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Bristol Hospital sale could yield new tax revenue

08/04/2014 2:10am
A proposed sale of Bristol Hospital to a for-profit company could yield about $2 million in extra revenue for the city if the deal goes through as planned next year.

Germany nixes Russia military simulator deal

08/04/2014 3:20am
The German government said Monday it has revoked permission for the delivery of a field exercise simulator to the Russian military, blocking a deal it had already put on hold and going beyond a European Union arms embargo that allows existing contracts to be fulfilled.

HSBC warns on global risks as profits drop

08/04/2014 4:40am
HSBC, one of the world's largest banks, warned Monday that fragile growth in the global economy and rising geopolitical tensions will keep it from taking on greater investment risks.

Death toll rises to 75 in Chinese factory blast

08/04/2014 5:31am
The death toll in an explosion at a Chinese auto parts factory has risen to 75, as investigators fault poor safety measures and news reports reveal that workers had long complained of dangerous levels of dust at the facility.

Portugal bank collapse and rescue raises questions

08/04/2014 6:40am
A new Portuguese bank appeared Monday, born from the ruins of a collapsed business empire, and declared on its website that it was now "stronger and safer."

Woman fights to keep son's therapy chickens

08/04/2014 8:01am
Cats and dogs are well-known therapy animals. But what about chickens?

Juncker: Greece offered example to Argentina

08/04/2014 8:01am
Greece's recent efforts to get its public finances into shape could have been the model for recently defaulted Argentina to follow.

Wal-Mart's website to personalize shopping

08/04/2014 8:21am
Wal-Mart, in its latest bid to compete with nemesis, is rebuilding its website to further personalize the online shopping experience of each customer.

Mom of teen suicide victim sues Fla. school board

08/04/2014 8:31am
The mother of a 13-year-old girl who authorities say jumped to her death because she was bullied is suing the Polk County School Board, a construction materials company and a teenager accused of stalking her daughter.

Road taxes are rising, even in tax-averse states

08/04/2014 8:51am
For nearly a century, Missouri has taxed drivers to pay for its roads. That's always provided enough — until now. On Tuesday, voters will decide on a historic change that would tax virtually everything they buy in order to yield more money for roads and bridges.


08/04/2014 8:51am
Early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Mon.:

AP NewsAlert

08/04/2014 8:51am
Judge: Alabama law on abortion clinic doctors is unconstitutional; enforcement will be blocked.

Grain higher, livestock mostly lower

08/04/2014 9:01am
Grain futures were higher Monday in early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Grain higher, livestock mostly lower

08/04/2014 9:01am
Grain futures were higher Monday in early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Arkansas professor flies kites for research

08/04/2014 9:11am
An Arkansas agriculture professor is flying kites to snap aerial photos of soybean fields after a federal agency ruled he couldn't use remote-controlled aircraft to capture the images.

Judge: US state's abortion law unconstitutional

08/04/2014 9:31am
A U.S. state's law restricting doctors at abortion clinics is unconstitutional because it would unduly hamper women's ability to obtain the medical procedure, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Tribe, casino owner partner for Kansas facility

08/04/2014 9:40am
An Oklahoma-based tribe is partnering with the owner of a Las Vegas hotel to reopen a track in southeast Kansas and convert it to a casino.

Sunset Boulevard reopens after flooding near UCLA

08/04/2014 10:00am
Sunset Boulevard reopened early Monday after crews completed repairs following a water main break that created a sinkhole and inundated parts of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ag tourism touted as way to boost rural economies

08/04/2014 10:11am
With its sweet fruit-flavored liqueurs, a working farm and eccentric cast of characters— including a dancing lemon — Bloomery Plantation Distillery has attracted tourists from every U.S. state and countries as far away as Laos and Iceland.

Judge: Ala. abortion clinic law unconstitutional

08/04/2014 10:11am
A federal judge says an Alabama law restricting abortion doctors is unconstitutional.


08/04/2014 10:21am
Sales, noon price and net change of the 15 most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally.

Nebraska scholarship program searches for funding

08/04/2014 10:31am
The loss of federal funding could jeopardize a program that pays tuition and fees for low-income high school students taking college-credit courses in Nebraska, according to a state agency.

Sunni militants target Iraq's two biggest dams

08/04/2014 11:30am
The militants who have overrun large parts of Iraq are now battling ferociously to capture one of the country's vital resources, water.

Star Networks recalling Magnicube Spheres, Cubes

08/04/2014 11:30am
High-powered rare earth magnet sets sold under the names Magnicube Spheres and Magnicube Cubes are being recalled because of the possibility of injury from swallowing them.

GM Finance subpoenaed over subprime auto loans

08/04/2014 11:30am
GM Finance says it has received a subpoena from the U.S. Department of Justice for documents related to subprime auto loans.

A Closer Look: Secure your phone without passcodes

08/04/2014 11:40am
Passcodes are outdated.

Star witness in ex-Va. governor trial: No affair

08/04/2014 12:50pm
The key prosecution witness in former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's trial testified Monday that he never saw any signs the governor's marriage was crumbling, and that he never had any intimate physical contact with the first lady.

US airfares on the rise, outpacing inflation

08/04/2014 12:50pm
Travelers, prepare to pay more for your flight.

For first time, US Army Corps of Engineers must detail pollution that dams send into waterways

08/04/2014 1:11pm
For first time, US Army Corps of Engineers must detail pollution that dams send into waterways.


08/04/2014 1:21pm
Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Mon.:

State senator Valentine to head tax commission

08/04/2014 1:41pm
Longtime state legislator John Valentine is set to leave the Senate to become chair of the Utah state tax commission, Gov. Gary Herbert announced Monday.

Judge: Ala. abortion clinic law unconstitutional

08/04/2014 2:01pm
A new Alabama law restricting doctors who perform abortions would force several women's clinics to shut down, placing unconstitutional restrictions on a woman's right to obtain one, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Gov't expects to borrow $192B in 3Q, $187B in 4Q

08/04/2014 2:01pm
The U.S. Treasury Department has raised by $22 billion its estimate of what it needs to borrow in the third quarter to keep the government operating.

Study: Wide hospital quality gap on maternity care

08/04/2014 2:13pm
Where a woman delivers her baby can make a major difference to her own health — a quality gap that remains largely hidden from mothers-to-be.

Defense in NY case calls Silk Road search illegal

08/04/2014 2:31pm
Lawyers for a San Francisco man charged with operating an online marketplace for illegal drugs are asking a judge to toss out most of the evidence against him, saying the Fourth Amendment protects their client from "indiscriminate rummaging" through his entire online history.

McDonald's says China meat scandal hurting sales

08/04/2014 2:51pm
McDonald's said Monday that a scandal over a meat supplier in China is hurting sales in the region and its global sales forecast for 2014 is "at risk."

Judge reinstates $1.5M unshuffled cards lawsuit

08/04/2014 3:11pm
A case pitting a casino against gamblers who won $1.5 million in a game with unshuffled card decks may be heading toward trial.

LinkedIn pays $6M in unpaid wages, damages

08/04/2014 3:31pm
Professional networking service LinkedIn has agreed to pay nearly $6 million in unpaid wages and damages to 359 current and former employees, the Labor Department said on Monday.

Troubled supermarket says workers fear for safety

08/04/2014 3:31pm
Executives at the troubled Market Basket supermarket chain in New England stepped up their efforts Monday to fight back against a workers' revolt and customer boycott that have paralyzed the company and drawn attention for their unusual demand to reinstate the previous CEO.


08/04/2014 3:31pm
A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Monday:

Trial begins in Reno Tuesday in 2011 Amtrak crash

08/04/2014 3:51pm
A federal judge in Reno has seated a jury to hear competing lawsuits between Amtrak, Union Pacific Railroad and a Nevada trucking firm over a train-truck crash that killed six people 70 miles east of Reno three years ago.

Here is the latest Nevada news from The Associated Press

08/04/2014 4:01pm
Most of Nevada is under a flash flood watch until 9:00 tonight as unseasonably cool weather pushes rain across the region on the heels of one of the state's hottest Julys ever. Flash flooding closed some streets in northwest Las Vegas during the morning commute. The flash flood watch covers parts of Clark and southern Nye county, and in northern Nevada in portions of Elko, Lander, Eureka and Humboldt counties.

Vegas resort planned at former New Frontier site

08/04/2014 4:01pm
A new resort could soon spring up on the vacant Las Vegas Strip site of the former New Frontier casino, thanks to a partnership between Australian billionaire James Packer and former Wynn Las Vegas President Andrew Pascal.

NY investigates mortgage firm's insurance deals

08/04/2014 4:01pm
New York's top financial regulator said Monday he will investigate whether the nation's largest overseer of subprime mortgages, Ocwen Financial Corp., overcharged struggling homeowners on insurance.

American Air to drop meals on some shorter flights

08/04/2014 4:31pm
American Airlines is dropping meals for premium passengers on some short flights.

Maui candidates debate help for local hospitals

08/04/2014 4:31pm
Maui state Senate candidates are debating how to help local public hospitals amid news the Maui Memorial Medical Center will shut down its adolescent behavioral health unit to save money.

Vegas resort planned at former New Frontier site

08/04/2014 4:40pm
A new resort could soon spring up on the vacant Las Vegas Strip site of the former New Frontier casino, thanks to a partnership between Australian billionaire James Packer and former Wynn Las Vegas President Andrew Pascal.

Argentina loses bid to oust debt dispute mediator

08/04/2014 4:52pm
A U.S. judge on Monday turned back an effort by Argentina's government to remove the court-appointed mediator in the dispute with creditors that triggered a default by the country last week.

Carnival plans to build cruise port in Haiti

08/04/2014 5:40pm
A major Florida-based cruise line has signed a letter of intent to develop a new port on an isolated Haitian barrier island that has long been a major launching spot for smugglers, authorities said Monday.

Community Health paying $98M to settle US claims

08/04/2014 5:50pm
Community Health Systems Inc. has agreed to pay $98 million to settle federal claims of improper billing by the hospital company.

Ex-Va. governor's confidant testifies at trial

08/04/2014 6:00pm
One of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's closest confidants made it clear in testimony Monday that he doesn't have much regard for McDonnell's wife or the wealthy businessman who, according to prosecutors, bought their influence to benefit the nutritional supplements company he headed.

SpaceX to build rocket launch site in South Texas

08/04/2014 6:01pm
SpaceX will build the world's first commercial site for orbital rocket launches in the southernmost tip of Texas.

Insurers face tougher mental health coverage fines

08/04/2014 6:10pm
A bill approved Monday by the Legislature would increase penalties for health insurance companies that provide substandard benefits for mental health care.

Texas hearing to address oil refinery rules

08/04/2014 6:30pm
In the living room of a tidy, one-story home a few yards from Valero Energy Corp.'s massive oil refinery in the Houston neighborhood of Manchester, Areli Cuellar explained Monday why she no longer allows her children, 4 and 5, to play in the front yard.

So. Utah UTOPIA customers back online after 2-day outage

08/04/2014 7:26pm
Service to roughly 600 InfoWest customers on the UTOPIA fiber-optic network has been restored after an equipment failure caused a two-day outage.

Plane leaves Liberia with 2nd American with Ebola

08/04/2014 7:41pm
A special plane transporting the second American infected with Ebola has left Liberia's capital en route to Atlanta.

Health insurers raise 2015 Fla. exchange rates

08/04/2014 8:00pm
Eight insurance companies are raising the price of health plans and three are lowering them in Florida through the Affordable Care Act exchange, state insurance officials said Monday. But whether you'll pay more or less depends on a complex formula including where you live and how many companies are competing in that market.

Xiaomi beats Samsung in Chinese smartphone market

08/04/2014 9:50pm
Xiaomi, a Chinese handset maker little known in the West, overtook tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. to become China's top-selling smartphone brand in the second quarter, a market research company said Tuesday.

China top worry in annual Japan defense report

08/04/2014 10:30pm
China's growing airspace and maritime activities have escalated tension in area waters, Japan's Defense Ministry said in an annual report Tuesday, stressing the need for its military to play a greater role both inside and outside the country.

Colorado Democrats avoid fracking fight

08/04/2014 11:00pm
Colorado Democrats avoided a politically costly fight over oil and gas drilling after a quid pro quo deal pitched by the state's fracking-friendly governor prompted groups to drop their dueling ballot proposals.