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Syria adds to Congress' already heavy fall agenda

09/09/2013 12:37am
Congress' September agenda, already destined to be tense and dramatic, got worse while lawmakers were away this summer. Now they end their five-week recess by plunging into an emotional debate over whether to launch missile strikes against Syria.

Syria vote tests pro-Israel groups' influence

09/09/2013 12:39am
Of all the interests backing President Barack Obama's call for Congress to authorize military strikes on Syria, perhaps none is more concerned about the prospect of a "no" vote than America's pro-Israel lobby, which is finding it difficult to overcome widespread opposition to the use of force.

Band of Republicans pushes immigration in US House

09/09/2013 12:53am
In the five weeks since he declared his support for a comprehensive immigration overhaul, U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster has gotten an earful.

Small California city welcomes doomsday bunkers

09/09/2013 2:17am
In the backyard of his remote Southern California home, Bernie Jones is etching an unconventional blueprint: a construction plan to build his underground survival shelter. It won't be the typical, cramped Cold War-era bunker. It will hold 20 people.

WWII vets hope lake in Italy yields GIs' remains

09/09/2013 4:14am
Somewhere on the bottom of Italy's largest lake lie the remains of two dozen American soldiers who died when their amphibious vehicle sank in 1945 in the waning days of the fighting in Europe during World War II.

Potential 2016 hopefuls quietly court Romney money

09/09/2013 6:32am
Three years before the next presidential election, several prospective Republican White House contenders are quietly courting senior members of Mitt Romney's money machine.

Iraq war vet in Congress opposes Syria strike

09/09/2013 7:55am
One of two female Iraq war veterans in Congress is opposing President Barack Obama's call for military strikes against Syria.

Weiner says he wouldn't run for Congress again

09/09/2013 8:13am
Anthony Weiner says he won't run for Congress again if he loses the New York mayoral race.

%headline(A look at the candidates in NYC's mayoral race

09/09/2013 8:30am
Here's a look at the candidates on the ballot in the Democratic Party and Republican Party primaries competing in hopes of succeeding Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Iraq war vet in Congress opposes Syria strike

09/09/2013 8:41am
One of the two female Iraq war veterans in Congress said Monday she opposes President Barack Obama's push for punitive military strikes against Syria, underscoring the administration's struggle in trying to rally Democrats to back the use of force.

ND senator opposes military strike on Syria

09/09/2013 9:12am
North Dakota Democrat Heidi Heitkamp says she cannot support a Senate measure authorizing military force against Syria.

Deputies: Utah man gored by buffalo he owned

09/09/2013 9:12am
Authorities say a Utah man was airlifted to the hospital over the weekend after being gored by a buffalo he owns, the third animal goring in the state in less than a month.

Coming year will see big changes at WTC site in NY

09/09/2013 9:15am
Twelve years after terrorists destroyed the old World Trade Center, the new one is becoming a reality, with a museum remembering the attacks and two office towers where thousands of people will work set to open within the next year.

Car jumps Calif freeway, hit by train; driver dies

09/09/2013 9:27am
Authorities say a driver was killed when his speeding car flew off a Southern California freeway and was hit by a train.

Seattle baptism celebration ends in brawl

09/09/2013 9:46am
Seattle police say a baptism celebration turned into a brawl in which five officers were assaulted and two celebrants were arrested.

Blind people are granted gun permits in Iowa

09/09/2013 10:06am
Iowa law enforcement officials are debating the wisdom of granting gun permits to blind people.

Report: NSA can access most smartphone data

09/09/2013 10:22am
The U.S. National Security Agency is able to crack protective measures on iPhones, BlackBerry and Android devices, giving it access to users' data on all major smartphones, according to a report Sunday in German news weekly Der Spiegel.

Alleged Somali pirate taken back into custody

09/09/2013 10:23am
An alleged Somali pirate is back in jail, less than 24 hours after he was released pending trial.

After gun laws, Colo. lawmakers face recall test

09/09/2013 10:26am
In a state darkened by the shadow of nightmarish mass shootings, a pair of Colorado lawmakers who voted in favor of new firearms restrictions are fighting to keep their jobs.

US says 14 more nations join statement on Syria

09/09/2013 10:45am
The White House says 14 more nations have signed on to a statement blaming Syrian President Bashar Assad's government for a chemical weapons attack and calling for a strong international response.

GOP Sen. Alexander opposes US strike on Syria

09/09/2013 10:54am
Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander says he will oppose a measure authorizing U.S. military force against Syria.

Boy dies after being injured in LA golf cart crash

09/09/2013 10:55am
A 10-year-old boy has died after suffering a severe head injury when the modified golf cart he was riding in overturned in an exclusive gated community north of Beverly Hills.

Obama adviser: Strikes at Syria 'not another war'

09/09/2013 11:20am
White House national security adviser Susan Rice says any U.S. military action against Syria "would not be another war."

SC high school closes after flags burned outside

09/09/2013 11:58am
A South Carolina high school has been evacuated for the day after someone burned several American flags outside the front entrance before classes started.

Obama aide: Intent is to get Congress' OK on Syria

09/09/2013 12:00pm
A top national security aide to President Barack Obama says he "didn't speak very artfully" when he suggested Obama wouldn't order a strike in Syria without approval from Congress.

Chinese admiral visits US Navy in San Diego

09/09/2013 12:01pm
The commander of China's Navy is beginning his visit to the United States with a stop in San Diego, home of the U.S. Navy fleet that leads the world's largest maritime exercise.

Beards, mustaches go on parade in New Orleans

09/09/2013 12:12pm
They came sculpted, waxed, sprayed, curled, spiked _ or just plain bushy.

Reid on Syria: 'Clear violation of human decency'

09/09/2013 12:12pm
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is blaming the Syrian government for using deadly chemical weapons in what he calls a "clear violation of human decency."

Patient's bill soars as health law program falters

09/09/2013 12:27pm
Coping with advanced cancer, Bev Veals was in the hospital for chemo this summer when she got a call that her health plan was shutting down. Then, the substitute insurance she was offered wanted her to pay up to $3,125, on top of premiums.

Biographical information on Benjamin Jealous

09/09/2013 12:34pm
NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, who boosted the finances and increased the stability of the nation's largest civil rights organization, plans to step down at the end of the year. Here are some biographic details on Jealous:

Missouri senator opposes military strike on Syria

09/09/2013 1:34pm
Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri says he is opposed to President Barack Obama's request for military action against Syria, questioning whether the administration has realistic policy goals for the Mideast nation.

Woman, 69, hurt in fall rescued from Ariz. canyon

09/09/2013 2:05pm
A 69-year-old woman fell about 100 feet into a canyon in southern Arizona, was injured and had to stay there overnight before a man scouting locations to hunt deer spotted her, and a rescue helicopter eventually lifted her out.

Obama to hold Syria meeting with GOP senators

09/09/2013 2:16pm
President Barack Obama will meet with Republican senators on Capitol Hill Tuesday to appeal for support on a use-of-force resolution against Syria.

Clinton endorses Obama effort to punish Syria

09/09/2013 2:29pm
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton endorsed President Barack Obama's attempt to win congressional approval of a military strike in Syria, saying Monday that any move by the Assad regime to surrender its weapons to international control would be an "important step." But Clinton cautioned that the removal of its chemical weapons stockpile should not be an "excuse for delay and obstruction" by Syria.

Remains of 2 people found at S. Calif. fire scene

09/09/2013 2:45pm
Human remains have been found in the burned-out rubble of a Southern California commercial and residential building where two people have been missing.

Scientists help farmers create greener dairies

09/09/2013 2:58pm
Cows stand patiently in a tent-like chamber at a research farm in western Wisconsin, waiting for their breath to be tested. Outside, corrals have been set up with equipment to measure gas wafting from the ground. A nearby corn field contains tools that allow researchers to assess the effects of manure spread as fertilizer.

Mass. AG: Barclays to pay $36M over subprime loans

09/09/2013 3:08pm
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley says Barclays Bank PLC has agreed to pay $36.1 million to settle allegations it backed subprime home loans it knew were risky.

AFL-CIO hopes to expand membership beyond unions

09/09/2013 3:18pm
The AFL-CIO plans to open its membership to more non-union groups in an effort to restore the influence of organized labor as traditional union rolls continue to decline.

Hopkins lets professor re-post blog about NSA

09/09/2013 3:19pm
Johns Hopkins University says it's allowing one of its professors to re-post a blog about the National Security Agency it previously asked him to remove.

Holder expresses concern over killer's release

09/09/2013 3:56pm
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has expressed grave concern and disappointment to the Mexican government about the early release of a drug cartel leader convicted in the 1985 kidnapping, torture and murder of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena.

Obama on Syria vote: 'Wouldn't say I'm confident'

09/09/2013 4:02pm
President Barack Obama is voicing some pessimism about the prospect of Congress approving a use-of-force resolution on Syria, saying, quote: "I wouldn't say I'm confident" about the measure passing.

Obama sees potential breakthrough in weapons idea

09/09/2013 4:03pm
President Barack Obama says a proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control to avoid U.S. military strikes could be a potential breakthrough.

Zimmerman lawyer says no gun threat against wife

09/09/2013 4:14pm
George Zimmerman's attorney says his client never threatened his estranged wife and her father with a gun even though Shellie Zimmerman reported that in a 911 call.

Iowa's Miss America hopeful advocates for disabled

09/09/2013 4:14pm
Born without her left forearm, Nicole Kelly has been overcoming disability her entire life, be it playing baseball, dancing or diving.

Senate delays test vote on Syria intervention

09/09/2013 4:21pm
The Senate is delaying a test vote on authorizing U.S. military strikes against Syria.

$250 million gift to Kentucky college withdrawn

09/09/2013 4:21pm
A small Kentucky liberal arts college lost out on one of the largest gifts in U.S. higher education history when the $250 million donation was withdrawn, school officials said Monday.

Obama, Putin talked about securing Syria chem arms

09/09/2013 4:26pm
President Barack Obama says he spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin (POO'-tihn) about a potential plan for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to international control.

NYC man dies after punched in possible bias attack

09/09/2013 4:30pm
Authorities say a 62-year-old New York City man has died less than a week after he was assaulted by a man who threatened to "punch the first white man" he saw.

Leaders seek to avoid early Calif. inmate releases

09/09/2013 4:52pm
Gov. Jerry Brown and the four leaders of California's Legislature reached a compromise Monday on reducing the state's prison population, offering to spend more money on rehabilitation efforts if a panel of federal judges will extend an end-of-the-year deadline to release thousands of inmates.

Center-right bloc takes power in Norway

09/09/2013 5:00pm
Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg _ nicknamed "Iron Erna" _ will become Norway's new prime minister as the leader of a center-right coalition government likely including an anti-immigration party.

Fla. AG: It was wrong to ask for execution delay

09/09/2013 5:34pm
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says it was wrong for her office to seek to delay the execution of a former escort service owner because of a campaign fundraiser.

Ohio man who confessed in video turns himself in

09/09/2013 5:45pm
A harsh sentence for an Ohio driver who made an online video confessing that he caused a fatal wrong-way crash after a night of heavy drinking would send the wrong message to people trying to take responsibility for a crime, his attorneys said Monday.

Officials identify girl, 3, shot at Yellowstone

09/09/2013 5:58pm
Yellowstone National Park officials on Monday identified a 3-year-old girl who died from a gunshot wound in the park as Ella Marie Tucker, of Pocatello, Idaho.

Obama: I might lose congressional vote on Syria

09/09/2013 6:15pm
Battling stiff resistance in Congress, President Barack Obama conceded Monday night he might lose his fight for congressional support of a military strike against Syria, and declined to say what he would do if lawmakers reject his call to back retaliation for a chemical weapons attack last month.

Obama, Canadian PM discuss Syria chemical weapons

09/09/2013 6:16pm
The White House says President Barack Obama has spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about chemical weapons use in Syria.

Sudden plan: Syria to dispose of chemical weapons?

09/09/2013 7:06pm
In a rapid and remarkable chain of events, Syria welcomed the idea of turning over all of its chemical weapons for destruction on Monday, and President Barack Obama, though expressing deep skepticism, declared it a "potentially a significant breakthrough" that could head off the threats of U.S. air strikes that have set the world on edge.

New details in how the feds take laptops at border

09/09/2013 7:40pm
Newly disclosed U.S. government files provide an inside look at the Homeland Security Department's practice of seizing and searching electronic devices at the border without showing reasonable suspicion of a crime or getting a judge's approval.

Zimmerman's wife won't press charges despite call

09/09/2013 8:49pm
The sobbing wife of George Zimmerman called 911 on Monday to report that her estranged husband was threatening her with a gun and had punched her father in the nose, but hours later she decided not to press charges against the man acquitted of all charges for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin.

Suspects arrested in Calif. crossbow killing

09/09/2013 9:24pm
A young homeless man and a 16-year-old girl were arrested Monday on suspicion of shooting two fellow transients, one fatally, with a crossbow off a coastal Northern California highway, authorities said.

US News: Princeton best college in America

09/09/2013 10:02pm
US News & World Report has named Princeton University the best college in the United States, with the University of California-Berkeley the top public school at No. 20 overall.

Big student debt in unexpected places

09/09/2013 10:27pm
Don't let the big price tags nix an application to Harvard or Yale. The average student receiving financial aid on those campuses paid about a quarter of the public sticker price and most graduates leave their ivy-covered quads with smaller debts than peers who attended less prestigious schools.