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US Senate to debate Sen. Warren student loan bill

06/11/2014 1:10am
The U.S. Senate is planning to debate a bill sponsored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren that would let college graduates refinance existing federal student loans.

Chile rejects $8 billion dam project in Patagonia

06/11/2014 1:50am
Chile's government rejected an $8 billion proposal to dam Patagonian rivers to meet the country's growing energy demands, handing a victory to environmentalists who praised Tuesday's ruling as a landmark moment.

Spain's Inditex Q1 profit dips on strong euro

06/11/2014 2:21am
Spanish fashion retailer Inditex, which owns Zara stores, says its net profit fell by 7.3 percent in the first quarter as a strong euro dented earnings in other currencies.

Study: States short on some Chesapeake Bay goals

06/11/2014 2:30am
A study finds states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed have made strides in reducing pollution in the nation's largest estuary. But it found many jurisdictions in the six-state watershed are falling short in curtailing pollution from farming as well as urban and suburban runoff.

Brazil leader defends World Cup in speech

06/11/2014 3:00am
President Dilma Rousseff appealed to Brazilians to support the World Cup, using a nationally televised address less than two days before the tournament starts to rebuke the "pessimists" who complain the country shouldn't be hosting the event.

Toyota expands recall for air bag glitch

06/11/2014 3:30am
Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling nearly 650,000 vehicles in Japan and repeating a recall for problems with front passenger air bag inflators announced last year, seeking to fix some 2.27 million vehicles.

UK unemployment drops as economy strengthens

06/11/2014 3:40am
Britain's unemployment rate is falling sharply as the economy continues to strengthen, but wage growth continues to lag, official figures showed Wednesday.

Woman awarded $183,000 after hospital firing

06/11/2014 4:10am
A jury has awarded a woman $183,000 after she said she was unfairly fired from Hurley Medical Center after accessing a family member's medial files.

Many seek new homes near cities but are priced out

06/11/2014 4:20am
City living has been a blessing for Tim Nelson.

Business groups urge HK democracy protest rethink

06/11/2014 4:22am
Foreign business groups in Hong Kong on Wednesday joined the city's billionaire tycoons in opposing a pro-democracy group's plans for an Occupy-style protest while activists burned copies of a policy document asserting Beijing's authority over the Asian financial center.

Hilton inks deal for more Myanmar hotels

06/11/2014 6:20am
Hilton Worldwide has signed a contract to operate five hotels in Myanmar, which is emerging as a popular Southeast Asian tourist destination after military rule was lifted in 2011.

China cultivates India amid tension with neighbors

06/11/2014 6:30am
Amid fierce disputes with Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, China is reaching out to India in a warming trend that could help ramp up economic exchanges and dissipate decades of distrust between the two giant neighbors.

Ukraine's energy minister has rejected Russia's gas discounts, calls for solution in court.

06/11/2014 7:01am
Ukraine's energy minister has rejected Russia's gas discounts, calls for solution in court.

Japan, Australia agree on stealth technology deal

06/11/2014 7:02am
Japan and Australia agreed Wednesday to jointly develop stealth submarine technology, as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pushes his country toward a more assertive global military role.

Despite more leaks and teases, E3 still surprises

06/11/2014 7:11am
The jaws aren't dropping at E3.

Airbus loses order for 70 of its troubled A350

06/11/2014 7:11am
Emirates Airlines has cancelled its order for 70 Airbus A350 aircraft, a blow to the manufacturer that has seen its share price sink 4 percent in morning trading.

A sampling of editorials from around New York

06/11/2014 8:10am
The Schenectady Daily Gazette on the use of red-light cameras.

Dollar unchanged

06/11/2014 8:11am
The U.S. dollar is unchanged against other North American currencies in New York trading.

Google helps open new home for startups in Berlin

06/11/2014 8:20am
Internet entrepreneurs have received a new home in the German capital with the opening of the "Factory" — a workspace developed in partnership with Google Inc. that allows startups to innovate and collaborate under one roof.

OPEC keeps output target at 30 million barrels

06/11/2014 8:30am
Facing greater oil demand but possessing limited ability to satisfy it, OPEC countries on Wednesday agreed to keep unchanged their output target of 30 million barrels a day.

Insurers propose changes to Obama health law

06/11/2014 8:51am
Insurers want to change President Barack Obama's health care law to provide financial assistance for people buying bare-bones coverage. That would entice the healthy and the young, the industry says, holding down premiums.

American Airlines launches new flights to China

06/11/2014 9:01am
American Airlines is expanding its reach in Asia with flights between Dallas and both Hong Kong and Shanghai.

About 12,500 in Michigan to get surgery boot camp

06/11/2014 9:30am
About 12,500 people in Michigan will get the chance to go through a surgery boot camp in the weeks leading up to their operations as part of an effort to help them more swiftly recover from surgery and cut hospital costs, officials said.

18 insurers file to join Michigan marketplace

06/11/2014 9:40am
Additional insurers are asking to join Michigan's Health Insurance Marketplace.

10 gift ideas for Father's Day

06/11/2014 10:02am
Looking for a gift for dad for Father's Day? Here's a list of local ideas.

EU investigates Apple, Starbucks, Fiat tax deals

06/11/2014 10:11am
The European Union's antitrust regulator has launched an investigation into tax deals that Apple, Starbucks and Fiat struck with some European countries, the start of a wider push to keep multinationals from taking advantage of loopholes.

Dozens of new laws take effect in Washington state

06/11/2014 10:21am
Kimberly Aleman was brought to the United States from Mexico by her parents when she was 3 years old. Now in her second quarter at Yakima Valley Community College, she is allowed to apply for a state need grant for the first time, under a law that takes effect Thursday.

Quinn signs Illinois early education law

06/11/2014 10:21am
Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a plan into law that guarantees a higher percentage of state grant money be set aside for early education.


06/11/2014 10:21am
Sales, noon price and net change of the 15 most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally.

Ukraine rejects Putin's offer of gas discounts

06/11/2014 10:23am
Russia on Wednesday offered to restore the discounted gas price it granted Ukraine under the ousted pro-Russian president, but Ukraine demanded an even better deal and called for arbitration to settle the dispute.

GM CEO Barra, chief investigator to testify

06/11/2014 10:31am
General Motors CEO Mary Barra will be back in front of Congress next week to be questioned further about how GM allowed a deadly defect in an ignition switch to go undisclosed for more than a decade.

European taxi protest: Transport tech upheaval

06/11/2014 10:31am
Roads snarled in London, Paris and several other major European cities Wednesday as taxi drivers and train workers protested new technology they say endangers passengers and gives upstart enterprises an unfair advantage.

Fight rages over definition of Tennessee whiskey

06/11/2014 10:41am
To many, Tennessee means whiskey. But inside the state, the question is: What does Tennessee whiskey mean?

Partners HealthCare rivals oppose hospital deal

06/11/2014 11:01am
Several Massachusetts health care providers are voicing concerns over a tentative pact that would allow Partners HealthCare, the state's largest hospital and physicians' network, to acquire at least three more hospitals.

Alibaba's first US presence 11 Main debuts

06/11/2014 11:31am
China's largest e-commerce company is making its first appearance in the U.S. with the debut of, an invite-only online marketplace that showcases small business retailers.

Woman charged with throwing trash on Seattle race

06/11/2014 11:41am
A 28-year-old woman whose sleep was interrupted by a cancer charity run outside her Seattle apartment has been charged with assault and reckless endangerment for pelting supporters with trash, used cat litter and frozen chicken.

San Francisco voters to decide on $15 minimum wage

06/11/2014 11:41am
San Francisco voters will decide in November whether to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour in 2018.

Vitaminwater fans upset over new sweetener

06/11/2014 12:01pm
Fans of Vitaminwater are demanding that parent company Coca-Cola drop a new formula that uses stevia, a low-calorie sweetener known for its metallic aftertaste.

Lew says economy still facing major challenges

06/11/2014 12:21pm
Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Wednesday that the economy should grow at much stronger rates the rest of this year as the country overcomes the impact of a harsh winter. But Lew said millions of Americans continue to struggle as unemployment remains too high and economic growth is too slow.

Cabinet reshuffle in Yemen amid fuel crisis

06/11/2014 12:31pm
Yemen's president on Wednesday ordered a cabinet reshuffle to replace ministers for oil, electricity and four other portfolios after several days of power outages and fuel shortages, the state news agency reported.

US records $130 billion budget deficit in May

06/11/2014 12:51pm
The U.S. government's monthly budget returned to deficit in May after a big April surplus. But the overall imbalance so far is far smaller than it was the same period last year, putting the country on track for the lowest annual deficit in six years.

USDA: Drought cuts wheat crop; corn, soybeans good

06/11/2014 12:53pm
The nation's wheat crop is smaller than earlier was predicted due to drought, but corn and soybean crop expectations have changed little in the last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Wednesday.

Nebraska company cited for safety violations

06/11/2014 1:01pm
A Nebraska company has been cited for 10 health and safety violations, including three classified as willful.

California Democrats replace 'spend' with 'invest'

06/11/2014 1:11pm
As billions of dollars in unexpected tax revenue pour into California, Democratic lawmakers have proposed all kinds of ways to distribute the windfall after years of recession-era budget cuts.

Trial underway in patent case against Facebook

06/11/2014 1:21pm
Facebook infringed on patents held by a Dutch computer programmer who tried to launch a similar site called "Surfbook" more than a decade ago, according to a lawsuit heard by a federal jury Wednesday.

Crude rises

06/11/2014 1:21pm
Crude oil futures prices ended higher on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The near-month contract for the benchmark grade rose 5 cents -- closing at $104.40 a barrel.

Dollar mixed

06/11/2014 1:21pm
The U.S. dollar is mixed against other North American currencies in New York trading.

Review: Samsung fitness products offer the basics

06/11/2014 2:10pm
Samsung's latest gadgets try to tap into people's passions for tracking fitness activities.

250,000 glass knobs recalled due to cutting risk

06/11/2014 2:11pm
More than 250,000 glass knobs are being recalled after customers complained that the knobs broke and cut their hands.

Alabama rep. says VA official misled her

06/11/2014 2:21pm
A congresswoman on Wednesday complained that she was misled about steps being taken to punish workers who falsified records at Veterans Administration health centers in central Alabama.

GM CEO Barra, chief investigator to testify

06/11/2014 2:31pm
General Motors CEO Mary Barra will be back in front of Congress next week to be questioned further about how GM allowed a deadly defect in an ignition switch to go undisclosed for more than a decade.

Research: 40 percent drop in Minnesota's uninsured

06/11/2014 2:51pm
The federal health overhaul has helped cut the ranks of uninsured people in Minnesota by about 40 percent, University of Minnesota researchers reported Wednesday in the first major assessment of the law's effect in the state.

UMass panel backs freeze on tuition, fees

06/11/2014 2:51pm
Tuition and mandatory fees for University of Massachusetts in-state undergraduate students would remain frozen under a plan approved Wednesday by a university panel.

Ex-Goldman board member loses bid to delay prison

06/11/2014 3:03pm
A Supreme Court justice has decided that a former board member at both Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble must report to prison as scheduled next week for his conviction on insider trading charges.

FSU revamps turbulent search for president

06/11/2014 3:11pm
Just a few weeks ago it appeared that Florida State University was ready to join a line of U.S. colleges that have turned to powerful politicians to lead their schools.

Stocks fall back as World Bank cuts growth outlook

06/11/2014 3:23pm
The stock market fell back from record levels Wednesday because of a weaker forecast for global growth and concerns about airline profits.

Tweet self-propagates through TweetDeck

06/11/2014 3:31pm
A tweet containing a snippet of computer code propagated itself through Twitter Wednesday by taking advantage of a security flaw in the company's TweetDeck application.


06/11/2014 3:31pm
A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Wednesday:


06/11/2014 3:32pm
Most active Nasdaq issues.

Target shareholders approve all 10 board nominees

06/11/2014 3:41pm
Target shareholders elected all 10 nominees to the company's board despite recommendations from a prominent proxy advisory firm to get rid of the majority in the wake of massive data breach.


06/11/2014 3:41pm
Most active Nasdaq issues.

Health care workers set surgical safety protocols

06/11/2014 3:41pm
Health care providers in Wichita have come together to develop surgical protocols for use citywide in operating rooms and ambulatory facilities.

Lenfest becomes sole owner of Philly newspapers

06/11/2014 3:41pm
A cable magnate has completed an $88 million deal to take over Philadelphia's largest newspapers after a bitter court fight and the sudden death of his business partner.

Vets bill OK seems certain, Senate vote continues

06/11/2014 3:42pm
Senate passage of a veterans health bill seems certain as an overwhelming number of senators have voted to approve the measure.

US opens investigation of air bag ruptures

06/11/2014 3:53pm
U.S. safety regulators are investigating whether 1.1 million vehicles from five automakers have air bags that could hurt people in a crash.

South Dakota activities group overspends budget

06/11/2014 4:31pm
The South Dakota board that governs high school activities has overspent on some items in its budget, partially on efforts to fight off lawmakers' attempt to make the group abide by the state's open records policies, board officials said Wednesday.

Lenfest becomes sole owner of Philly newspapers

06/11/2014 4:31pm
A cable TV magnate completed an $88 million deal Wednesday to take over Philadelphia's largest newspapers after a bitter court fight and the sudden death of his business partner.

Arkansas lawmakers back veterans care fixes

06/11/2014 4:31pm
Arkansas' two senators have voted for a bill making it easier for veterans enduing long wait times for VA medical care to receive treatment from local doctors instead. The vote comes a day after the state's House members voted for a similar measure.

Tennessee health system addressing audit findings

06/11/2014 4:41pm
The director of the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System said Wednesday that it will soon receive as much as $15 million to address an audit showing long wait times for veterans.

Supreme Court meets to discuss Argentina debt case

06/11/2014 5:01pm
The U.S. Supreme Court is meeting privately Thursday to determine how to respond to Argentina's appeal of lower court decisions ordering it to repay more than $1.3 billion in defaulted bonds.

Senate backs bill to improve health care for vets

06/11/2014 5:30pm
The Senate acted Wednesday to help thousands of military veterans enduring long wait times for VA medical care, as the FBI revealed it has opened a criminal investigation into a Veterans Affairs Department reeling from allegations of falsified records and inappropriate scheduling practices.

Holmes jury selection to be open to public, media

06/11/2014 5:32pm
Jury selection in the Colorado theater shootings case will be open to the public and the news media, the judge said Wednesday.

Judges: Kansas school funding law meets mandate

06/11/2014 6:11pm
A panel of Kansas judges ruled Wednesday that a new education funding law complies with a state Supreme Court mandate to boost aid to poor public schools but wouldn't narrow the scope of an ongoing lawsuit over whether the state is providing enough aid overall to local districts.

NC budget moves through more House committees

06/11/2014 6:11pm
The North Carolina government spending plan House Republicans have drawn up for next year cleared their chamber's two most important committees largely intact on Wednesday.

Coroner IDs worker pushed out window at MGM Grand

06/11/2014 6:31pm
Authorities have identified a 59-year-old employee killed after a freak accident at the MGM Grand casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Metro-North Railroad: Most safety steps completed

06/11/2014 6:40pm
Metro-North Railroad, the nation's second-largest commuter rail system, on Wednesday released a final report on what it has done to improve safety following a series of accidents last year and said it has completed most of its priorities.

Brazilians make their mark on Florida and beyond

06/11/2014 7:21pm
As all eyes turn to Brazil for the World Cup, Brazilians in the U.S. are also gaining notice. According to the U.S. Census, more than 325,000 people of Brazilian ancestry now call the United States home, but experts put the numbers higher. Most have come since the late 1980s, first landing in the nation's traditional Portuguese-speaking enclaves around Boston and more recently congregating in central and South Florida. Still others have settled in New York, California and New Jersey. Here are snapshots of the growing Brazilian influence in Florida and beyond.

Michigan Legislature OKs 4 percent education hike

06/11/2014 7:41pm
A budget bill that spends about 4 percent more on public education has won approval in the Michigan Legislature and is headed to Gov. Rick Snyder.

Long waits at the VA for mental health care

06/11/2014 8:01pm
Nick D'Amico, a deeply troubled Army veteran, had been seeing a counselor every other week. But he found it next to impossible to get a follow-up appointment at the El Paso VA with a psychiatrist who could adjust his medication, according to his mother.

Michigan Legislature OKs 4 percent education hike

06/11/2014 8:02pm
A divided Michigan Legislature late Wednesday sent Republican Gov. Rick Snyder a budget bill that includes a 4 percent hike in education funding, including a sizable boost for universities.

Lawyers: GM seeks bankruptcy shield from lawsuit

06/11/2014 8:41pm
Lawyers for a Georgia family that is trying to reopen a wrongful death lawsuit against General Motors say the company is trying to move the case to federal court so it can use bankruptcy as a shield from the claim.

China's startups hope for boom after Alibaba IPO

06/11/2014 9:01pm
Nils Pihl has spent 18 months building what he calls cutting-edge software to crunch "really big data sets." But instead of going to Silicon Valley, the 27-year-old Swede and his four colleagues have been working on his invention from a small apartment overlooking smoggy northwest Beijing.

New Zealand hikes interest rates to 3.25 percent

06/11/2014 10:11pm
New Zealand on Thursday raised its benchmark interest rate for the third time this year to 3.25 percent.

Lake 'surfing' comes to Utah as company purchases new invention

06/11/2014 10:12pm
A new invention from French Jet Ski racer Frank Zapata comes to Utah. The Hoverboard, as it is called, uses Jet Ski exhaust to help riders 'surf' over a lake.

Lake 'surfing' comes to Utah as company purchases new invention

06/11/2014 10:12pm
A new invention from French Jet Ski racer Frank Zapata comes to Utah. The Hoverboard, as it is called, uses Jet Ski exhaust to help riders 'surf' over a lake.

Mitsubishi, Siemens mull bid for Alstom units

06/11/2014 11:30pm
The possible bid by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for turbine businesses of French engineering firm Alstom is part of Japan's effort to carve out a share of the lucrative global energy infrastructure business.