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Bank of America sells China bank stake for $1.47B

09/04/2013 4:40am
Bank of America sold a $1.47 billion stake in China Construction Bank on Wednesday, the latest foreign institution to shed its investment in a Chinese lender after initial optimism about the potentially lucrative market wore off.

McDonald's exploring changes to Dollar Menu

09/04/2013 11:13am
McDonald's Corp. says a revamped version of its Dollar Menu that includes items priced at $5 could be launched nationally this year.

G-20 summit leaders face a divided global economy

09/04/2013 11:31am
Something unfamiliar will be in the background as world leaders hold a summit in Russia starting Thursday: economic growth throughout the developed world.

Fed survey finds US economy growing moderately

09/04/2013 12:02pm
Economic growth held steady across the United States from July through late August, as Americans bought more cars and homes and auto factories added workers.

Delta orders 40 new Airbus jets

09/04/2013 12:12pm
Delta Air Lines said on Wednesday that it will buy 40 more Airbus planes, once again grabbing jets that may have been under-appreciated by other airlines.

Campbell K-cups to make Keurig into soup machine

09/04/2013 1:25pm
If you ever wanted soup to come out of your coffee machine, you're in luck.

P&G to roll out cheaper version of Tide

09/04/2013 2:06pm
Procter & Gamble will introduce a lower-priced version of Tide in 2014, a liquid detergent called "Tide Simply Clean and Fresh," as it seeks to attract shoppers on a budget.

Highlights from the Fed's US economic survey

09/04/2013 2:08pm
Consumers helped drive steady economic growth throughout the United States this summer, buying more cars and homes.

Making the hotel lobby a place to see and be seen

09/04/2013 2:16pm
Hotels want you to stay a while _ in their lobbies.

TSA expanding rapid screening to 100 airports

09/04/2013 2:36pm
Travelers could soon be able to keep their shoes on while going through security at more airports around the country.

September could be a wild month for markets

09/04/2013 2:40pm
Investors are bracing themselves for a wild month.

World panel rules for Conoco in Venezuela oil case

09/04/2013 3:08pm
Venezuela failed to fairly compensate ConocoPhillips for its seizure of three crude oil projects in 2007, according to a ruling from a World Bank arbitration panel.

Nasdaq Stock Market has brief system glitch

09/04/2013 3:13pm
The Nasdaq Stock Market said Wednesday that one of its trading systems had a brief outage, but the problem was resolved and trading was not affected.

Alaska fishermen protest Wal-Mart decision

09/04/2013 6:24pm
Nearly 40 Alaska fishermen protested Wednesday outside an Anchorage Wal-Mart store, upset with a decision by the company about how it buys seafood.