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Quicker airport security check available for more Utahns

03/05/2014 7:52am
More Utahns will now be able to enroll in a program that could mean less time getting through security at Salt Lake City International Airport.

4 tips for owning backyard chickens in Utah

03/05/2014 8:28am
With Easter around the corner, many Utahns may be considering starting up a flock of chickens in their backyard. Chickens can bring benefits to a backyard, the abundance of fresh eggs being just one of many.

Five property owners file lawsuit over 2010 fire

03/05/2014 8:39am
Five Herriman property owners have filed a lawsuit against the United States and the Army National Guard over a 2010 fire started during a firearms training at Camp Williams.

46 businesses file briefs supporting same-sex marriage

03/05/2014 9:13am
At least two dozen organizations and groups filed amicus briefs asking the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby's ruling that stuck down Utah's voter-approved definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.

Justices order new look at Utah gun conviction

03/05/2014 10:31am
The Supreme Court says defendants have to know in advance that their accomplices would use or carry a gun while committing a crime in order to be convicted under federal gun laws.

How safe is your mobile banking app?

03/05/2014 10:46am
If you are one of the growing number of people who do your banking using your cell phone, be aware that thieves are working hard to steal your money.

Photo Gallery: National Parks around Moab

03/05/2014 11:01am
The area surrounding Moab is beautiful and houses two of the five national parks in Utah. These photos showcase the breathtaking views of the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

A lifetime of travel in a year for boy going blind

03/05/2014 11:11am
With the help of the community, the family of a teenage boy hopes he will see the world before he loses his vision.

3,600-year-old cheese found on mummies' necks

03/05/2014 11:45am
The "world's oldest cheese" was discovered on mummies in China.

Smith's takes over naming rights for Bees stadium

03/05/2014 12:31pm
Salt Lake Bees fans will notice a difference this season after the renaming of the stadium to Smith's Ballpark.

Davis residents optimistic about HAFB future despite proposed cuts

03/05/2014 1:02pm
Even though the Pentagon is proposing massive cuts in military spending, people living around Hill Air Force Base say they still feel a sense of optimism about the future of the base.

House approves prison move resolution, passes hotel convention bill

03/05/2014 1:49pm
Utah's House approved a resolution backing the move for the Utah State Prison in Draper. The Senate killed a bill to give $200 million to update school technology and instead passed a bill to fund new technological devices for students with a tax increase.

Man convicted of 1987 triple murder likely to remain in prison

03/05/2014 2:34pm
A man convicted of killing three people a quarter-century ago during two separate drunken sprees is likely one step closer to officially spending the rest of his life in prison.

Scouting papers reveal vision of 'founding father'

03/05/2014 5:09pm
BYU has partnered with the British Scouting Association to digitize papers that influenced the birth of Scouting.

Bookmobile driver calling it quits after 3 decades on the road

03/05/2014 6:17pm
It's the end of the road for a bookmobile librarian in Millard County. In the past 36½ years on the job, Dixon Eliason hasn't even taken a sick day, and his upcoming retirement isn't going to be easy for the people he serves.

Reward offered for information in theft of dinosaur track

03/05/2014 6:41pm
Just two weeks after a dinosaur track was cut out of a rock in Moab, local business owners have pooled together money to offer a big reward for information leading to an arrest.

Smithfield teen saves uncle, cousin from drowning in ocean

03/05/2014 6:56pm
A teenager from Smithfield is being called a hero for saving the lives of her uncle and cousin during a family vacation. They were at a beach in Oceanside, Calif., when they got caught in a rip tide and nearly drowned.

Year-long sex abuse case ends in confession

03/05/2014 7:19pm
After more than a year of court proceedings, Timothy Butler confessed to sexual child abuse, and is now being held behind bars without bail.

Community fundraises after barn fire destroys $195K in hay, equipment

03/05/2014 7:42pm
Officials are investigating a barn fire that caused an estimated $195,000 damage Tuesday night.

Uintah County businesses still struggling 1 year after huge explosion

03/05/2014 7:48pm
One year after a massive propane explosion leveled its shop, Adler Hot Oil is about to reopen amid concerns by some neighboring businesses whose buildings also sustained damage that is still visible throughout the Ashley Valley Industrial Park.

Wednesday's Child: Josh and Chris

03/05/2014 8:09pm
It's a heartbreaking reality, but siblings living in foster care can't always stay together. That's why KSL 5 TV teamed up with the Adoption Exchange to introduce you to two brothers looking for one permanent home.

6 reasons to change up your reading routine with short fiction

03/05/2014 8:34pm
If you are accustomed to reading novels, step out of your comfort zone and stretch your reading muscles with some fascinating and incredibly well-written short fiction.

National group works to eliminate use of the 'r-word'

03/05/2014 9:22pm
A national organization is working to rid people of the use of what they refer to as the "r-word."

Artist plans to create line of true-to-life 'Barbie' dolls

03/05/2014 9:43pm
In an effort to change the way the world views idealism in the female figure, an artist is working to produce a more realistic doll for young children.

Undercover video shows panhandler turn donations into drugs

03/05/2014 10:29pm
Most people who give to a panhandler believe their money will help keep them from going hungry and get them out of the cold. But a sting operation conducted by Provo police shows evidence that a panhandler by day can become a drug user by night.

Summit County hopes firefighter training will save more lives

03/05/2014 10:36pm
Imagine you're in a car accident and you need immediate help. The nearest firefighters would be dispatched, but they couldn't help you medically. You would be left to wait until the only 24-hour staffed ambulance in the county could get to you.

2 teens found, 2 still missing after escape from youth facility

03/05/2014 10:41pm
Police located two teens Wednesday who had run away from a youth center Tuesday evening. Two teens were still missing as of Wednesday night and had warrants out for their arrest.

N. Utah town without tap water days after weekend water contamination

03/05/2014 10:55pm
The people in Trenton are under a boil order because their community water is contaminated. Two of the town's springs were contaminated Saturday, and city leaders say it could be a week before residents can drink their tap water again.