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Town limits development of NY's Plum Island

08/28/2013 4:39am
A New York town approved new zoning laws that would prevent any significant development of Plum Island, home to a government laboratory studying infectious animal diseases since the 1950s.

Officials: Extinguisher flies into Conn. home

08/28/2013 5:10am
Connecticut officials say part of a fire extinguisher flew nearly a quarter-mile through the air into a house after a workplace accident. No one was injured.

4 NJ college football players rewarded for honesty

08/28/2013 6:07am
Four New Jersey college football players are being rewarded for their honesty.

King bemoans 'staggering' joblessness among blacks

08/28/2013 6:45am
The eldest son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says blacks can rightfully celebrate his father's life and work with pride, but much more must be accomplished.

'Everything but the pews' stolen from Mass. church

08/28/2013 7:28am
A longtime member of a Massachusetts church says thieves have ransacked the house of worship, taking "everything but the pews."

White House enlists Bill Clinton on health care

08/28/2013 8:08am
The White House is enlisting former President Bill Clinton's help in explaining President Barack Obama's health care law as a key phase of the reform nears.

Bernice King recalls day of MLK's speech

08/28/2013 8:18am
The Rev. Bernice King opened the celebration of her father's famous "I Have a Dream" speech Wednesday with an interfaith service in Washington.

Fact sheet: 2014 Mazda6

08/28/2013 8:44am
2014 Mazda6 Grand Touring

Fort Hood gunman won't talk before sentencing

08/28/2013 9:21am
The Army psychiatrist who killed 13 people at Fort Hood won't be addressing jurors before they decide whether to sentence him to death.

Bush remembers King and legacy of a 'great man'

08/28/2013 9:25am
President George W. Bush is remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and his powerful words 50 years ago _ words that Bush says changed the hearts of millions.

Bernice King recalls day of MLK's speech

08/28/2013 9:40am
The Rev. Bernice King opened the celebration of her father's famous "I Have a Dream" speech Wednesday with an interfaith service in Washington.

Mo. school official cleared in Obama rodeo act

08/28/2013 9:51am
A Missouri school official has been cleared of wrongdoing in a State Fair rodeo act that mocked President Barack Obama.

DC mayor uses march rally to call for DC statehood

08/28/2013 10:03am
District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray has used the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington to call for statehood for the district's 632,000 residents.

Mass. diner-owner apologizes for tossing veteran

08/28/2013 10:13am
A diner-owner has apologized for throwing out a military veteran because he brought in his service dog.

Andrew Young says fight not over for equality

08/28/2013 10:14am
Civil rights leader Andrew Young says the struggle for black America continues 50 years after the historic March on Washington.

Military jury deciding fate of Fort Hood gunman

08/28/2013 10:15am
Military jurors who convicted Maj. Nidal Hasan for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood are now deciding whether to sentence him to death.

Central Park Zoo's popular polar bear, Gus, dies

08/28/2013 10:34am
The Central Park Zoo has lost a popular polar bear.

When to strike: Syria timing is complex for Obama

08/28/2013 10:54am
Preparations for a highly anticipated strike on Syria could lead to an awkward decision on timing.

New Mazda6 poised for gains

08/28/2013 10:56am
Agile and poised, the new-for-2014 Mazda6 mid-size sedan is a major leap over its predecessor in styling, features and fuel economy.

Fort Hood gunman 'will never be a martyr'

08/28/2013 10:57am
A military prosecutor says the Army psychiatrist who fatally shot 13 people at Fort Hood "will never be a martyr" and deserves to be executed.

Rarely seen copy of Magna Carta coming to Houston

08/28/2013 10:59am
Nearly 800 years after the king of England tried to avert a civil war by issuing the Magna Carta, a rarely seen version of the document is coming to the United States, which enshrined many of the charter's freedoms in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Evers-Williams urges more work on civil rights

08/28/2013 11:02am
Five decades after the historic March on Washington, Myrlie Evers-Williams sees a "retrenchment" in this country when it comes to civil rights.

States experimenting to lower health care costs

08/28/2013 11:27am
Oregon health officials are concentrating on coordinating services and preventing hospital stays. New Jersey medical centers are rewarding doctors who can save money without jeopardizing patient care. And Massachusetts is expanding the role of physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

No charges planned in deadly Illinois van wreck

08/28/2013 11:30am
A southern Illinois prosecutor says a freeway wreck that killed five van passengers returning from a California ministry conference was a tragic accident and the driver won't be charged.

Conn. house where plane fell, killing 4, is razed

08/28/2013 12:01pm
Workers have torn down the Connecticut home of two children who were killed when a plane carrying a former Microsoft executive and his teenage son crashed into the residence.

US judge blasts DOJ over drug sentence disparities

08/28/2013 12:13pm
A federal judge in Iowa has sharply criticized the U.S. Department of Justice for creating massive drug sentencing disparities by failing to have a policy, until recently, advising prosecutors on when to double the prison time for repeat offenders.

Daughters of Johnson, Kennedy: March on

08/28/2013 12:15pm
Their fathers led the nation in the early years amid the struggle by black America for civil rights _ and both Lynda Bird Johnson Robb and Caroline Kennedy see much work still to be done.

Lewis says country has 'a great distance to go'

08/28/2013 12:58pm
Longtime civil rights leader John Lewis said the country has come a great distance since Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 50 years ago "but we still have a great distance to go."

Syria: Soldiers came under 3 chemical attacks

08/28/2013 1:08pm
Syria's U.N. ambassador is demanding that United Nations experts investigate three alleged chemical weapons attacks against Syrian soldiers.

A look at other inmates on military death row

08/28/2013 1:14pm
Maj. Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death Wednesday for the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. He will now join five other inmates who are on military death row at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. None of the five are close to an execution date, and one of the inmates could have his sentence commuted to life in prison. The military courts system has not executed an active-duty soldier since 1961.

News Guide: A look at the Fort Hood shooting case

08/28/2013 1:23pm
Military jurors sentenced Maj. Nidal Hasan to death on Wednesday for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood. Last week, the same jury found Hasan guilty of killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others at the Texas military base. Here is a look at some key details about the case:

NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations

08/28/2013 1:27pm
The New York Police Department has secretly labeled entire mosques as terrorist organizations, a designation that allows police to use informants to record sermons and spy on imams, often without specific evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations

08/28/2013 1:27pm
The New York Police Department has secretly labeled entire mosques as terrorist organizations, a designation that allows police to use informants to record sermons and spy on imams, often without specific evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

Carter remembers King on 50th 'Dream' anniversary

08/28/2013 1:32pm
Former President Jimmy Carter is paying tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. on this historic anniversary, even as he extols the nation to continue to work for a better America.

Obama taps Ethiopia ambassador for Sudan post

08/28/2013 1:38pm
President Barack Obama says he's selected his outgoing ambassador to Ethiopia to be the U.S. special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan.

Obama: King's dream partly met, still unfulfilled

08/28/2013 1:43pm
President Barack Obama is claiming his place in Martin Luther King's 50-year-old dream, holding himself up as a symbol of the change King envisioned. But he also pointed to the nation's lingering economic disparities as evidence that King's hopes remain unfulfilled.

Physician who told of handling Roswell debris dies

08/28/2013 1:55pm
Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., who said he handled debris from the 1947 crash of an unidentified flying object near Roswell, N.M., has died at the age of 76.

King's family asks people to remember his vision

08/28/2013 1:57pm
Members of Martin Luther King's family encouraged people amassed on the National Mall to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of King's speech not to stop fighting for his vision of equality and community.

Correction: US-NKorea-Arms Shipment story

08/28/2013 1:58pm
In a story Aug. 27 about an arms shipment seized from a North Korean ship, The Associated Press misspelled the name of a co-author of an article cited in the story. The co-author was Roope Siirtola, a research intern at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Original AP story on the 1963 March on Washington

08/28/2013 2:04pm
EDITOR'S NOTE _ On Aug. 28, 1963, AP reporter Raymond J. Crowley went to the National Mall and chronicled the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which went on to become one of the most famous political rallies in U.S. history. Writing in the language and style used by journalists of his era, Crowley duly noted a wide range of details about the event, from the size of the crowd and the songs the marchers sang to President John F. Kennedy's reaction, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, and the three arrests made by police. Fifty years after its original publication, the AP is making this story available to its subscribers.

AP PHOTOS: Remembering March on Washington

08/28/2013 2:15pm
Fifty years ago Wednesday, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in the nation's capital. The speech was a rousing call to arms that bolstered the growing civil rights movement, and many argue it helped lead to major legislation passed by Congress a few years later.

Vt. marks 2 years since Irene's flooding, damage

08/28/2013 2:17pm
On the second anniversary of the biggest natural disaster to hit Vermont in generations, Gov. Peter Shumlin marked how far the state has come by visiting a restaurant that still hasn't reopened.

3rd Fla. mayor arrested within the past month

08/28/2013 2:24pm
The mayor of Homestead was hauled away from his home Wednesday in handcuffs on corruption charges, including accepting illegal compensation, becoming the third mayor of a Miami-Dade County city to be arrested in the past month.

Clinton: Stop complaining and get to work

08/28/2013 2:37pm
For former President Bill Clinton, this day 50 years ago in the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial, marks "one of the most important days in American history."

Long-range shutdown of Vt. nuke plant creates stir

08/28/2013 2:37pm
Even after the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is officially decommissioned, it will take decades to clear the site of nuclear material, largely because there's no place in the country to put the high-level spent fuel.

Quotes, reaction to March on Washington

08/28/2013 2:58pm
Statements in observance of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech:

Video shows UN team inspecting rocket fragment

08/28/2013 3:36pm
Weapons analysts are poring over new videos from Syria that purport to show U.N. chemical weapons experts examining a recovered rocket fragment.

8 years after Katrina, New Orleans on the rebound

08/28/2013 3:46pm
Eight years after Hurricane Katrina, the Ferris wheel at the abandoned former Six Flags amusement park sits idle. The roller-coaster humps are familiar sights to passing motorists, and the weed-choked lot is a thorn in the side of officials who have overseen one of the most extensive city-rebuilding projects in U.S. history.

Female general: Ability, confidence propel career

08/28/2013 3:52pm
Years before she became the first woman to lead the Air Force Academy, Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson was at the controls of jet-powered transport planes, and in her 20s, she often commanded aircraft crews that included men old enough to be her father.

Clarification: Lung Transplant-Pennsylvania story

08/28/2013 3:52pm
In a story Aug. 27, The Associated Press reported that two of six children who applied for adult transplants received adolescent lungs after a federal judge forced the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network to add a Pennsylvania girl to the adult transplant list. The story should have been made clear that the lungs came from donors 11 years old and under, which are classified as children by the network. The network describes adolescents as being between 12 and 17.

More than 300 sites ring bells for MLK speech

08/28/2013 4:28pm
Church bells rang out Wednesday at the National Cathedral and at sites nationwide to answer a call from one of the most important civil rights speeches in history to "let freedom ring."

More than 300 sites ring bells for MLK speech

08/28/2013 4:28pm
Church bells rang out Wednesday at the National Cathedral and at sites nationwide to answer a call from one of the most important civil rights speeches in history to "let freedom ring."

Son of former DC Mayor Barry faces drug charges

08/28/2013 4:29pm
The son of Washington Councilman Mayor Marion Barry has a Nov. 13 court date to answer charges in Virginia of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana.

5 homes destroyed, 10 damaged in Calif. fire

08/28/2013 4:39pm
Residents are trying to pick up the pieces a day after a grass fire tore through a Northern California neighborhood, destroying five homes and damaging 10 others.

Financier's son pleads guilty in NY tax case

08/28/2013 4:57pm
The son of a pioneering investor in Asian companies pleaded guilty Wednesday to tax fraud charges, joining three siblings who earlier admitted hiding millions of dollars from their father's estate in secret Swiss bank accounts.

Obama defends suit challenging Texas voter ID law

08/28/2013 5:06pm
President Barack Obama is defending the Justice Department's lawsuit over Texas' voter ID law and says his administration will use tools available through the Voting Rights Act to keep jurisdictions from enacting laws that have the effect of preventing people from voting.

Wounded mom facing multiple felonies in Vegas case

08/28/2013 5:31pm
A Las Vegas mother of three who was wounded by police after holding her young sons hostage at home during a 22-hour standoff will face multiple felony charges, authorities said Wednesday.

Black rhino at Denver Zoo bites woman's finger

08/28/2013 5:31pm
The Denver Zoo has indefinitely suspended a program that let visitors pay to touch and feed a rhino after a black rhinoceros bit a woman's finger.

Booker: NJ rival's comment on sexuality 'bigoted'

08/28/2013 5:39pm
Democratic Mayor Cory Booker on Wednesday accused his U.S. Senate race rival of making bigoted comments when asked about a newspaper article in which Booker ambiguously addressed his sexuality.

Dog-fighting defendants plead not guilty in Ala

08/28/2013 5:51pm
A detective investigating a multi-state dog fighting case said each side usually bet $20,000 to $40,000 on a match and more than $100,000 could change hands on a Saturday night in the Alabama woods.

Seattle-area teachers negotiate as strike looms

08/28/2013 6:08pm
With teacher strikes a possibility in Seattle and another district, Washington's teachers union says negotiations are continuing and agreements could be reached before classes begin next week.

Britain proposes Syria resolution; Russia objects

08/28/2013 6:09pm
The U.N. Security Council's five permanent members ended a meeting Wednesday fiercely divided over a British-proposed resolution to authorize the use of military force to punish Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons, with Russia and China firmly opposed.

US officials: Navy boosts carrier presence in Gulf

08/28/2013 6:19pm
U.S. officials say the Navy is beefing up its presence in the Persian Gulf region, increasing the number of aircraft carriers from one to two.

Minister convicted in slaying found hanged in cell

08/28/2013 6:21pm
The former minister of a small Michigan church who allegedly told police he killed his fiancée's 24-year-old daughter because he wanted to have sex with a dead body has killed himself.

AP PHOTOS: The March on Washington

08/28/2013 6:50pm
In a moment rich with history and symbolism, tens of thousands of Americans of all backgrounds and colors thronged to the National Mall Wednesday to join the nation's first black president and civil rights pioneers in marking the 50th anniversary of King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Man says he killed wife to end her cancer pain

08/28/2013 7:19pm
A southeastern Kentucky man charged with killing his wife says he fatally shot her because she asked him to end her suffering from breast cancer.

House speaker presses Obama for answers on Syria

08/28/2013 9:25pm
House Speaker John Boehner called on President Barack Obama on Wednesday to deliver a specific rationale for using U.S. military force against Syria as a growing number of congressional Republicans and Democrats expressed concerns about war with a Mideast nation roiled by civil conflict.

8 years after Katrina, New Orleans on the rebound

08/28/2013 10:24pm
Eight years after Hurricane Katrina, the Ferris wheel at the former Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans sits idle. "Closed for Storm" signs are still posted and the abandoned, weed-choked site remains a thorn in the side of officials leading one of the most extensive city-rebuilding projects in U.S. history.