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Chinese exports rise 7 percent, imports slip

06/08/2014 1:00am
China says its export growth accelerated in May but imports dipped in a mixed sign for the world's second-biggest economy.

Chinese exports rise 7 percent, imports slip

06/08/2014 1:41am
China says its export growth accelerated in May but imports dipped in a mixed sign for the world's second-biggest economy.

McCrory pushing back at NC legislature in 2nd year

06/08/2014 7:01am
It was no doctored photo op when Gov. Pat McCrory stood beside physicians wearing their white coats on stairs brightened by the midday sun and leading out of the Executive Mansion.

China's foreign minister visits new Indian leaders

06/08/2014 8:31am
China's foreign minister met with his Indian counterpart on Sunday, hoping that his two-day visit with India's new leaders will spur stalled trade between the Asian nations and ease decades of tensions between them.

5 video game trends expected at E3

06/08/2014 9:51am
With the launch of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U in the video game industry's rearview mirror, the spotlight at this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is expected to shift back to games. From online-only titles to virtual reality experiences, about 200 exhibitors will hype their latest software in hopes of becoming The Next Big Thing. A sampling:

Under attack, coal maintains its political muscle

06/08/2014 10:04am
The coal industry is shedding thousands of jobs and facing the government's most severe crackdown on carbon emissions yet. But king coal still flexes its political muscle in Kentucky and West Virginia, where Republicans and even Democrats try to out-coal one another by cozying up to the industry and slamming President Barack Obama.

Water main break closes Cedar Point amusement park

06/08/2014 10:10am
Ohio's most popular amusement park was closed through the weekend after a water main break in the city of Sandusky disrupted its primary water supply, putting a damper on thousands of summer vacations.

Silicon Valley's interns enjoy perk-filled summer

06/08/2014 10:13am
With summer's arrival comes an influx of thousands of Silicon Valley interns, and these kids aren't just fetching coffee.

Philadelphia library cooks up culinary literacy

06/08/2014 11:03am
What's cooking at the Philadelphia public library? Plenty, now that it has a million-dollar kitchen at its main downtown branch.

Park where end of 'Big' was filmed is in trouble

06/08/2014 11:11am
Playland, a collection of modest coasters, rides and attractions that evokes a simpler time and even holds a place in Hollywood history, is in trouble.

Highway signs aim to lure new residents to Kansas

06/08/2014 11:21am
A program that seeks to persuade people from other states to move into rural parts of Kansas is taking aim at travelers making their way through the Flint Hills between Topeka and Wichita along the Kansas turnpike.

A critical summer for Detroit bankruptcy case

06/08/2014 11:21am
Nearly a year after filing the largest public bankruptcy in U.S. history, Detroit has put its exit plan in the hands of creditors, especially 32,000 retirees and current and former workers. Here's a look at where things stand:

Bulgaria halts work on South Stream gas pipeline

06/08/2014 11:32am
Bulgaria's prime minister has ordered on Sunday a halt to construction work on the Gazprom-led South Stream pipeline project planned to bypass Ukraine as a transit country and consolidating Russia's energy grip in Europe.

No shortage of info in Detroit bankruptcy

06/08/2014 11:43am
Retired Detroit bus driver Art Vardiman recently received a computer disk in the mail that contains hundreds of pages of documents. He also got a six-page blue ballot about cuts to his pension and a white one about health insurance. A 25-page notice explains why the changes are being proposed in Detroit's historic bankruptcy.

Emotional robot set for sale in Japan next year

06/08/2014 12:08pm
A cooing, gesturing humanoid on wheels that can decipher emotions has been unveiled in Japan by billionaire Masayoshi Son who says robots should be tender and make people smile.

'Fault' tops Tom Cruise at box office with $48.2M

06/08/2014 12:50pm
In a box-office battle that pitted young against old, female against male, modest drama against big-budget spectacle, the teenage romance "The Fault in Our Stars" easily bested the time-shifting Tom Cruise action film "Edge of Tomorrow."

Dirt mound suspected in bridge damage dwindling

06/08/2014 1:01pm
The removal of a massive mound of dirt suspected of causing a nearby interstate bridge in Delaware to tilt is almost complete.

Clinic sees drop in demand under health overhaul

06/08/2014 1:01pm
From January through May of this year, the Volunteers in Medicine clinic has experienced about a 30 percent drop in its number of patient visits and dispensed prescriptions, compared with the same timeframe in 2013.

Lawmakers push for restoring benefits, preschool

06/08/2014 1:31pm
Gov. Jerry Brown and fellow Democratic state lawmakers head into the final week of negotiations over the state budget having agreed to a rainy day fund and pay down massive liabilities in the teachers' pension system.

US job market recovers losses yet appears weaker

06/08/2014 1:43pm
The U.S. economy has finally regained the jobs lost to the Great Recession. But go easy on the hallelujahs. The comeback is far from complete.

Analysis: 'Fiscal hawks' silent in budget debate

06/08/2014 3:01pm
The Louisiana House "fiscal hawks," a group of fiscal conservatives who created upheaval in budget debates of prior years, dulled their claws in the recently ended legislative session.

Barbados disagrees its currency should be devalued

06/08/2014 3:41pm
Barbados' government does not support devaluing the Caribbean island's currency and says it is determined to maintain its fixed exchange rate with the U.S. dollar.

Company creates blanket for tornado protection

06/08/2014 3:49pm
An Oklahoma company has created a protective blanket that developers say could give children a better chance of surviving debris from a tornado — or bullets from a 9 mm handgun.

EPA proposes defunct shipyard site for Superfund

06/08/2014 4:01pm
The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed adding a defunct Houma shipyard site to the Superfund list of the nation's worst hazardous waste sites. That would put the agency in charge of cleaning up three pits where Delta Shipyard stored oily waste and oilfield drilling mud it had washed out of barges and ships.

Report: Caltrans overrode worries about Bay Bridge

06/08/2014 4:40pm
The decision by California transportation officials to hire a Chinese company that had never built a bridge to make key components of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge's eastern section ended up being a costly choice in terms of both dollars and confidence in the span's structural integrity, a newspaper reported Sunday.

US gas prices holding steady at $3.69 a gallon

06/08/2014 5:01pm
A survey says the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. is holding steady, rising 3½ cents over the last three weeks to $3.69.

2016 campaign checklist: Martin O'Malley

06/08/2014 11:20pm
A look at preparations by Gov. Martin O'Malley, D-Md., for a potential 2016 presidential campaign:

Japan raises growth estimate for Jan-Mar quarter

06/08/2014 11:30pm
Japan raised its estimate for economic growth in the January-March quarter as investment by companies was stronger than first thought.

Survey: Growth to pick up, hiring steady

06/08/2014 11:31pm
U.S. business economists are expressing more optimism.

2016 campaign checklist: Rick Santorum

06/08/2014 11:41pm
A look at preparations by former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., for a potential 2016 presidential campaign:

2016 campaign checklist: Rick Perry

06/08/2014 11:41pm
A look at Texas Gov. Rick Perry's preparations for a potential 2016 presidential campaign: