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Stolen car crashes, 3 suspects in custody

10/31/2013 6:58am
Troopers have three men in custody after a car fled from them on I-15, crashed on 4500 South, and the driver tried to escape early Thursday morning.

Talking to inmates costs families thousands of dollars

10/31/2013 7:23am
Utah's rates for interstate phone calls from inmates will have to drop by nearly half in the coming months to accommodate an FCC ruling.

Man indicted for shooting out synagogue windows

10/31/2013 8:13am
A Salt Lake City man faces firearm charges and a civil rights violation after allegedly shooting out windows at the Congregation Kol Ami synagogue last year.

Reading families rewarded with pizza

10/31/2013 9:06am
More than 9,000 families in the last month have done a lot of two things: reading with their kids and eating free pizza.

3 local urban legends may offer grain of truth

10/31/2013 9:37am
Local legends surrounding helpful spirits and hills immune to gravity can sometimes hold a grain of truth.

Sochi prepares for Olympics in less than 100 days

10/31/2013 9:41am
In less than 100 days, the Winter Olympic Games will be kicking off in Sochi, Russia. There is a lot to do in the last hundred days before Opening Ceremonies.

Pacific Islander moms in Utah delivering healthier babies

10/31/2013 10:32am
Pacific Islander moms in Utah have made strides in delivering healthy babies, as the infant mortality rates decreased by almost half.

Halloween most dangerous night of year for kids, report says

10/31/2013 11:15am
Police and parents will be extra vigilant as kids hit the streets for Halloween, a night where twice as many kids will be hit and killed. And they're being even more careful - because of the latest suspicious activity in northern Utah.

Ask a Chef: Perfect flakey dinner rolls

10/31/2013 11:29am
Every week one of the chefs from Harmons Grocery Stores will be answering your toughest culinary questions. This week: How do I get the perfect dinner roll?

BYU students design 'anchored' bike lock

10/31/2013 11:54am
A group of BYU students have invented a new bike lock and say the product could forever alter the way people secure their bikes.

Early-returning LDS missionaries focus of new study

10/31/2013 1:31pm
A new study says that an early return for missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is often accompanied by feelings of failure.

Candy Championship: What's the greatest Halloween treat?

10/31/2013 4:03pm
The battle has been set and the Nightside Project needs your help to find out what is the all-time greatest Halloween treat.

Substitute teacher booked for public intoxication at school, police say

10/31/2013 4:30pm
A substitute teacher in Cache County was arrested on suspicion of intoxication after she fell down on the way to her car.

Texting can decrease relationship quality, BYU study says

10/31/2013 5:35pm
A BYU new study shows men use texting to distance themselves while women use it to connect.

Carbon County sheriff's employee arrested in child sex abuse case

10/31/2013 5:35pm
A civilian employee of the Carbon County Sheriff's Office has been arrested for investigation of rape, aggravated sexual assault of a child and a number of other offenses. John Gerald Shiew, 35, was booked Wednesday into the Emery County Jail.

Medical examiner: Evidence not substantial to rule McNeill death as homicide

10/31/2013 6:20pm
Whether she died from heart disease or drowning, none of the facts or circumstances surrounding Michele MacNeill's death provided sufficient evidence to conclude the death was a homicide, Utah's chief medical examiner told a jury Thursday.

UHP plan DUI blitz on Halloween

10/31/2013 6:29pm
Even though the phrase "Don't Drink and Drive" has been around for decades, the Utah Highway Patrol said they still deal with DUIs every day, and they are especially vigilant on Halloween.

SLC police start new anti-theft campaign

10/31/2013 7:05pm
The Salt Lake City Police Department started a campaign on Thursday called the "Night Out Challenge" in an effort to cut back on theft cases by 25 percent.

Centerville therapist arrested for alleged sexual abuse of teen client

10/31/2013 7:06pm
A clinical social worker was arrested Wednesday by police after investigators say he sexually abused one of his clients.

Catholic, LDS members collaborate on Christmas film

10/31/2013 7:53pm
Catholics and LDS members often work together on humanitarian projects throughout the world, but for the first time, the two faiths have collaborated on a film.

Records missing in Swallow probe, says Utah House committee

10/31/2013 8:19pm
Records a Utah House committee believes it needs to further its inquiry into alleged wrongdoing on the part of Attorney General John Swallow are missing, the committee chairman said.

Old Utah Co. Jail 'very dangerous,' police say

10/31/2013 9:13pm
Police in Provo want to keep people from breaking into the old Utah County Jail on Halloween night.

Man hides $99K in microwave to send to drug dealer

10/31/2013 9:33pm
Police foiled a Utah man's attempt recently to send $99,000 in cash hidden in a microwave oven to a drug dealer in Arizona.

3 cats killed, 2 kittens survive after being tossed from moving truck

10/31/2013 10:03pm
Two kittens were rescued Wednesday by a woman who said she saw them being tossed from a truck driving on I-15.

Body discovered by kids in North Ogden park

10/31/2013 10:31pm
A body was discovered by some kids in a park in North Ogden Thursday evening.

Man allegedly robs Maverik, restrains his mother in car

10/31/2013 10:33pm
A man was arrested for allegedly robbing a convenience store clerk, and the employee on duty at the time was his mother, police said. Now investigators are trying to determine whether the mother played a role in orchestrating her own robbery.

Photos, videos show Halloween celebrated across Utah

10/31/2013 10:36pm
Share the Halloween spirit by sending your holiday-related images, which we will include in this gallery.

Family reunited with missing dog after 5 months

10/31/2013 10:39pm
A family heartbroken by their dog's disappearance got the call they had been hoping for — five months later.

GermWatch App saves time, money at the doctor's office

10/31/2013 10:41pm
Doctors have a new tool at their fingertips to help you get a faster and more accurate diagnosis the next time you or your family is sick.

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