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More Clinton-Obama differences likely to emerge

08/16/2014 1:10am
Hillary Rodham Clinton's split with President Barack Obama over a foreign policy "organizing principle" isn't likely to be the last time differences emerge between the two. How she handles those breaks could be among her biggest challenges to a successful run for president in 2016.

Building fail sheds light on N. Korean priorities

08/16/2014 1:41am
Pyongyang isn't just any North Korean city. So when a 23-story apartment building under construction collapsed in the center of the showcase capital in May, officials faced a bona fide emergency.

Prince George's schools: 'Great by Choice'

08/16/2014 7:11am
"Great by Choice," a book that examines why some companies thrive during chaotic times while others do not, has become a staple for business leaders across the country as they look for ways to boost profits.

Indianapolis company focus of lawsuit, FTC probe

08/16/2014 7:11am
Federal and state authorities are investigating an Indianapolis company that sells test preparation materials to help clients get college degrees faster.

Goats chew vegetation in Augusta detention pond

08/16/2014 8:00am
Nine goats went to work Wednesday eating overgrown vegetation at an Augusta detention pond in a government pilot project intended to cut costs and help reduce mosquito breeding areas.

Why global turmoil hasn't sunk US markets. Yet.

08/16/2014 8:41am
Europe appears on the brink of another recession. Islamic militants have seized Iraqi territory. Russian troops have massed on the Ukraine border, and the resulting sanctions are disrupting trade. An Ebola outbreak in Africa and Israel's war in Gaza are contributing to the gloom.

Autistic boy's pig a big draw at Weber County fair

08/16/2014 10:30am
The crowd erupted in applause and began chanting his name as 13-year-old Tucker Doak entered the ring at Weber County's Fair to auction off his hog.

Kentucky school district buys college campus

08/16/2014 10:40am
A western Kentucky school district has purchased a college campus with plans to use the property for a new alternative school.

Delays for SC nuclear plant pressure industry

08/16/2014 11:10am
Expensive delays are piling up for the companies building new nuclear power plants, raising fresh questions about whether they can control the construction costs that crippled the industry years ago.

Rain causes slide that close Bitterroot road

08/16/2014 12:40pm
A section of a popular wilderness road in the Bitterroot National Forest has been closed by multiple washouts.

A look at the charges facing Texas Gov. Rick Perry

08/16/2014 1:10pm
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is his state's first governor in nearly a century to be indicted on criminal charges. The potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate said the allegations of abuse of power and coercion of a public official are politically motivated.

US service members complain private cars missing

08/16/2014 2:11pm
Hundreds of U.S. service members are reporting that their privately owned vehicles have gone missing or been damaged while being shipped to and from overseas bases, according to a newspaper report published Saturday.

Hemp homecoming: Rebirth sprouts in Kentucky

08/16/2014 2:20pm
Call it a homecoming for hemp: Marijuana's non-intoxicating cousin is undergoing a rebirth in a state at the forefront of efforts to reclaim it as a mainstream crop.

'Atlanta Exes' members create own lane to fame

08/16/2014 2:40pm
Torrei Hart's career took a backseat for years to raise two children, allowing her then-husband Kevin Hart to pursue his comedy career.

Coast Guard unable to fix stranded ship's engines

08/16/2014 4:10pm
U.S. Coast Guard experts have been unable to restart the engines of a chemical tanker after a deadly fire left it adrift 700 miles off the Oregon coast.

Taxpayers on hook for $6.5M to Bridgegate law firm

08/16/2014 4:21pm
New Jersey taxpayers are on the hook for more than $6.5 million to the law firm Gov. Chris Christie hired to represent his office in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal.

Historic downtown building being restored

08/16/2014 4:55pm
A downtown Salt Lake landmark more than a century old is getting a makeover that will help continue its legacy for the next hundred years. Renovation is underway on a 119-year, five-story building located at 150 S. State.

US service members complain private cars missing

08/16/2014 6:11pm
Hundreds of U.S. service members are reporting that their privately owned vehicles have gone missing or been damaged while being shipped to and from overseas bases.

Relations sour between berry growers, university

08/16/2014 8:01pm
Things are souring between California's strawberry growers and the University of California, Davis.

Dockworkers find 35 'screaming' stowaways in a container

08/16/2014 8:26pm
Dockworkers at a major London port discovered 35 people inside a shipping container Saturday morning. One of them, an adult male, was declared dead at the scene, according to Essex police Superintendent Trevor Row.