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Repair your marriage: Part 2

01/13/2014 6:39am
This week Coach Kim teaches readers how to see themselves and their spouse accurately, which is the first step to repairing the relationships.

105 mph chase ends when car crashes into ditch

01/13/2014 7:52am
A high-speed chase that reached speeds of 105 miles per hour ended when the fleeing car crashed in Saratoga Springs Monday morning.

Fire leaves $20K in damage at Sandy home

01/13/2014 8:11am
A fire that started in the walls of a house left $20,000 damage and displaced the home's residents.

Local company producing 'epic' fantasy film on small budget

01/13/2014 11:40am
In a smoky tavern far away and long ago, peasants and warriors in rags and furs and chainmail drink ale and swap stories… while cameras roll. This is not the set of another Hollywood medieval fantasy. It's a Utah production called "Mythica" being shot at the Utah State Hospital.

2 accused of maiming, capturing big cats for illegal hunting

01/13/2014 11:47am
Two men from out-of-state have been indicted with the illegal capture and caging of cougars and bobcats in Utah for illegal hunts, Utah Division of Wildlife Services said.

Mendenhall and Edwards: A comparison

01/13/2014 12:43pm
While Bronco Mendenhall's winning percentage compares favorably with LaVell Edwards, most would agree that Mendenhall has not been as well received as Edwards.

SLC No. 1 city to achieve American dream, study says

01/13/2014 2:00pm
Children born to low income families are more likely to achieve the American dream in Salt Lake City than anywhere else in the United States, according to a recent study.

John Swallow used $200K of campaign money on legal bills

01/13/2014 2:41pm
Former Attorney General John Swallow used campaign funds to pay more than $200,000 in legal fees last year.

Locally built app helps cultivate good habits

01/13/2014 5:02pm
A new iPhone app developed in Utah is easing people into the stress of keeping up with New Year's resolutions.

Ice castles become tourist attractions in 3 states

01/13/2014 5:12pm
At the base of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, an ice castle not unlike the frosty palace in the Disney movie "Frozen" is rising from the ground, one icicle at a time. It's one of three ice castles being built by the same company - the others are in Breckenridge, Colo., and Midway, Utah - this winter.

1 killed, 2 injured in Logan Canyon crash

01/13/2014 5:32pm
Garden City resident Becky L. Green died from injuries sustained in a car crash Monday morning.

Missing snowboarder: 'I had to make it' for family

01/13/2014 6:02pm
A snowboarder stuck overnight on a mountain said thoughts of his family kept him alive throughout the chilling ordeal.

Police investigate reports of laser aimed at AirMed helicopter

01/13/2014 6:36pm
Police are investigating a report that someone aimed a laser at a medical helicopter Friday night as it flew over North County Boulevard in Highland.

Medical Examiner: Girl may have been abused for an hour before death

01/13/2014 6:48pm
The state's chief medical examiner testified Monday that a 7-year-old girl found dead in a neighbor's apartment ultimately died of a tear in her heart.

Wasatch Front schools to monitor air quality throughout winter

01/13/2014 6:57pm
The Utah Division of Air Quality and Breathe Utah have teamed up to install air sampling devices at four schools across the Wasatch Front to monitor the roles location and elevation play in air quality.

Film society finishes making digital updates

01/13/2014 7:11pm
After a major campaign effort, the Salt Lake Film Society is completing its installation of digital equipment in their theaters.

Education groups endorse Count My Vote to make education bigger priority

01/13/2014 8:19pm
Education groups Monday endorsed the Count My Vote initiative to change the state's unique system for choosing political party nominees, saying GOP delegates aren't making schools enough of a priority.

Plan to remove National Guard helicopters could cut Utah jobs

01/13/2014 9:20pm
The Utah National Guard's AH-64 Apache helicopters could be removed from the state, according to a plan proposed by the chief of staff of the active-duty U.S. Army. The plan would also mean a loss of hundreds of jobs in Utah.

Charges dismissed after accused sex offender dies in jail

01/13/2014 9:40pm
The case against a Springville man accused of forcing at least three teenage girls to perform sex acts is now closed after the 68-year-old man died of a stroke.

Lawmaker seeks to increase some interstate speeds

01/13/2014 9:44pm
A Utah lawmaker is looking to give more flexibility to studies that could increase interstate speed limits state-wide.

Severe snowstorms cost Utah economy $30M, study says

01/13/2014 10:01pm
When big snowstorms shut down Utah's roads and disrupt commerce for 24 hours, the economy takes a direct $30 million hit, according to a national study.

Utah attorney to argue landmark victims' rights case before Supreme Court

01/13/2014 10:18pm
It's the story of a young woman who was the victim of child pornography and her desire for restitution — and it may be a precedent-setting case for victims' rights.

Flu causes 3 more deaths in southern Utah

01/13/2014 10:29pm
Three more people have died from influenza for the 2013-2014 flu season, according to the Southwest Utah Public Health Department. Health experts said the victims were younger than 64 and were in fairly good health.