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Mimicking the airlines, hotels get fee-happy

08/25/2014 1:30am
Forget bad weather, traffic jams and kids asking, "Are we there yet?" The real headache for many travelers is a quickly-growing list of hotel surcharges, even for items they never use.

Purdue Research, Crane form innovation partnership

08/25/2014 2:10am
The Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, Purdue Research Foundation and Purdue's Discovery Park have signed a partnership agreement aimed at showcasing their intellectual property and moving their innovations to the public.

Tax refunds may get hit due to health law credits

08/25/2014 2:50am
Taxes? Who wants to think about taxes around Labor Day?

4 Kochs took genes, money in different directions

08/25/2014 2:50am
They are the outsized force in modern American politics, the best-known brand of the big money era, yet still something of a mystery to those who cash their checks.

Koch 101: Some basics on the billionaire brothers

08/25/2014 2:50am
A primer on the Koch brothers and their role in politics.

Study: House calls for frail elders bring savings

08/25/2014 3:00am
Ten or 12 times a year, Beatrice Adams' daughter would race her frail mother to the emergency room for high blood pressure or pain from a list of chronic illnesses.

Toyota's most rugged Land Cruiser is back in Japan

08/25/2014 4:00am
Toyota Motor Corp. is bringing back the Land Cruiser 70 in Japan, catering to nostalgic demand for the rugged off-roader that's favored for challenging terrains and as an aid agency vehicle in disaster zones.

LG bets on pricey OLED technology as future of TVs

08/25/2014 5:00am
LG Electronics Inc. announced two new giant OLED TVs with ultra-high definition screens Monday, sticking with its strategy of using the exceptionally expensive OLED display technology.

Whisky's worries mirror economic fears in Scotland

08/25/2014 6:01am
Carl Reavey plunged his nose into the glass, inhaled the amber liquid's scent, then sipped. Slowly.

Germans back Spanish minister for euro finance job

08/25/2014 6:10am
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her country will back Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos's candidacy to be the next head of the Eurogroup, the gathering of eurozone finance ministers that sets important policies for the currency union.

Top India court says coal allocations were illegal

08/25/2014 6:21am
India's Supreme Court said Monday that all government allocations of coal reserves to private companies from 1993 to 2010 were conducted illegally, and it will hold a hearing to decide whether to cancel them.

North Dakota winter wheat crop hurt by disease

08/25/2014 7:20am
Some North Dakota grain elevators are urging farmers to bin their newly harvested winter wheat until the market figures out what to do with a heavily diseased crop.

10 things to know about Florida citrus, greening

08/25/2014 7:30am
A disease called greening is threatening to wipe out a vital part of Florida's economy and identity: the state's $9 billion citrus industry. Here are 10 things to know about Florida citrus, its history and the disease now imperiling the industry:

Auburn begins new beer brewing course

08/25/2014 7:30am
It's not often a graduate-level course at a major university kicks off its first semester with a trip to a well-known microbrewery outside Denver.

US stocks open the week higher, Europe gains

08/25/2014 7:40am
Stocks are opening higher in the U.S. after central bankers in Europe and Japan said support for their economies would continue.

Survey: Economists say Fed is on 'the right track'

08/25/2014 7:50am
A majority of economists are saying that the Federal Reserve is doing the right things to help repair the U.S. economy. That's according to a new survey done by the National Association for Business Economics.

Tribe's casino plan roils quaint Martha's Vineyard

08/25/2014 8:00am
On the western tip of Martha's Vineyard, bright clay cliffs and a red brick lighthouse draw visitors as they pile out of cars and tour buses and head up to this town's scenic overlook.

S&P 500 trades above 2,000 points for first time

08/25/2014 8:20am
The stock market has reached another milestone as the Standard & Poor's 500 index trades above 2,000 points for the first time.

Apple recalls iPhone 5 for battery woes

08/25/2014 8:31am
Having trouble with your iPhone 5 battery? You might be eligible for a free replacement.

Zimbabwe seeks China's aid as Mugabe meets Xi

08/25/2014 8:51am
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Monday on a visit to China hoping the long-time ally and economic giant can help the African nation's ailing economy.

Interior official to visit national fire center

08/25/2014 9:01am
The deputy secretary of the Department of the Interior is expected to visit the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise on Tuesday.

S&P 500 trades above 2,000 points for first time

08/25/2014 10:01am
Stocks are moving higher in midday trading, pushing the Standard & Poor's 500 index above 2,000 points for the first time.

Sales of US new homes fall in July

08/25/2014 10:01am
Fewer Americans bought new homes in July, evidence that the housing sector is struggling to gain traction more than five years into the economic recovery.


08/25/2014 10:21am
Sales, noon price and net change of the 15 most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally.

Del Potro denies tax evasion in Argentina

08/25/2014 10:51am
Juan Martin del Potro denies he has committed tax evasion in his native Argentina.

Slovenia's parliament approves newcomer as premier

08/25/2014 11:01am
Slovenia's parliament has approved political newcomer Miro Cerar as the crisis-stricken eurozone country's next prime minister.

Fairchild Semiconductor cutting 1,350 jobs

08/25/2014 11:01am
Chip supplier Fairchild Semiconductor is eliminating about 1,350 jobs in the U.S. and Asia — about 15 percent of its total workforce — to reduce costs.

Michigan unions brace for teacher opt-out decision

08/25/2014 11:13am
Organized labor and pro-business groups are waging an intense lobbying campaign directed at school teachers who are deciding this month whether to remain in their union, in the first real test of the state's new right-to-work law.

Medicaid payment woes plague Idaho care providers

08/25/2014 11:21am
The state's effort to rein in Medicaid costs has created deep friction between small businesses that deliver behavioral-health services to Medicaid patients and a new contractor hired to manage them.

UPS, pilots' union barred from air crash probe

08/25/2014 12:01pm
A federal accident board has told UPS and its pilots' union they can no longer participate in the agency's investigation of a crash that killed two of the cargo shipper's pilots.

Republicans differ on keeping parts of health law

08/25/2014 12:11pm
Republicans competing for a chance to take on U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen all want to repeal the federal health care overhaul law, though some would keep elements of it in place.

A Closer Look: Reading tablets decent, but needed?

08/25/2014 12:31pm
E-book readers are great for reading books, but they can't be used get directions or watch videos of people dumping ice over their heads.

Providence teachers asked to skip ceremony

08/25/2014 12:41pm
Hundreds of teachers have skipped a back-to-school ceremony amid an impasse in contract talks.

Talk of ECB action grows as European economy fades

08/25/2014 12:51pm
Worries about the economy are rippling through Europe.

Deal looks to allow computing as core requirement

08/25/2014 1:01pm
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is asking the State Board of Education to allow high school students to count computer programming courses toward fulfilling a core requirement for their diplomas.

TiVo to make version for those without cable

08/25/2014 1:21pm
Here's a sign more households are going without cable or satellite TV: TiVo Inc. is making a digital video recorder just for so-called cord-cutters.


08/25/2014 1:21pm
Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Mon.:

AP-North American Currencies

08/25/2014 1:41pm
The U.S. dollar is mixed against other North American currencies in New York trading.

Burger King hears from customers about possible move to Canada

08/25/2014 2:10pm
Some Burger King customers don't want to see the company move its corporate headquarters from Miami to Canada, in a deal that could lower its taxes.

S&P 500 touches 2,000 as corporate deals continue

08/25/2014 2:21pm
The stock market hit another milestone as the Standard & Poor's 500 index briefly traded above 2,000 points for the first time.

New Jersey trying to boost Farm to School program

08/25/2014 2:21pm
New Jersey's Farm-to-School program, which connects more than 40 percent of the state's school districts with local food, is getting some updates.

Arizona warns of weekend traffic delays on I-15

08/25/2014 2:21pm
Arizona transportation officials are warning motorists traveling on Interstate 15 in the northwest corner of Arizona over the Labor Day weekend to expect traffic delays and to allow extra travel time.

Guilty plea in California meat-recall case

08/25/2014 2:32pm
The co-owner of a Northern California slaughterhouse accused of processing cows with cancer while U.S. livestock inspectors took lunch breaks has pleaded guilty to a federal criminal charge.

Brownback blasts Davis on education funding vote

08/25/2014 2:51pm
Republican Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday lashed out at his Democratic challenger for voting against a bill this year that provided more money for schools, but Paul Davis responded that the removal of job protections for teachers in that same measure was the reason he opposed it.

Hard to swallow? Burger King may move to Canada

08/25/2014 3:01pm
Some Burger King customers are finding it hard to swallow that the home of the Whopper could move to Canada.

A look at earthquake's impact on California region

08/25/2014 3:21pm
A strong earthquake rattled a swath of Northern California's wine country in the early hours of Sunday morning, unleashing most of its damage on the city of Napa in the heart of the vineyard-studded region.


08/25/2014 3:41pm
A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Monday:


08/25/2014 4:01pm
Most active Nasdaq issues.

Police: Mortar round caused deadly plant blast

08/25/2014 4:31pm
A mortar round exploded Monday at a suburban St. Louis metal recycling plant that does business with the military, killing two people.

Businesses: Quake cleanup shouldn't deter tourists

08/25/2014 5:31pm
The earthquake that jarred California's wine capital caused $1 billion in damage, Napa County officials estimated Monday as business owners mopped up high-end vintages that spilled from barrels and bottles and swept away broken glass in the rush to get the tourist hotspot back in shape for the summer's final holiday weekend.

Peruvian journalist Zileri dead at 83

08/25/2014 6:11pm
Enrique Zileri, who as longtime director of Peru's leading newsmagazine defied despotism and battled corruption with stubborn independence, died Monday at age 83.

California wait period doesn't apply to gun owners

08/25/2014 7:01pm
A federal judge has overturned part of a California law requiring a 10-day waiting period for gun buyers, ruling that it does not apply to those who already own firearms.

Social media campaign publicizes lifeline law

08/25/2014 7:11pm
Students at 13 Indiana college campuses will receive social media messages about the state law that allows minors who have been drinking to report a medical emergency or a crime without getting in trouble.

Amazon could be ESPN of video games in Twitch deal

08/25/2014 8:01pm
Amazon is hoping to become the ESPN of video games.

Sony network hacked, exec's flight diverted

08/25/2014 9:01pm
Hackers attacked Sony's PlayStation Network and apparently disrupted the travel plans of a top company executive by going on Twitter to suggest that there was a bomb on his American Airlines plane.

Asia stocks lackluster, US economic data awaited

08/25/2014 9:40pm
Asian stock markets were lackluster Tuesday as investors continued to digest monetary policy signals from the Jackson Hole meeting of central bankers and looked ahead to data expected to show an improving U.S. economy.

Guatemala declares state of emergency for drought

08/25/2014 10:11pm
The Guatemalan government has declared a state of emergency in 16 of the country's 22 provinces because of a drought that has caused major agricultural losses in Central America.