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Judge delays sentencing for man who shot father-in-law in church

01/24/2014 6:50am
The family of a man shot in the back of the head by his son-in-law as he knelt to pray in church will have to wait another month before they can put the incident to rest.

New effort underway to regulate e-cigarette industry

01/24/2014 7:28am
One state lawmaker is gearing up to battle the electronic cigarette industry in Utah, proposing legislation that would regulate the sale of tobacco products to minors, as well as impose licensing fees.

Lawyer pushes for trial in Jeremy Johnson case

01/24/2014 7:55am
Attorneys for Jeremy Johnson's once thriving online marketing company asked a Nevada judge to deny the Federal Trade Commission's request to rule in its favor without a trial.

Hoops hero— my new favorite basketball star

01/24/2014 8:05am
Six-year-old Sam didn't score a point, at least on the court, at the Y- ball game I attended. What he did for a hurt teammate, though, will stay in my mind much longer than the final score — an act that ultimately made him the game's true hero.

U of U ranks 2nd among clinical law schools nationally

01/24/2014 8:17am
Behind only Yale, the University of Utah's S.J. Quinney College of Law was ranked second among law schools nationally for clinical opportunities.

4 hot dog joints in Utah worth a visit

01/24/2014 8:59am
Utah itself is home to a plethora of hip and tasty dog joints, each boasting something unique and original.

Two banks to nix short-term, high-interest loans

01/24/2014 9:03am
Consumer advocates are claiming victory against predatory loans now that two banks say they will nix short-term, high-interest loans. And, some colleges are making payments on their students' loans.

Program that teaches kids to build companies looks to expand

01/24/2014 9:45am
Organizers of a very popular mock city program for fifth and eighth graders are trying to keep up with demand. Junior Achievement City lets kids practice running miniature versions of businesses like RC Willey, Best Buy, and even KSL.

9 Olympic events Utahns can try

01/24/2014 11:01am
The Winter Olympics came to Utah in February of 2002 and never really left. It is possible here in Utah to participate in nine of the upcoming Winter Olympic events. Individuals can see firsthand what Olympians face.

Shilo Inn changes hands, to undergo major renovations

01/24/2014 12:13pm
The distinctive red neon lights of Shilo Inn will no longer light up the hotel on West Temple after it undergoes major renovations.

Utah license plate nation's 3rd favorite, survey finds

01/24/2014 1:28pm
Utah is home to one of the nation's favorite license plates, according to a new survey.

Thief steals $6K worth of bikes in less than 1 minute

01/24/2014 2:35pm
Police are looking for a man who broke into a bike shop in Salt Lake City and took off with two off the most valuable bikes in the store Thursday morning.

5 ways to prepare for (or prevent) roadside emergencies

01/24/2014 2:46pm
Let's face it: Driving isn't always completely safe. From car accidents to flat tires to medical emergencies, anything can happen when you're behind the wheel. That's why preparing for roadside emergencies is so important. After all, they're never going to strike when you're actually expecting them.

Metro Gang Unit seeks Public Enemy No.1

01/24/2014 4:04pm
The Metro Gang Unit is looking for 22-year-old Rodrigo Scott Burquez, who they say is a member of a violent street gang.

Tooele basketball player honors father with pre-game ritual

01/24/2014 4:29pm
A high school basketball player is inspiring others with an act that started as just a friendly hello between father and son.

Provo High teacher arrested for alleged sexual abuse of female student

01/24/2014 5:15pm
Provo High School teacher Donald Bills, 54, was arrested Thursday for investigation of object rape, forcible sexual abuse and forcible sodomy involving a 17-year-old student.

Many Sundance films coming to theaters near you

01/24/2014 5:18pm
Most of the 117 feature films screening at this year's Sundance Film Festival were missing just one thing: Distribution.

Polar bear plunge Saturday to raise money for Typhoon Haiyan relief

01/24/2014 5:42pm
Two months after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, groups from around the state will converge Saturday in Provo to raise money to support those affected.

Provo becomes 3rd US city to launch Google Fiber

01/24/2014 6:26pm
The Google Fiber era is officially underway in Utah County. Residents of Provo now have the opportunity to demo and play with Google Fiber to see how fast a gigabit really is with the grand opening of the first Fiber Space retail store.

Utah National Guardsmen return home from Afghanistan

01/24/2014 6:32pm
A couple dozen members of the Utah National Guard are embracing their families tonight after running a military base in northern Afghanistan for 10 months.

New implantable device saves Utah man's heart, life

01/24/2014 6:33pm
A South Jordan man became the first Utahn to receive a new life-saving implantable heart device, paving the way for others to benefit.

Fisherman, police tell of rescuing boy from icy pond

01/24/2014 7:05pm
The ice at Jensen Nature Park may look thick, but police say it's no place for kids to play. Noah Holguin fell through the ice Thursday and was in the water for several minutes, but any longer and the outcome could have been much worse.

Man fires shot, robs pawn shop before fleeing on bicycle

01/24/2014 7:53pm
Police are investigating a robbery at EZ Pawn, 235 W. 400 South in Salt Lake City, Thursday, where a man entered the store, fired a handgun at the ceiling and fled on a bicycle with a handful of jewelry.

Almost $10K raised for family of man hit by FrontRunner train

01/24/2014 8:11pm
It's been a roller-coaster ride for the family of a man who was hit by a FrontRunner train two weeks ago. Friday, the community held a fundraiser to help show support for the father of four, who has a long recovery ahead of him.

Parenting: No manual required — trust yourself

01/24/2014 8:49pm
There is no shortage of advice on parenting. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the do's and don'ts of parenting that I forget to listen to my own heart and trust that my instinct as a parent is worth listening to.

Stericycle moving out of North Salt Lake isn't enough, opponents say

01/24/2014 9:32pm
The medical waste disposal company that has been blasted by a growing group of clean air advocates wants to move out of North Salt Lake. But some opponents say changing counties isn't the answer.

Utah company to help power Super Bowl security

01/24/2014 9:59pm
Utah doesn't have a football team headed to the Super Bowl, but a Utah-based company will play a key role in lighting and security.

Family, community to ride 300 miles to honor fallen officer

01/24/2014 10:19pm
A stranger and fellow police officer has decided to honor slain Draper officer Derek Johnson by participating in a 300-mile bike ride and fundraiser.

Utah unemployment rate falls to 4.1 percent

01/24/2014 10:31pm
Utah's unemployment rate continued to drop last month when it fell to 4.1 percent, the lowest it's been since late 2008.