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Help center opening for people fleeing polygamist community

09/18/2013 6:43am
Tonia Tewell took in a family fleeing a polygamist community in 2008, and after working to help find the parents good jobs and schools and clothes for the children, Tewell realized there was a greater need for help than what she and her family could provide.

Power line shocks, critically injures man

09/18/2013 7:01am
A man is in critical condition after being shocked by a power line in Park City.

Gov. may look to his own office for new No. 2

09/18/2013 7:26am
Even though the list of potential lieutenant governor candidates talked about on Capitol Hill keeps getting longer, Gov. Gary Herbert may not be looking outside of his own office.

Man accused of child abuse unaware of U.S. law, police say

09/18/2013 8:03am
A man accused of whipping his two stepsons with an electrical cord in South Salt Lake was not arrested. The children are not in protective custody, either.

Parole, probation inconsistencies costing Utah millions, audit shows

09/18/2013 8:22am
An audit of Utah's Division of Adult Probation and Parole revealed inconsistencies across the state of what will get offenders sent to prison, a problem that is costing Utah millions of dollars.

New website lets buyers offer price for items

09/18/2013 9:42am
Priceline allows customers to bid on airline tickets and see if their offer gets accepted. Now there's a Priceline of sorts for appliances, cameras, electronics, even musical instruments.

We need to be in the business of helping others

09/18/2013 10:05am
Last week, I had the chance to participate in a community service project with many of my coworkers at United Way's Day of Caring. A few days later, headlines turned to the anniversary of Lehman Brother's bankruptcy in 2008. While these two experiences are very different, they caused me to reflect upon the connections that exist among us and the roles that we play in determining how vibrant our community will remain.

'Mountain man' set to take plea deal

09/18/2013 10:29am
The wilderness fugitive accused of burglarizing remote cabins across a wide area of Utah is set to make his first plea from one of the six counties that have stacked charges against him.

Insurance companies sue Army for $1.3M over Machine Gun Fire claims

09/18/2013 11:48am
Two insurance companies sued the Army to recover $1.3 million in claims paid as a result of the 2010 Machine Gun Fire in Herriman.

The rivalry game means more to BYU now

09/18/2013 12:11pm
As crazy as it sounds, the rivalry game means more to BYU than it does to Utah. Although the BYU game certainly is important to the Utes, one former BYU coach believes their season will be judged by the outcomes against Pac-12 opponents.

Another settlement reached in Crandall Canyon Mine tragedy

09/18/2013 1:36pm
The U.S. Department of Labor announced it has reached a settlement with Agapito Associates, the engineering consulting firm that did the analysis on the roof control and pillar safety plan at Crandall Canyon. The government said it was flawed.

5 sports-movie rivals to prep you for 'Rivalry Week'

09/18/2013 2:06pm
It's Rivalry Week, which means tensions are high and everyone is a little on edge. To take off that edge here are five sports-movie rivalries that are perfect metaphors for the BYU-Utah game that you should give a watch.

Man charged after fighting pit bull, neighbor's dog

09/18/2013 5:03pm
A man who allegedly decided to let his pit bull and the neighbor's pit bull work out their differences by dog fighting, has been charged.

Mandatory CPR training for barkeepers proposed by lawmaker

09/18/2013 5:44pm
A death outside an American Fork bar last year prompted a state lawmaker to propose that the state require barkeepers to undergo CPR training.

Count My Vote starts drive to replace Utah's election system

09/18/2013 6:17pm
An initiative petition drive that would replace the state's unique caucus and convention system for selecting political party nominees was launched Wednesday at the state Capitol.

Renowned photographer, corrections officer dies in motorcycle accident

09/18/2013 6:24pm
A Utah Adult Probation and Parole officer, who also became an accomplished photographer, was killed Wednesday in a motorcycle accident.

UHP arrests man for allegedly kidnapping daughter

09/18/2013 6:25pm
Utah Highway Patrol troopers recovered a 5-month-old Arizona girl who was reported to have been kidnapped by her father when they stopped the man's car four miles over the state line on I-15.

Layton baby dies after allegedly being shaken

09/18/2013 7:09pm
An 11-month-old Layton girl suffering from possible shaken baby syndrome has died.

Salt Lake County working to create lead-free homes

09/18/2013 7:18pm
The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative in Salt Lake County is working to eliminate toxic lead- based paint in homes.

5 ways to preserve fall apples

09/18/2013 7:40pm
Fresh apples are in abundance during the fall months. If you are looking for a way to maximize apple-picking season this year, take a look at these five ways to preserve the tastiness of nature's favorite candy.

BLM crews cut down trees, reduce fire danger in Uintah County

09/18/2013 7:52pm
One by one, the pinyon and juniper trees growing on federally managed lands in Dry Fork Canyon are coming down. Not all of them. Just large swaths here and there to create fire breaks.

Air bags alone aren't enough to prevent tragedy, experts say

09/18/2013 8:10pm
The excuse for not wearing a seat belt that an air bag alone will save them in a crash is completely false, experts say.

Candidates hope to pedal on to SLC Police Bike Squad

09/18/2013 8:54pm
The Salt Lake City Police Department's Bike Squad is looking for a few good riders.

Teacher training needed to close achievement gap, lawmakers say

09/18/2013 9:11pm
Members of the Education Interim Committee discussed professional development and teacher training Wednesday.

Man accused of beating girlfriend and shaving girl's head

09/18/2013 10:22pm
Police said they believe a man beat his ex-girlfriend and her three children and partially shaved the head of a 3-year-old girl.

Dixie State University aids police with digital forensics course

09/18/2013 10:41pm
Gathering evidence at a crime scene is key to solving a case, and Dixie State University now offers a digital forensics course to focus on finding evidence on cellphones.

911 calls for fatal shooting of officer released

09/18/2013 10:44pm
A series of 911 calls released Wednesday paint a picture of confusion and fear in a quiet Draper neighborhood on the morning Sgt. Derek Johnson was shot and killed.

Bomb threats called into Utah pharmacies

09/18/2013 10:47pm
Police on Wednesday were investigating a series of reported bomb threats at pharmacies across Utah, and possibly the nation.