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Fathers as likely as mothers to kill their infants, study shows

04/16/2014 7:33am
Fifteen percent of homicides in the United States are filicides — children killed by a parent. Nearly 10 percent of filicides occur during a child's first week of life, according to a new statistical analysis of 32 years of homicide arrest data.

13 tons of garbage cleaned up at Lake Mountain

04/16/2014 8:02am
Thirteen tons of garbage have been hauled out of the Lake Mountain area so far as part of a massive cleanup project to preserve the recreational area and its hundreds of petroglyph panels.

Dog scams abound in classified ads

04/16/2014 9:06am
If a stranger offers you a free dog, saying all you have to do is pay for shipping, it's probably a scam.

Utah entrepreneur makes energy bars from crickets

04/16/2014 10:15am
Chapul energy bars have been gaining a lot of attention lately. Chances are, if you've heard of Chapul bars, it's because of their unusual ingredient: crickets.

Glamour camping comes to Utah

04/16/2014 10:51am
The world of camping in Utah just became a little more glamorous.

Midvale store creates bug art, jewelry

04/16/2014 11:31am
One of Jean-Michel Arrigona's top concerns this week is how to best frame a five-pound octopus. This is not the first slimy creature Arrigona has preserved in a fashion suited for an art gallery.

More men using smartphones for online dating, study says

04/16/2014 11:46am
New data about smartphone usage shows interesting divides between the way men and women spend their time on mobile devices.

U. Campus Store burglarized 3 times in 1 month

04/16/2014 12:18pm
The University of Utah Campus Store has been burglarized three times in the last month, and officials are asking for the public's help in locating the thief.

Police arrest accused bank robber thanks to tip

04/16/2014 12:37pm
Police arrested a man suspected of robbing a Salt Lake bank Tuesday.

Have You Seen This? Comedic flight attendant

04/16/2014 1:15pm
The FAA requires a pre-flight safety demonstration, and one Southwest flight attendant decided to jazz it up, leaving the passengers with a memorable and humorous experience on their flight to Salt Lake City.

17-year-old shot in ankle by man in car, police say

04/16/2014 2:58pm
Shots fired by a man in a car went through the wall of an apartment building and hit a boy in the ankle Wednesday, police said.

Missing 10-year-old boy returns home safe

04/16/2014 5:36pm
A 10-year-old boy reported missing in Sandy Tuesday night returned home around 7:30 Wednesday morning.

Man robs Dairy Queen at gunpoint, police say

04/16/2014 5:48pm
A man entered a Dairy Queen and demanded money from the register while pointing a handgun at a clerk, police said.

Salt Lake police to publicize info on unprocessed rape kits

04/16/2014 5:58pm
Beginning June 1, the public will be able to see the progress of rape kit processing in Salt Lake City as part of an effort to improve transparency and make systemic improvements.

Couple left toddler in car while drinking in bar, police say

04/16/2014 6:10pm
A Duchesne County couple is facing felony charges after sheriff's deputies said they found the man and woman drinking inside a bar while their 3-year-old son slept in a cold car outside.

Police discover body in Taylorsville home

04/16/2014 6:28pm
Police discovered a body at a Taylorsville home Tuesday, and are calling the death "suspicious."

Iron gate stolen from President's Circle, U. police say

04/16/2014 6:35pm
University of Utah police are investigating the theft of a wrought iron gate on campus.

Herbert expecting an 'OK' from feds on Medicaid expansion plan

04/16/2014 6:45pm
Gov. Gary Herbert continued to be optimistic Wednesday that the federal government will sign off soon on his proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion following meetings in Washington, D.C., earlier this week.

Police: Woman accused of murder gave birth at home

04/16/2014 6:57pm
A Utah woman accused of concealing seven pregnancies before strangling or suffocating her newborns gave birth each time in her home, authorities said Wednesday.

Local artists to interact with fans at Comic Con FanXperience

04/16/2014 7:13pm
As fans converge on the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, local artists are preparing to share their work on Artist Alley.

Graphic video shows events leading up to Sgt. Wride's death

04/16/2014 8:06pm
Video from slain Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Cory Wride's vehicle was shown in court Wednesday during a preliminary hearing for 17- year-old Meagan Grunwald, who is charged in his death.

Man pleads guilty to shooting at Salt Lake City synagogue

04/16/2014 8:10pm
A Salt Lake man pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges filed after he fired a gun at the Congregation Kol Ami synagogue in Salt Lake City between January and April 2012.

Witnesses report 45-foot flames in Millcreek house fire

04/16/2014 10:28pm
Emergency responders said they are fully involved in extinguishing a house fire in Millcreek.

Prepping for the 'big one': How bad could a Utah earthquake be?

04/16/2014 10:30pm
Emergency crews regularly prepare for a 7.0- magnitude earthquake, and they have an idea of how bad the Wasatch Front would look in the event of one. One expert says post-quake Salt Lake City could look much like images from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Strength of religious freedom must be built in US courts, LDS leader says

04/16/2014 10:34pm
LDS Church leader Dallin H. Oaks will give the keynote address at UVU's Spring Constitutional Symposium on Religious Freedom. He's not speaking as a church leader, he says, but as a citizen concerned about the condition of democracy in the U.S.

'Homework' can save you from business scams, expert says

04/16/2014 10:37pm
How do you know if a business is legitimate? All it takes is a few minutes of your time, a little research and knowing where to look.

Utah man with broken pelvis, ribs digs out of mudslide

04/16/2014 10:48pm
A Utah man was excavating a pool when the walls of dirt started crumbling and eventually collapsed on top of him. After almost an hour of struggle, he managed to pull himself to safety.