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Facebook launches friend-tracking feature

04/20/2014 10:47am
Your phone always knows where you are. And now, if you want, your Facebook friends will always know where you are, too.

Utah man arrested in child enticement sting

04/20/2014 12:54pm
Idaho prosecutors have charged a Utah man with felony child enticement after he allegedly arranged to meet an undercover officer representing himself online as a 15-year-old girl.

Family 'shocked' over Taylorsville woman's death

04/20/2014 3:23pm
The family of Margaret Steffey, 59, reacted Sunday to her death and arrest of an 18-year- old man for investigation of aggravated murder.

Search and rescue finds missing man in Slate Canyon

04/20/2014 7:09pm
Utah County Sheriff's search and rescue has found the 25-year-old autistic man who was separated from the group he was with in Slate Canyon Sunday.

Tahoe tourism officials borrow ideas from Utah

04/20/2014 7:27pm
Tourism officials from several key Lake Tahoe agencies have paid a visit to Park City, Utah, to catch a glimpse at how another mountain town operates and manages its major challenges.

Two bodies discovered near Provo's Squaw Peak

04/20/2014 10:22pm
A hiker in a remote area of Provo Canyon found the skeletal remains of a person Saturday. Provo police then found the remains of a second person.

1-year-old hit and killed in Kearns driveway

04/20/2014 10:22pm
A 1-year-old boy was accidentially runover in his driveway and killed Saturday.

Paraglider in critical condition after parachute collapses

04/20/2014 10:26pm
A paraglider was transported to the University of Utah hospital in critical condition after falling between 15 to 20 feet at a hang gliding park in Draper.

No aftershocks from Saturday's Tooele quake

04/20/2014 10:26pm
Seismologists at the University of Utah are calling Saturday night's earthquake a "minor" event.

Faiths around Utah gather to celebrate Easter

04/20/2014 10:27pm
On Sunday when billions of Christians throughout the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Utahns of all faiths expressed their joy for Easter as well.

Utah's popular 'soda-pop geyser' is fizzling out

04/20/2014 10:33pm
One of Utah's most unusual tourist attractions is dying. North America's only cold-water geyser — sometimes called the "soda-pop geyser" — has apparently been plugged up by visitors dropping rocks into it.

Utahns arrive in Boston to participate in marathon

04/20/2014 10:34pm
Hundreds of runners from Utah will be in Boston Monday to participate in the annual marathon.