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New job market presents challenges for students and colleges alike

08/29/2014 5:00am
Colleges and students are facing new challenges with an ever changing job market. Make sure you're prepared for your future career.

Unlatched door enables injured man to enter State Capitol

08/29/2014 6:53am
Police are investigating after a man was able to enter the Capitol building after hours through an unlatched door. He was found lying on the floor bloody and injured.

AG mulls whether to appeal 'Sister Wives' ruling

08/29/2014 7:12am
As the 10th District court finalized a ruling in favor of the polygamous Brown family, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes may be stepping back from his previous assertion he would appeal the decision.

Bookshop closing, monastery may be next

08/29/2014 7:44am
Community members rush to visit the bookshop and gift store at the Abbey of the Holy Trinity in Huntsville before it closes it's doors. With the dwindling number of monks, one Father said the Monastery isn't far behind.

Plaintiffs ask Supreme Court to hear state's appeal on same-sex ruling

08/29/2014 8:38am
The three couples challenging Utah's ban on same-sex marriage asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to accept the state's request to hear the case.

Parents seek help to find missing daughters

08/29/2014 9:47am
Two parents are reaching out to Utahns for help to find their daughters and say Danielle and Sydney Wolferts disappeared in Orem.

Utah girl inspires Marvel comic featuring deaf hero

08/29/2014 10:29am
Hawkeye landed time on the big screen with Marvel's recent Avengers movies, but some fans may not know the arrow-wielding hero historically experienced severe hearing loss in the comic books.

Secrets inside the Utah school system

08/29/2014 10:43am
Each year, thousands of Utah students take advantage of the many schooling options the state has to offer. However, many students and parents may not be aware of the many programs these schools have to offer. Here is a list of some of those things.

Prisoner prematurely released from jail, arrested hours later

08/29/2014 11:12am
A man booked into the Salt Lake County Jail Wednesday was prematurely released Thursday, but was later arrested and booked.

Sundance resort to build 2-mile zip line tour

08/29/2014 11:39am
Sundance Mountain Resort announced the addition of a new 2-mile zip line tour that will open May 2015.

WWII bomb group visits Hill Air Force Base, sees their legacy

08/29/2014 11:49am
Nine WWII veterans of the 388th Bombardment Group are visiting the 388th Fighter Wing, to see how their unit has evolved over the years.

After death of student, district emphasizes bus safety

08/29/2014 1:01pm
Educators and police are urging every child and every driver to be more cautious and not get lax with safety as the school year progresses in wake of a student who was hit and killed by a bus in the spring.

4 unique Labor Day weekend activities in St. George

08/29/2014 2:00pm
Take the opportunity this Labor Day weekend to plan a fun and unique activity for you, and possibly think about bringing the family along.

Police seek vandals after windows broken with rocks

08/29/2014 2:51pm
Police are searching for those responsible for a vandalism spree early Wednesday morning.

Commission rejects proposed 'sun tax' for solar customers

08/29/2014 4:01pm
Rocky Mountain Power wanted to charge residential rooftop solar customers a $4.65 monthly fee to cover its distribution costs of energy for times when solar is not putting power in the grid. But the Utah Public Service Commission said no.

12-car accident results in 1 minor injury

08/29/2014 5:15pm
One person received minor injures after an accident involving 12 cars.

Sanpete County father accused of punching, shaking newborn baby

08/29/2014 5:44pm
A 20-year-old Sanpete County father has been charged with causing severe and multiple injuries to his newborn baby less than 1 month old by punching and shaking the girl. It's the latest in a spate of disturbing Utah incidents involving child abuse.

Labor Day travel projected at a six-year high, officials say

08/29/2014 7:01pm
Officials estimate more people plan to travel this Labor Day than in the past six years.

Armed robber arrested after fleeing in stolen car, police say

08/29/2014 7:29pm
Police located and arrested a man shortly after he robbed a Payson credit union Friday morning, police said.

Police delay charges against mom accused of leaving baby in trash can

08/29/2014 7:47pm
Days after a Kearns woman was accused of leaving her newborn baby in a trash can, questions remain about her mental capacity, whether she knew she was pregnant and the identity of the baby's father.

Twitter wrap-up: Hill leads BYU to win despite penalties

08/29/2014 8:48pm
BYU won their season opener against the UConn Huskies thanks to QB Taysom HIll, but penalties were the story of the game.

Previously convicted felon arrested on DUI, firearm restrictions, police say

08/29/2014 8:49pm
Following a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation, a Carbon County man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, firearm violation and drug possession.

4 sets of twins make 1 unique third-grade classroom

08/29/2014 9:17pm
A third-grade teacher at Columbia Elementary School in Kaysville is seeing double — several times over. She has four sets of twins in her classroom.

Woman who drank toxic tea credits God, family for recovery

08/29/2014 10:28pm
Jan Harding says she doesn't hold a grudge against the restaurant that served her iced tea laced with a chemical that almost killed her. And she credits God, her family and prayers with getting her through the most frightening ordeal of her life.

Parents warn of space heater danger after son almost dies

08/29/2014 10:29pm
An 11-month-old boy overheated and nearly died because the space heater in his room never turned off, his parents said.

Police officer saves 88-year-old man by 'tackling' him

08/29/2014 10:29pm
A police officer was directing traffic when a car came barreling towards the intersection. She tackled an 88 year-old man, pushing him out of the way.