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Top business story in 2013: Booming stock markets

12/28/2013 9:44am
It was an easy year to emulate Warren Buffett even as Congress almost wrecked the economy.

Utah awaits FAA's year-end drone testing decision

12/28/2013 5:09pm
Officials in Utah, Nevada and 22 other states are eagerly awaiting the Federal Aviation Administration's selection of six drone-testing sites for the agency. A state's selection by the FAA will mean a major economic boost, both immediately and in the future.

Denver gives out recreational pot sales licenses

12/28/2013 6:08pm
The first batch of Denver businesses approved to sell recreational marijuana got their licenses Friday, the owners mugging for pictures and saying they never thought they'd see the day when they'd get a permit to sell pot.

People continue to 'pay it forward' at Conn. Starbucks

12/28/2013 8:55pm
Over 1,000 Starbucks customers in Newington, Conn., have paid it forward in a goodwill gesture that's been going on since Christmas Eve.