wednesday.

1,000 US troops to help Philippine aid effort

11/13/2013 5:05pm
The number of American troops helping the relief effort in the typhoon-hit Philippines could triple to more than 1,000 by the end of the week, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Obama says he will visit Indian Country next year

11/13/2013 5:31pm
President Barack Obama told Native American leaders Wednesday that he will make his first trip as president to Indian Country next year, expanding on his vow to enhance the bond between the federal and tribal governments.

CIA declassifies Camp David Accords intelligence

11/13/2013 5:35pm
The Central Intelligence Agency has declassified 1,400 pages of intelligence surrounding the Camp David Accords, the historic peace treaty negotiated in 1978 by then-President Jimmy Carter with the leaders of Israel and Egypt.

3 grenades found where man injured in Ariz. blast

11/13/2013 5:35pm
Three weathered grenades have been found on the Arizona property where a man was wounded in an explosion last week as authorities continue to investigate whether the materials were left over from a cleanup operation in the 1990s on the same site where a munitions maker once tested bomb-making materials.

Stillwater Mining chalks up $201 million loss

11/13/2013 5:50pm
Stillwater Mining Co. reported a net loss of $201.5 million for the latest quarter after slashing the value of its copper reserve in Argentina, but company executives said Wednesday its underlying financial results are good.

Undetectable guns a law enforcement challenge

11/13/2013 6:10pm
With a law banning undetectable firearms about to expire, federal agents are focusing attention on the latest twist in high-tech weaponry: guns made entirely out of plastic.

Appeals court rehears Texas race-admissions case

11/13/2013 6:27pm
A federal appeals court asked lawyers for the University of Texas on Wednesday to explain how they would decide when affirmative action for minority students is no longer necessary as it considered a lawsuit seeking to eliminate the school's current policy.

Next generation of biofuels is still years away

11/13/2013 6:43pm
The first trickle of fuels made from agricultural waste is finally winding its way into the nation's energy supply, after years of broken promises and hype promoting a next-generation fuel source cleaner than oil.

Boehner: No formal talks on immigration bill

11/13/2013 6:43pm
Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that the House will not hold formal, compromise talks on the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration bill, a fresh signal from the Republican leadership that the issue is dead for the year.

NJ town settles high-profile housing bias lawsuit

11/13/2013 7:45pm
Officials in a southern New Jersey town approved a settlement Wednesday to end a high-profile housing discrimination case, just weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court was to hear arguments on it.

SD mom's blog about bullying draws praise, ire

11/13/2013 8:21pm
A South Dakota mother is the target of both praise and criticism after she blogged that kids being bullied should toughen up.

Federal probe questions TSA behavior profiling

11/13/2013 9:04pm
A federal probe of a Transportation Security Administration program to screen suspicious behavior of passengers at airports suggests the effort, which has cost almost $1 billion since 2007, has not been proven effective, according to a report released Wednesday.

Organ-donor request delays Ohio killer's execution

11/13/2013 9:13pm
Ohio's governor delayed a condemned child killer's execution on Wednesday to study the feasibility of accommodating the unusual request by a state death row inmate to donate his organs.

3 Pa. students shot; suspect calls it retaliation

11/13/2013 10:17pm
Three Pittsburgh high school students heading to their vehicle after classes ended were shot Wednesday, and another student was charged and told police he was retaliating for being beaten during a drug-related robbery last month at school, police said.

Hawaii town to state: Stop sending tourists here

11/13/2013 11:33pm
People from across the world are drawn to the coastal town of Kailua. Its white sand beaches are among the nation's best. Some recommend the Honolulu suburb for its laid-back vibe. And President Barack Obama vacations there with his family each Christmas.