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Taxi driver stabbed by passenger, police say

05/08/2014 6:49am
A taxi driver is in the hospital after he said he was stabbed by a passenger. Police were searching for the attacker Thursday morning.

Prison inmate made replica explosive device, charges state

05/08/2014 7:05am
Investigators believe a Utah prison inmate spent several weeks collecting the materials he used to build a realistic replica of an explosive device that forced the March 28 evacuation of the Wal-Mart store in Heber City.

City gets OK to tear down backyard pigeon loft

05/08/2014 7:45am
A passionate pigeon fancier feuding with the city over harboring hundreds of birds could soon lose his backyard loft and gazebo to a wrecking ball.

Bill aims to help victims of child pornography

05/08/2014 8:05am
In response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, Sen. Orrin Hatch signed on to a bill to better help victims of child pornography.

Year-long focus on reading ends with community celebration

05/08/2014 10:00am
Read Today and Chopper 5 rewarded the reading accomplishments of Granite elementary. Businesses surprised students with $1,000 worth of new books to keep them going.

10 telltale signs you're a Utah driver

05/08/2014 10:00am
Are you contributing to the "Utah driver" stereotype? Find out now.

Forgiveness — a powerful defense against violence

05/08/2014 11:02am
What do a short video about a victim of an elementary school bully and a feature film about two Americans kidnapped Russia have in common? They highlight the remarkable power of forgiveness to resist and even thwart violence.

Brigham City pill doctor's prison sentence reduced

05/08/2014 12:12pm
A federal judge has drastically reduced the prison sentence for a Brigham City pill doctor convicted of illegally prescribing painkillers.

New dinosaur species discovered, nicknamed 'Pinocchio rex'

05/08/2014 12:26pm
A new species of dinosaur has been unearthed in southern China — a long-snouted tyrannosaur.

Springville police search for missing man

05/08/2014 1:28pm
Police are asking for the public's help in locating a 39-year-old missing man.

Ask a Chef: Breakfast in bed at its best

05/08/2014 2:00pm
Breakfast in bed often only occurs on special occasions. To make those occasions even more special, make sure you have the right recipes.

Outdoor concerts to go to this summer

05/08/2014 3:03pm
With a huge local music scene, and venues that appeal to national acts, there are hundreds of options this summer for music lovers to enjoy — free, cheap, pricey — and all outdoors.

7 daily rituals that will increase your happiness

05/08/2014 3:35pm
Want to feel those mini bursts of daily happiness, but find them a tad elusive? Consider a few "rituals" to create pockets of positive throughout the day.

Utah land swap finalized at first outdoors summit

05/08/2014 4:11pm
Gov. Gary Herbert kicked off his first Outdoor Recreation Summit on Thursday by finalizing a long-awaited swap of state and federal lands in eastern Utah.

Ex-teacher accused of sexual abuse of 4 female students

05/08/2014 4:32pm
A former South Summit Middle School teacher is charged with inappropriately touching four female students.

Provo breaks ground on new road to Provo airport

05/08/2014 5:33pm
Residents in Provo will soon have a direct road to the Provo Airport. The Utah Department of Transportation and Provo City broke ground on the new Provo Westside Connector Thursday.

Emergency drill at Utah school hits home for aunt of Sandy Hook victim

05/08/2014 6:31pm
Reuniting children and parents with all the emergency vehicles at the scene of an emergency can be difficult. Such a scenario hits home for some students at a North Ogden school whose cousin was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Utah sheriff under investigation for alleged misuse of resources

05/08/2014 6:48pm
Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova is the subject of a criminal probe alleging that he used his county-issued credit card to help pay for his move from Price to St. George, where he recently bought a home.

'Routine' motorcycle rides often fatal due to complacency, rider coach says

05/08/2014 7:02pm
Since 2003, there have been 311 motorcycle fatalities in Utah, nearly 11 percent of all vehicle-related deaths. The Utah Department of Public Safety is calling on riders and drivers to help reverse this deadly trend.

UTA prepares for bombing with drill at Murray TRAX station

05/08/2014 7:15pm
More than a dozen organizations and 100 volunteers converged on the Murray FrontRunner and TRAX station for a drill in preparation for a bomb threat on the commuter line.

2 men killed in plane crash identified

05/08/2014 7:15pm
The two men who were killed in a plane crash near Santa Clara were identified Thursday.

4 people taken to hospital after rollover accident

05/08/2014 7:25pm
The east and westbound lanes of 3300 South near 700 West were closed after a rollover accident Thursday.

5 reasons to stop by Sugar House

05/08/2014 7:28pm
If you haven't spent time in the Sugar House area recently, don't miss out on what many have discovered — Sugar House is full of small-town charm, good eats and fun activity options.

11 lightning strikes in 2 hours lead to flight cancellations

05/08/2014 7:40pm
Severe weather in the Salt Lake Valley is to blame for a series of flight cancellations at Salt Lake International Airport.

2 injured after car drives into Corner Bakery

05/08/2014 7:47pm
Two people were injured after a car lost control and drove into the Corner Bakery Thursday afternoon.

Cable guy accused of taking 'inappropriate' photos of customer's daughter

05/08/2014 7:49pm
A St. George man employed by a company that installs Internet was arrested for allegedly taking inappropriate photos of a young girl at a home where he was working.

Technology both promising and troubling trend with distracted driving, researcher says

05/08/2014 7:56pm
A researcher sees technology as both a promising and a troubling trend when it comes to distracted driving.

New study reveals SL in top 20 cities to live for recent grads

05/08/2014 8:28pm
Salt Lake is in the top 20 cities to start a career, according to a new study.

5-year-old cancer patient becomes a pop star

05/08/2014 9:03pm
Five-year-old Addy was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer last year. Inspired by the music videos she watched while going through chemotherapy and radiation, her wish was to be a pop star in a music video.

Faulty mortar mix forces crews to replace all tiles at state Capitol

05/08/2014 10:06pm
Floors throughout the state Capitol are being ripped up because of the failure of a mortar mixture that was used to lay tile throughout the building in 2008. It was supposed to last at least 50 years. The fixes are costing millions of dollars.

How forensic technology finds missing kids: A father's story

05/08/2014 10:24pm
In August, Indica Huddleston vanished from her Alpine home but was found and brought back safely more than a week later by FBI agents in the Salt Lake Valley. Her father now says computer forensic technology played a key role in her safe recovery.

Car crash kills 1, injures several others

05/08/2014 11:59pm
A major crash involving several vehicles killed one person and injured many others.

San Juan County commissioner to lead ATV ride protesting BLM trail closure

05/08/2014 11:59pm
San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman plans to lead a group of ATV enthusiasts into Recapture Canyon Saturday morning to protest the BLM's closure of the canyon to ATVs. The BLM has warned Lyman that ithey will pursue appropriate penalties.