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Crews rescue family of 6 stranded in mountains

05/06/2014 6:38am
A family with four young children is safe at home after spending hours lost in the cold mountains of northern Utah.

Prison inmate found dead in apparent suicide

05/06/2014 7:27am
A Utah State Prison inmate was found dead in his cell Monday after an apparent suicide.

Local leaders divided on Supreme Court's prayer ruling

05/06/2014 7:53am
Local leaders react to a Supreme Court of the United States ruling that allows religion- specific prayers in government meetings, as long as a good-faith effort is made to include all groups.

Sprinklers prevented potentially deadly arson fire, officials say

05/06/2014 8:04am
Fire officials say an apartment complex's overhead sprinkler system prevented a potentially deadly situation over the weekend.

Are college remedial classes a waste of money?

05/06/2014 8:52am
Are community colleges short-changing students? Recently, one group has criticized the community college system, saying many remedial classes are a bridge to nowhere.

18 tips to ensure you're using LinkedIn effectively

05/06/2014 9:50am
Social media sites can be overwhelming to say the least. One thing, however, is for sure – and that's the fact that every social site or product has its own purpose. LinkedIn is no different.

Roundup of 8 wild horses a 'drop in the bucket,' commissioner says

05/06/2014 10:07am
The Bureau of Land Management brought eight wild horses into Cedar City Monday as part of the first roundup of the animals.

U. president to weigh 'possible updated lyrics' for fight song

05/06/2014 10:52am
After a lengthy debate over the University of Utah fight song, university President David Pershing announced a committee to review "possible updated lyrics."

5 brothers complete the St. George Half Ironman together

05/06/2014 11:56am
Emotions ran high as we watched two brothers coming slowly down the road. One, just trying to make it to the end, the other pushing him on just as he had done for 8 straight hours.

Have You Seen This? 'Mother Power'

05/06/2014 1:15pm
BYUtv's "Studio C" has created a unique "tribute" to expectant mothers. Be afraid.

How a Facebook photo led to a rare diagnosis

05/06/2014 2:00pm
Posting your kids photo on Facebook might not be your cup of tea, but in this case, it saved a little girl's vision.

User photos: This week in news

05/06/2014 3:04pm
This week's user photos include: a TRAX train collides with a car, a semi truck catches fire on I-15, a school bus fire in Sandy, a SUV crashes into a Sugarhouse home, and Union Pacific's latest acquisition makes a stop in Salt Lake.

Utah No. 8 most bike friendly state, group says

05/06/2014 4:58pm
The state's top signs of bicycle success include having more than one percent of the population commuting by bike and a state bicycle plan, according to the state's report card.

Infant chiropractic gaining popularity as way to treat common illnesses

05/06/2014 5:39pm
Infant chiropractic isn't new, but more moms are turning to this alternative method to deal with common childhood illnesses, and they are touting the benefits on blogs and Facebook posts.

Divers retrieve turkeys killed in crash

05/06/2014 5:51pm
A dive team spent the day Tuesday pulling dead turkeys and pieces of a wrecked truck from Deer Creek Reservoir.

5 steps for starting, maintaining your central air system

05/06/2014 6:06pm
Here are some tips to get the most of your central air system and keep it running efficiently and strong all summer long.

2 people shot at Salt Lake home

05/06/2014 7:01pm
A man in his early 30s and a woman in her mid- 20s were shot near Westminster College Tuesday morning.

Bottoms up with Great Salt Lake water? Utah companies say it can be purified

05/06/2014 7:04pm
Two Utah companies are trying to show the Pentagon that their technology can take some of the foulest water around and turn it into drinking water for combat troops. They just wrapped up a weeklong demonstration on the causeway to Antelope Island.

Sheep rancher claims Utah officer used excessive force in traffic stop

05/06/2014 7:16pm
A Uintah County sheep rancher has accused a Naples police officer of using excessive force during a March 26 traffic stop that was recorded on the officer's chest-mounted video camera.

Clothing company celebrates Utah, gives back

05/06/2014 7:35pm
Revolutah is a clothing company that lets you wear your love of Utah loud and proud. Founded by a Colorado transplant, the company donates proceeds to local charities.

Lindon bank offers reward for information about robbery

05/06/2014 7:46pm
AmBank in Lindon was robbed Friday and is offering a cash reward for information that assists in the arrest and conviction of the robbers.

Judge rejects settlement deal in Ogden sex-abuse case

05/06/2014 7:47pm
A judge declined to accept a settlement deal Tuesday morning for an Ogden man accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy.

Vans collide after driver runs red light

05/06/2014 8:29pm
Three people were hospitalized after the driver of a van ran a red light and crashed into another van.

17K tiger muskies to be transplanted in Utah lakes, reservoirs

05/06/2014 9:02pm
The Division of Wildlife Resources announced Monday that as many as 17,000 tiger muskies would be transplanted to Utah.

Orem police use specialized training to calm armed gunman

05/06/2014 9:30pm
A team of Orem police officers used specialized training for addressing mental illness to manage an encounter with an armed assailant.

Injured cadaver search dogs not covered in FEMA grant

05/06/2014 10:19pm
Search and rescue cadaver dogs aren't covered under FEMA's grant for K9s, which is bad new for Pax, a cadaver dog with Utah Task Force 1 who was injured this week.

When streaming is stealing

05/06/2014 10:24pm
You probably wouldn't sneak your family into a movie theater without paying, but are you stealing movies at home? An expert explains when streaming becomes stealing.

15-month-old girl missing in Taylorsville

05/06/2014 10:51pm
A toddler was reported as missing Tuesday afternoon when police said the man she was staying with fled when they attempted to serve him with a warrant for his arrest.

SLC mayor's $800 million spending plan to address 'dark cloud' over city

05/06/2014 11:11pm
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker's proposed budget aims to cut air pollution, close a fire station and give city employees a raise.

New sprinkler system designed to conserve water in business discticts

05/06/2014 11:59pm
The Salt Lake City Facilities Division is in the middle of upgrading the sprinkler system in the Salt Lake Central and Sugar House business districts to reduce water usage.

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