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Provo police veteran fighting Ohio workers' comp fraud

09/02/2013 9:27am
A veteran police officer has been hired to lead anti-fraud efforts at the $28 billion state insurance fund for injured workers.

7 stories you may have missed this weekend

09/02/2013 10:44am
We've put together a few of the bigger stories from the weekend that you may have missed.

Primary Children's Medical Center to use old name

09/02/2013 11:41am
Effective Oct. 1, Primary Children's Medical Center will be known by its original name — Primary Children's Hospital.

Backlash anticipated over surprise 'F' grades for some Utah schools

09/02/2013 12:22pm
The State Office of Education will release the first school grades Tuesday under a state law that evaluates schools based on proficiency, participation and progress. But some schools will be surprised at that F grade.

Mercury hits dangerous levels in 2 fish-filled Utah reservoirs

09/02/2013 12:47pm
New testing reveals two additional waterways, Starvation and Recapture reservoirs, are under a mercury advisory issued by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality in conjunction with state health and natural resource agencies.

'Our Republican leaders are failing our schools,' Democratic V.P. says

09/02/2013 4:31pm
The Utah Democratic Party called on the state's Republican lawmakers to support teachers after a recent meeting of the Education Task Force saw the Salt Lake City School District criticized for failing students.

Utah foundation gives $25K to fallen officer's family

09/02/2013 6:03pm
Utah's 1033 Foundation was founded in 2011 to help the families of officers killed in action.

Memorial continues to baffle visitors after decades

09/02/2013 6:38pm
A man who called himself Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder created a memorial that sits off of I-80 from junk and it still holds mysteries.

SLC woman killed in crash on I-215

09/02/2013 9:08pm
A 19-year-old woman died Sunday night when the car she was riding in crashed into a sound wall on I-215.

Gunman wanted to kill a 'uniformed officer,' sheriff says

09/02/2013 10:15pm
The motive of the man who shot and killed Draper Police Sgt. Derek Johnson "was to kill a uniformed police officer in a marked automobile," Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder said Monday.

Thunderstorm causes severe flooding near Panguitch

09/02/2013 10:16pm
An extreme thunderstorm caused severe flooding near the Panguitch Monday afternoon.

2 injured in Cache County rollover

09/02/2013 10:18pm
A Layton man was severely injured in a one-car rollover Sunday near Hardware Ranch.

Utah delegation deliberates over Syria action

09/02/2013 10:23pm
Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, both said they would vote "no" to taking action in Syria based on the current knowledge they have of the situation.

Mona rope swings give Utah teens end-of-summer fun

09/02/2013 10:26pm
A well-known rope swing in Mona provided some end-of-the-summer fun for a group of teenagers Monday.

Land bridge on I-80 to reduce deer-related car accidents

09/02/2013 10:28pm
Construction crews have almost completed a set of tunnels on I-80 near Wendover that will ensure more safety for motorists and wildlife.