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Thai rubber farmers protest for better prices

08/29/2013 4:51am
Hundreds of rubber farmers have blockaded a major road and railway leading to Thailand's south over the past week to pressure the government to shore up declining rubber prices.

Today's shunned stocks may be long-term winners

08/29/2013 11:10am
Buying stocks that are lagging the market may seem like a questionable strategy, but investors willing to hold on for a couple of years can profit, says Ron Sloan a mutual fund manager at Invesco.

News Summary: US banks earn record $42.2B in Q2

08/29/2013 12:23pm
BANK PROFITS UP: U.S. bank earned $42.2 billion in the April-June quarter, the highest ever for a quarter. About 54 percent of U.S. banks reported improved earnings from a year earlier.

Ford to make Fusion in US for first time

08/29/2013 12:53pm
For the first time, Ford is making its Fusion sedan in the U.S.

Court withdraws ruling in BP insurance dispute

08/29/2013 1:52pm
A federal appeals court reversed course Thursday on its earlier ruling favoring BP in a multimillion-dollar insurance dispute, handing at least a temporary setback to the energy giant as it seeks to defray some of the enormous costs associated with the huge 2010 Gulf oil spill.

IRS issues tax rules for married gay couples

08/29/2013 2:47pm
The government on Thursday said that all legally married gay couples will be able to file joint federal tax returns even if they reside in states that do not recognize same-sex marriages.

Nasdaq takes some blame for 3-hour breakdown

08/29/2013 3:08pm
A three-hour trading outage on the Nasdaq last week was partly the result of issues within the company's control, the Nasdaq OMX Group said Thursday.

Fed's IG says central bank violated document rules

08/29/2013 4:23pm
The Federal Reserve's inspector general says the Fed violated its own rules for handling sensitive material when it inadvertently issued the minutes of a policy meeting a day before the scheduled release.