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Counties to give certificates to married same-sex couples

01/10/2014 7:02am
Attorney General Sean Reyes directed counties Thursday to give marriage certificates to same- sex couple who were married during the 17 days it was legal in Utah.

Ron Lafferty competent for federal case review, judge says

01/10/2014 7:59am
Condemned killer Ron Lafferty is competent to participate in the federal review of his conviction and death sentence, a judge ruled Thursday.

Couple sentenced in Hill Air Force Base bribery case

01/10/2014 8:28am
A Florida man was sentenced to 15 months in prison and his wife to 24 months' probation for their roles in a bribery and fraud scheme involving Air Force contracts.

Lending credit card to family, friends is unwise, expert says

01/10/2014 10:10am
Have you ever loaned your credit card to a friend or relative, or perhaps bought something using someone else's card? There can be big consequences.

'Selfie Police' fine friends for charity

01/10/2014 10:58am
Selfie picture takers beware: the Selfie Police are on patrol to give $1 fines for each picture to be donated to charity.

Olympic clock stuck on 4:20

01/10/2014 11:42am
Was it a coincidence or a cleverly-timed hack? For days in downtown Salt Lake City, the time was 4:20.

Texas man will stand trial for Moab crash that killed 3

01/10/2014 12:46pm
A Texas man accused of killing three people in a crash south of Moab has been ordered to stand trial.

Have You Seen This? Mom wants out of the cold

01/10/2014 1:13pm
The other day I gave you a Have You Seen This from a man in Wisconsin who loves the cold and gave us some ideas of what you can do in the frigid weather. Today is just the opposite of that video. This is a small family trying to escape the cold.

LDS Church responds to same-sex marriage ruling

01/10/2014 1:39pm
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a statement to its congregation Friday, addressing the topic of same-sex marriage in the state of Utah.

Phillips 66 settles lawsuit with Utah for $2M

01/10/2014 3:34pm
Utah has received $2 million as part of a settlement agreement with Phillips 66 to resolve a lawsuit filed by the state alleging that the oil company unlawfully received a number of payments from Utah's Petroleum Storage Tank Fund.

Feds recognize same-sex couples in Utah

01/10/2014 4:36pm
The U.S. attorney general said Friday that the federal government would recognize same-sex unions in Utah, marking the latest significant show of support for gay marriage from the Obama administration.

Wife of fertility worker not surprised by claims he tampered with samples

01/10/2014 5:50pm
A deceased fertility clinic worker is accused of replacing samples with his own. His widow says she is not surprised by the claims.

Avalanche danger prevalent in mountains of northern, central Utah

01/10/2014 6:00pm
The Utah Avalanche Center posted an avalanche warning for all of the mountains of northern and central Utah through the weekend.

Text messages, 'sheer luck' help police catch thieves within 15 minutes

01/10/2014 6:07pm
Police said "sheer luck" and a diligent victim who tracked those using her stolen bank card helped them locate suspects within 15 minutes.

$1B tax revenue ahead for Utah tourism industry

01/10/2014 6:30pm
Utah's ski resorts and the Sundance Film Festival attract a lot of tourists this time of year, and there's a lot of optimism for 2014.

Revealing website prompts call to restrict sale of voter info

01/10/2014 7:02pm
Two Utah lawmakers plan to introduce legislation at the 2014 Legislature to change the law that allows the state government to sell voter information, including birth dates, cellphone numbers and addresses.

Judge orders Orem man to stand trial in wife's death

01/10/2014 8:04pm
Conrad Truman, an Orem man accused of shooting and killing his wife in their home in 2012, was ordered Friday to stand trial on charges of murder and obstruction of justice. The ruling came after two days of testimony heard by a judge last month.

Massive Target breach could have lasting effects

01/10/2014 8:32pm
Target says that personal information _ including phone numbers and email and mailing addresses _ was stolen from as many as 70 million customers in its pre-Christmas data breach. That was substantially more customers than Target had previously said were affected.

Serial robber strikes again — times 3

01/10/2014 8:34pm
Police are asking the public for help in identifying a suspected serial bank robber who attempted to rob one bank and successfully robbed two more banks Friday, bringing the total to five banks robbed and one attempted robbery.

Kennecott mine partially closed after movement detected

01/10/2014 8:57pm
Workers at the bottom of Kennecott Utah Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine were evacuated Friday after about 150 feet of material shifted unexpectedly.

Missing Idaho plane found, no survivors

01/10/2014 10:37pm
A private search party found a missing plane that crashed in Idaho while carrying five passengers in December. Though there were no survivors, family members say they feel a sense of relief.

Owner of security company catches alleged porch burglar on video

01/10/2014 10:42pm
The owner of a security company captured video of a man who allegedly took UPS packages off his porch and many other porches during the holidays.

Business owners find feds' recognition of same-sex marriage confusing

01/10/2014 10:43pm
When U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder assured same-sex couples recently married in Utah that their marriages will be recognized by the federal government, it added to the confusion for Utah businesses owners who now have to decide whether to follow state or federal law.

LGBT community protests at Capitol with 44K signature petition

01/10/2014 11:59pm
A petition is on its way to the Governor's office where a protest is scheduled for Friday afternoon, all aimed to convince Utah leaders that most Utahns want marriage equality.