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The greatest MLK speeches you never heard

01/19/2014 11:44am
Here's a pop quiz for anyone who calls the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. an American hero: Can you name any of his great speeches or written works without citing "I Have a Dream" or the "Letter from Birmingham Jail"?

UCAIR gives $350K to boost 13 clean air programs

01/19/2014 1:22pm
Efforts to clean up the air along the Wasatch Front received a funding boost Thursday from the Utah Clean Air Partnership, including money to promote anti-idling, support the Clear the Air Challenge and develop an air quality video game.

Police ask for public's help to ID South Jordan Maverik robber

01/19/2014 4:37pm
The South Jordan Police Department is asking for help identifying a male suspect wanted for two armed robberies from the South Jordan Maverik.

Church services in Utah pay homage to Martin Luther King Jr.

01/19/2014 5:56pm
A variety of services and tributes for Martin Luther King, Jr. were held Sunday around Utah.

Consumers at Utah Auto Expo weigh air-quality concerns

01/19/2014 6:52pm
Automobile manufacturers are designing cars and trucks that pollute less. At the Utah Auto Expo this weekend, many hybrids and electric vehicles from just about every manufacturer were among the vehicles on display.

Utah gas prices 8 cents higher in January

01/19/2014 7:30pm
After a period of falling gas prices, Utah's motorists are starting to see upward movement at the fuel pump. The average price per gallon for regular gasoline is $3.13, which is 8 cents higher than last month and 29 cents higher than a year ago.

Electronic services increasing at Utah libraries

01/19/2014 9:00pm
With the availability of devices like electronic readers, one library director in North Logan said he and his staff hope to "bridge the gap between physical and digital," and other libraries also are working to fill that chasm.

Common ground unites Evangelicals and Mormons

01/19/2014 10:48pm
Evangelical and Mormon leaders united Saturday on Temple Square for an address from evangelical leader Ravi Zacharias.

Former Iraqi journalist, forced to flee his homeland, now a US citizen

01/19/2014 10:53pm
Seven years ago, Iraqi Mohammed Mushib was a TV journalist, a talk show host and an advisor to the vice president of Iraq. One afternoon, his career and life as he knew it went up, literally, in smoke.

Kweku Mandela comes to Utah to educate, promote new documentary

01/19/2014 11:14pm
The grandson of the late South African President Nelson Mandela, Kweku Mandela, is using his charity "Africa Rising" to promote a film screened in Salt Lake City.

Missing Utah car found in California with body in trunk

01/19/2014 11:59pm
The car of former Utah man missing since Christmas Eve was found, as well as the decomposing body of a 24-year-old man in the trunk, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.