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Report: China takes passports from oil managers

09/10/2013 4:40am
Executives of Chinese oil giant PetroChina Ltd. have been told to hand in their passports as an anti-corruption investigation of the industry spreads, a newspaper said Tuesday.

US safety agency probes BMW 328i for brake problem

09/10/2013 4:52am
U.S. safety regulators are investigating brake problems in 90,000 late-model BMW cars.

Wal-Mart to launch smartphone trade-in program

09/10/2013 4:55am
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is launching a smartphone trade-in program later this month that will help consumers trade-up to the newest phones available.

Dow average adds Goldman Sachs, Nike and Visa

09/10/2013 8:23am
The Dow Jones industrial average is dropping Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard and Alcoa, its three-lowest priced stocks, as part of a six-company shakeup of the most widely known barometer of the U.S. stock market.

Renault chief: No. 2 left because his eye wandered

09/10/2013 8:31am
Renault's chief executive Carlos Ghosn says his No. 2 decided to step down after telling a reporter that he had his eye on the top job at General Motors Co. or Ford Motor Co.

Time to buy American Express Publishing

09/10/2013 9:28am
Time Inc. says it has agreed to buy the publishing business of American Express Co., which includes magazines such as "Food & Wine" and "Travel + Leisure."

Walgreen buying Kerr Drug's 76 retail drugstores

09/10/2013 9:32am
Walgreen Co. plans to buy Kerr Drug's 76 retail drugstores and its specialty pharmacy business, a move that will help the nation's largest drugstore chain expand its North Carolina presence.

FDIC says foreign deposits won't be insured

09/10/2013 11:33am
Federal regulators say deposits in foreign branches of U.S. banks will not be covered by the government insurance fund.

Top 1 percent in US took biggest share since 1928

09/10/2013 1:14pm
The income gap between the richest 1 percent and the rest of America last year reached the widest point since the Roaring Twenties.

Nissan says 2014 Rogue is more efficient

09/10/2013 1:49pm
Nissan Motor Co. says its revamped Rogue SUV will be cheaper and more fuel-efficient than its rivals when it goes on sale in the U.S. in November.

HUD chief presses for home loan industry reforms

09/10/2013 2:15pm
The Obama administration is pressing its case for reforming the country's home loan industry while preserving the fixed-rate, 30-year mortgages distinctive to the American housing market.

Del. court rejects former Countrywide shareholders

09/10/2013 3:16pm
The Delaware Supreme Court says former Countrywide shareholders can't pursue a federal lawsuit filed against leaders of the mortgage lender before its 2008 acquisition by Bank of America Corp.

News Summary: Bangladesh telecom to invest in 3G

09/10/2013 3:26pm
INFRASTRUCTURE: Bangladesh's largest mobile phone company plans to invest millions of dollars to prepare for 3G operations after gaining spectrum in the country's first open 3G auction.

News Summary: FDA backs early-stage cancer drug

09/10/2013 3:42pm
ACCELERATED APPROVAL: Government scientists on Tuesday recommended speedy approval for a Roche breast cancer drug that could become the first pharmaceutical product approved for use before surgery.

Why the Dow is getting a makeover

09/10/2013 5:28pm
The barometer of America's stock market _ the Dow Jones industrial average _ is getting a makeover.