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Russian envoy sees prospect of terrorist state

06/27/2014 12:01am
Russia's U.N. ambassador says there is a real prospect of a terrorist state springing up from Syria's second-largest city Aleppo to Iraq's capital Baghdad.

Airlift for marooned Denali guests, employees

06/27/2014 1:30am
Officials organized an airlift for dozens of lodge guests and lodge employees at Denali National Park and Preserve after flooding hit one lodge and flooding and rockfalls prompted the closure of the only road into the park on Thursday.

Hillary Clinton's wealth a fresh talking point

06/27/2014 1:51am
Hillary Rodham Clinton is a hardworking champion of women, children and the poor. Or she's a wealthy elitist more comfortable in Davos, Switzerland, than Davenport, Iowa.

Sodexo cafeteria workers to regain health benefits

06/27/2014 2:10am
Many employees who already have health insurance worry they'll pay a price for President Barack Obama's overhaul. But for workers at one major company those fears appear to be easing.

EU deals could stoke growth, reform

06/27/2014 2:50am
Leaders from the 28-country European Union on Friday signed broad trade and economic deals with non-member countries Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

Thailand OKs bigger warnings on cigarette packs

06/27/2014 4:00am
A court in Thailand has given the go-ahead to a new regulation requiring packs of cigarettes sold in the Southeast Asian country to be 85 percent covered with graphic health warnings.

More countries adding graphic warnings to smokes

06/27/2014 4:50am
Indonesia became the newest country to mandate graphic photo warnings on cigarette packs on Tuesday, joining more than 40 other nations or territories that have adopted similar regulations in recent years. The warnings, which showcase gruesome close-up images ranging from rotting teeth and cancerous lungs to open tracheotomy holes and corpses, are an effort to highlight the risks of health problems related to smoking. Research suggests these images have prompted people to quit, but the World Health Organization estimates nearly 6 million people continue to die globally each year from smoking-related causes. The tobacco industry has fought government efforts to introduce or increase the size of graphic warnings in some countries. Here are a few places where pictorial health warnings have made headlines:

EU warns against business in Israeli settlements

06/27/2014 5:00am
The European Union is warning its citizens and companies against doing business with Israeli settlements. It says they run legal, economic and reputational risks by making deals in what the EU considers illegally occupied territory.

LSU business incubator gets federal grant

06/27/2014 5:00am
The Louisiana Business & Technology Center at LSU's south campus has been awarded a grant of $90,000 by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Sponsorship of gay pride parades on the rise

06/27/2014 5:31am
Corporations have increased visibility this summer at gay pride parades around the country as same-sex marriage bans fall in the courts and polls show greater public acceptance of gay marriage.

After Verizon, Germany mulls axing foreign tech

06/27/2014 6:20am
First Verizon got the boot, now the German government is considering pulling the plug on foreign companies that provide hardware for official communication networks.

EU leaders clash over limits on budgets and debt

06/27/2014 6:33am
With economic growth still anemic across the European Union, the bloc's leaders clashed Friday over whether to loosen rules limiting government budget deficits and debt.

L.L. Bean's Maine home due for a makeover

06/27/2014 7:11am
The house where L.L. Bean raised a family and started the iconic outdoors outfitter that bears his name is getting a makeover to restore it to its historic state.

Complaint: Ex-Wisconsin cop hid women's bodies in vehicle

06/27/2014 7:36am
A former police officer suspected in the deaths of two women whose bodies were stuffed into suitcases and discarded on a rural Wisconsin highway met his victims online, in one case possibly through a bondage website, according to police and a criminal complaint.

Bulgarian bank hit by run, 2nd in a week

06/27/2014 7:50am
A second Bulgarian bank has been hit by a run within the past week, prompting authorities to issue a statement claiming there is no reason for depositors to worry about their money despite reports the financial system is shaky.

School board OKs revised 'Redskins' policy

06/27/2014 8:11am
A suburban Philadelphia school board has approved a policy limiting — but not completely eliminating — a school newspaper's ability to ban use of the word "Redskins" when referring to the school's sports teams or mascot.

Dollar mixed

06/27/2014 8:11am
The U.S. dollar is mixed against other North American currencies in New York trading.

US to ask China to restart cyber working group

06/27/2014 8:51am
The United States wants to restart a cybersecurity working group that China shut down after the U.S. indicted five Chinese military officers on charges of hacking into American companies' computers to steal trade secrets.

India pipeline blast kills 15 people, guts houses

06/27/2014 8:51am
A state-owned gas pipeline exploded and burst into flames Friday, killing at least 15 people, destroying homes and forcing the evacuation of neighboring villages in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, authorities said.


06/27/2014 8:51am
Early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Fri.:

Here is the latest Nevada news from The Associated Press

06/27/2014 9:01am
State officials say Nevada gambling revenue was up 8 percent in May compared with the same month last year. The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported today that Las Vegas Strip gambling revenue was up 17 percent while downtown revenue was down 8 percent. Reno casino revenue was up 4 percent and South Lake Tahoe gambling revenue was up 18 percent.

Correction: San Francisco Airliner Crash story

06/27/2014 9:11am
In a story June 27 about the crash of Asiana Flight 214, The Associated Press reported erroneously that a teenage passenger who died after being run over by rescue trucks had also been hit on the head by an airplane door. It was a different teenage passenger who died after being hit on the head by a door.

School board cuts $800K; deficit still nearly $22M

06/27/2014 9:11am
The Lafayette Parish School Board quickly dismissed three new budget proposals by Superintendent Pat Cooper, then slowly chipped away at its looming $23.5 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year.

Steady job growth boosts US consumer confidence

06/27/2014 9:21am
Strong job growth lifted U.S. consumer confidence this month, as Americans looked past the economy's dismal first quarter performance.

Filipinos to receive disaster alerts on cellphones

06/27/2014 9:22am
The Philippines has passed a law that requires cellphone companies to send warnings to millions of people in the path of deadly typhoons, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in an effort to reduce the high number of fatalities that occur almost every year.

Review: Equalizer apps work better than Clari-Fi

06/27/2014 9:31am
Bring back the equalizers!

Stocks trade mixed on Wall Street

06/27/2014 10:01am
Stocks are mixed on Wall Street with little news to drive trading. Major indexes are headed for a slight weekly loss, their second this month.

World stocks struggle after mixed economic reports

06/27/2014 10:21am
World stocks struggled on Friday after reports showed growth was weak in U.S. consumer spending and Chinese industrial profits, casting doubts on how strongly the world's two biggest economies can rebound.

Anthem seeks 12.5 percent rate increase

06/27/2014 10:21am
Consumers and advocates urged state insurance regulators on Friday to deny a 12.5 percent rate increase proposed by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Connecticut's largest health insurer.


06/27/2014 10:21am
Sales, noon price and net change of the 15 most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally.

Russia warns Europe over re-selling gas to Ukraine

06/27/2014 10:23am
Russia's state-controlled gas company, Gazprom, warned its European customers Friday that it could limit supplies to countries that intend to re-sell the natural gas on to Ukraine.

Maine governor puts squeeze on welfare, immigrants

06/27/2014 10:31am
Gov. Paul LePage wants to limit state welfare benefits to those living in Maine legally, a move that could force municipalities to drop some recipients or risk losing government funds.

La. veterans secretary describes VA complaints

06/27/2014 10:31am
Louisiana's veterans affairs secretary says he's heard complaints for years about problems with veterans having trouble getting treatment in the federal VA hospitals and clinics around the state.

Obama rips GOP in election-year economic salvo

06/27/2014 10:31am
Blasting the GOP as wilfully indifferent to American struggles, President Barack Obama issued a rebuke Friday to Republican attempts to thwart his economic agenda, offering a stark contrast that Democrats hope will yield electoral success in November.

Court ruling comes as Obama's use of power tested

06/27/2014 10:41am
Before a unanimous Supreme Court weighed in, the White House had brushed off claims that President Barack Obama was exceeding his executive authority as just so much grousing from frustrated partisans.

Moko Social Media rises after IPO prices at $8.3M

06/27/2014 10:51am
Shares of Moko Social Media rose Friday after the Australian company's U.S. initial public offering priced at $8.3 million.

Matt Lauer: His question to GM boss wasn't sexist

06/27/2014 11:11am
Matt Lauer has no regrets asking General Motors CEO Mary Barra about balancing work and motherhood, saying he sees it as an issue that affects all working parents regardless of their gender.

Carmakers to build $1.4 billion Mexico plant

06/27/2014 11:21am
Automakers Daimler and Renault-Nissan say they will build a $1.36 billion plant to manufacture Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz brand compact vehicles.

Russia warns of consequences over Ukraine-EU pact

06/27/2014 11:32am
Ukraine's new president says his country has "paid the highest possible price" to make its "European dreams come true."

After Aereo, what's next for Internet TV?

06/27/2014 11:45am
The Supreme Court shot down Aereo's business model this week, but that doesn't mean customers' desire for a better TV experience is gone.

NextEra Energy Partners surges in market debut

06/27/2014 11:51am
Shares of NextEra Energy Partners LP are surging 30 percent in the first day of trading as a public company.

US rig count rose 15 to 1,873

06/27/2014 12:01pm
Oilfield services company Baker Hughes Inc. says the number of rigs exploring for oil and natural gas in the U.S. rose by 15 this week to 1,873.

Cyprus seen potential new gas conduit for Europe

06/27/2014 12:01pm
Cyprus' president says other European Union countries recognize the Mediterranean island nation's potential to become a new conduit for natural gas to the continent.

Nigeria girl among thousands of divorced children

06/27/2014 12:34pm
By the time she ran away, she bore the scars of an abused woman anywhere - a swollen face, a starved body, and, barely a year after her wedding, a divorce. But for Maimuna Abdullahi, it all happened by the time she was 14.

Transportation museum builds Wright gas station

06/27/2014 1:01pm
Frank Lloyd Wright's 1927 vision of a proper service station had two fireplaces, a second-floor observation room, eye-catching copper spires and separate restrooms for the comfort of travelers increasingly hitting the road rather than rails.

Fear of voting grips Senate Democratic chiefs

06/27/2014 1:11pm
A fear of voting has gripped Democratic leaders in the Senate, slowing the chamber's modest productivity this election season to a near halt.

4 big hospitals face penalties for infection rates

06/27/2014 1:11pm
A federal program aimed at improving safety at the nation's hospitals could mean financial penalties for Alaska's four largest hospitals.

NY judge: Argentina can avoid default with talks

06/27/2014 1:20pm
Argentina can avoid defaulting on debt payments due Monday by negotiating with U.S. hedge funds that are owed $1.65 billion, a federal judge said Friday as he all but pleaded for the South American nation to engage in talks.


06/27/2014 1:21pm
Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Fri.:

Dollar mixed

06/27/2014 1:31pm
The U.S. dollar is mixed against other North American currencies in New York trading.

Gold, silver fall

06/27/2014 1:31pm
The July gold contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed today at $1318.50 an ounce -- down 50 cents.

Crude falls

06/27/2014 1:31pm
Crude oil futures prices ended lower on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The near-month contract for the benchmark grade fell 10 cents -- closing at $105.74 a barrel.

Judge urges Argentina to negotiate

06/27/2014 1:42pm
A federal judge in New York says Argentina can avoid defaulting on debt payments that are due Monday, by negotiating with U.S. hedge funds that are owed more than $1.6 billion.

Grain mixed, livestock mostly lower

06/27/2014 1:51pm
Grain futures were mixed Friday on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Grain mixed, livestock mostly lower

06/27/2014 1:51pm
Grain futures were mixed Friday on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Canada sees landmark ruling on Aboriginals, land

06/27/2014 2:21pm
A landmark Supreme Court of Canada ruling that Aboriginals can stake a broad claim to traditional territories could have a significant impact on future development of resources, energy projects and pipelines, including a plan to move crude oil to the Pacific coast for shipment to Asia.

US stocks manage tiny gains, end week lower

06/27/2014 2:21pm
U.S. stocks are closing with tiny gains after a late-afternoon turn higher, but still ended the week with a loss.

Court rules Wal-Mart must compensate workers

06/27/2014 2:23pm
Canada's Supreme Court ruled Friday that Wal-Mart must compensate former workers at a Quebec store that was closed after they voted to become the first Wal-Mart store in North America to unionize.

Caesars says will close Showboat casino on Aug. 31

06/27/2014 2:31pm
Casino contraction hit Atlantic City for the second time this year, as the parent company of the Showboat Casino Hotel announced Friday it will close the Mardi Gras-themed casino on Aug. 31.

CEO Q&A: Cumulus says Rdio stake a bet on future

06/27/2014 2:31pm
Cumulus Media Inc. CEO Lew Dickey Jr. straddles two worlds: traditional broadcast radio, where his company is the second-largest station owner in the U.S., and Internet radio, where it's just getting started.

Miss. universities seek $76.3M budget increase

06/27/2014 2:31pm
The College Board voted Friday to seek an additional $76.3 million in state funding for Mississippi's eight public universities when the Legislature gathers next year to write the 2016 budget.

Airlines checking engine bolts on Embraer jets

06/27/2014 2:34pm
Brazilian plane maker Embraer is telling airlines to inspect pins or bolts that hold the engines on its twin-engine E190 regional jet.

Washington tour guides win appeals court ruling

06/27/2014 2:41pm
Their shtick is safe. A federal appeals court Friday freed tour guides in the nation's capital from having to prove they know what they're talking about.

Details of UPMC, Highmark split made public

06/27/2014 2:41pm
UPMC has agreed to allow some Highmark insurance customers to continue using its doctors and facilities at in-network rates under an agreement announced Friday after a bitter fight between the two western Pennsylvania health care giants.

Sponsorship of gay pride parades on the rise

06/27/2014 2:41pm
In between muscular men in speedos gyrating to thumping dance music and drag queens decked out in formal gowns, Salt Lake City's gay pride parade also featured a few, more conventional participants: Some of America's most well-known companies.

Stocks notch tiny gains, but still end week lower

06/27/2014 2:51pm
Summertime settled into Wall Street on Friday as major stock indexes drifted slightly higher going into the weekend. The listless day of trading left the stock market with a tiny loss for the week, its second this month.

Nevada gambling revenue up 8 percent in May

06/27/2014 3:01pm
Nevada casinos' gambling revenue climbed 8 percent in May compared with the same month last year, helped by a star-studded boxing match featuring Floyd Mayweather, mixed martial arts over Memorial Day weekend and other special events that drummed up more gambling activity on the Las Vegas Strip.

Nestle recalls ice cream due to packaging error

06/27/2014 3:11pm
Nestle USA is recalling 10,000 cartons of Haagen-Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream because the packages are mislabeled.

Mountain lion scares shoppers in Utah

06/27/2014 3:11pm
Utah authorities captured a mountain lion Friday that startled people but didn't hurt anybody at a shopping center in a Salt Lake City suburb.

New Michigan budget may affect you in many ways

06/27/2014 3:21pm
Schoolchildren, college students and others will be impacted when the next state budget starts in about three months.

State allows 11 pot dispensaries to move forward

06/27/2014 3:21pm
Eleven medical marijuana dispensaries were cleared by state public health officials on Friday to move forward, but nine others that had initially been given the green light were rejected after a further state review.


06/27/2014 3:31pm
A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Friday:

Analysis: Short-term answers to long-term problems

06/27/2014 3:31pm
The measures lawmakers are taking up this week to avert a looming increase in teacher health insurance premiums and ease an influx of state inmates crowding local jails won't completely solve either problem. They're designed to at least give the Legislature and the next governor breathing room to look at longer term fixes next year.

Michaels has tepid return to public markets

06/27/2014 3:32pm
Michaels had a tepid return to the stock market Friday, its shares going back and forth between small gains and declines.

FDA approves inhalable diabetes drug Afrezza

06/27/2014 3:41pm
The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a long-delayed inhalable diabetes medication to help patients control their blood sugar levels during meals.

Arkansas legislators seek quick work on 3 issues

06/27/2014 3:41pm
Arkansas legislative leaders hope to quickly tackle the three issues facing them in this week's special session, but the addition of a bill to restrict the lottery's games and objections to changes in teacher insurance could complicate those plans.


06/27/2014 3:41pm
Most active Nasdaq issues.

Governor adds lottery to special session agenda

06/27/2014 4:11pm
Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe on Friday added a proposal to the agenda for next week's legislative session prohibiting the state lottery from adding monitor games such as keno, saying he has received assurances there are enough votes in the House to pass the measure.

US regulators close small bank in Oklahoma

06/27/2014 4:23pm
Regulators have closed a lender in Oklahoma, bringing U.S. bank failures this year to 12 after 24 closures in all of 2013.

Businessman who helped start Southwest dies

06/27/2014 4:33pm
Rollin King, a San Antonio businessman who helped start Southwest Airlines Co. and create a new age of competition in the airline industry, has died at 83.

Ukraine signs historic EU pact, snubbing Russia

06/27/2014 4:35pm
Over Russia's objections, Ukraine's new president on Friday signed a free-trade deal binding his country more closely to Western Europe, sealing the very agreement that triggered the bloodshed and political convulsions of the past seven months.

Slot manufacturer Bally eliminates 270 jobs

06/27/2014 4:51pm
Slot machine manufacturer Bally Technologies says it's trimming about 6 percent of its workforce, or 270 jobs, as part of a restructuring effort after buying a rival.

Bond set at $1M for ex-cop in suitcase deaths

06/27/2014 5:20pm
Two women whose remains were found stuffed in suitcases dropped along a rural Wisconsin highway may have died accidentally, perhaps during consensual sex, the defense attorney for a former police officer suspected in their deaths said Friday.

San Francisco parking app refuses shut-down order

06/27/2014 5:31pm
The company behind a mobile app that allows San Francisco drivers to get paid for the public parking spaces they exit has rejected an order from the city attorney to stop its operations.

GM issues 3 more recalls covering 474,000 vehicles

06/27/2014 5:31pm
General Motors extended its record-breaking string of safety problems, announcing Friday three more recalls, including a large one involving its top-selling vehicle.

Here is the latest Nevada news from The Associated Press

06/27/2014 5:31pm
Slot machine manufacturer Bally Technologies says it's trimming about 6 percent of its workforce, or 270 jobs, as part of a restructuring effort after buying a rival. The company issued a statement saying about half of the eliminated positions were from outside the U.S. Bally's $1.3 billion buyout of SHFL entertainment was completed in November.

Jury issues $55M verdict against Honda after crash

06/27/2014 5:33pm
A jury in Philadelphia has returned a $55 million verdict against Honda Motor Co. for a rollover accident that left a driver paralyzed.

Gilbert's real estate arm buys newspaper building

06/27/2014 5:51pm
Businessman Dan Gilbert's real estate arm says it's bought the home of The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press.

TV exec sues over withdrawn child sex abuse case

06/27/2014 5:51pm
A former network TV executive filed a malicious-prosecution lawsuit against a former aspiring actor who recently withdrew a lawsuit that accused the executive of sexually abusing him in the late 1990s.

Facebook: NYC prosecutors got data on 381 users

06/27/2014 6:20pm
Prosecutors building a sweeping disabilities-benefit fraud case got a trove of data from the Facebook accounts of more than 380 people, the social media giant said this week as it disclosed a nearly yearlong legal fight over the largest set of search warrants it has ever received.

Sirens, phones sound erroneous alert in California

06/27/2014 9:50pm
People in San Luis Obispo County received a series of unsettling, erroneous emergency alerts Friday as repairs were being made to a nuclear power plant's siren system, including a vague cellphone message that told them to "prepare for action."