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Man shot during home invasion robbery

08/07/2013 7:47am
Police are searching for a man responsible for a brazen home invasion robbery in which one person was shot.

5 of the absolute best breakfast places in Utah

08/07/2013 8:19am
Breakfast is the most important meal for a day full of achievement and perfection. Especially if you're incredibly cool and eat it for every meal, morning, noon, night, second breakfast, elevensies, brunch, supper and midnight snack.

App helps man, police track his stolen phone

08/07/2013 8:52am
The owner of a phone and wallet that were left behind then stolen helped police track them down thanks to an app.

Free fix for cracked phone screen is possible, owner finds

08/07/2013 9:47am
If the screen cracks on your brand new cell phone, repairing it might not be covered under the warranty. Still, you might not be out of luck.

St. George man sentenced for raping 2 children

08/07/2013 10:13am
A 30-year-old St. George man convicted of raping two children over a year and a half is headed to prison for at least 50 years.

Utah Co. milk bank donations exceed expectations

08/07/2013 11:09am
A new Utah County breast milk bank is taking in far more donations than officials expected.

5 spots to watch the Tour of Utah

08/07/2013 11:27am
The Tour of Utah started at Brian Head Tuesday, and while you might not be a big enough fan of biking to follow the entire race, watching the world-class cyclists race through portions of Utah is worth the few hours it may take you.

Man who killed 6-year-old while he was a teenager asks for parole

08/07/2013 11:57am
A man convicted of murdering a 6-year-old boy when he was 16, asked this week to be paroled from prison.

Man burglarized home 4 times while family attended church

08/07/2013 5:21pm
Police arrested a man Monday who they say was involved with "not one but four residential burglaries," at the same home while a family was at church.

Price woman arrested in second pedestrian hit-and-run

08/07/2013 5:50pm
Carbon County sheriff's deputies say Margarita Elena Franco intentionally hit her neighbor with her car on July 15 and again on Aug. 3. Franco has been charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor.

Fugitive flees through attic, onto roof before arrest

08/07/2013 6:37pm
A fugitive with $75,000 in warrants for his arrest led police on an intense foot chase Wednesday morning before he was found hiding behind an air conditioner on a roof.

Wednesday's Child: Trent and Jaide

08/07/2013 6:42pm
The featured Wednesday's Child of the week is a brother and sister who have very different personalities but who have an equal desire for a family.

UTA responds to complaints over delays

08/07/2013 7:06pm
For the last couple of days,UTA has been receiving complaints from passengers about delays around the valley. UTA has recently added more social media employees to answer concerns over delays and line closures.

Rare meteorite fragments on display at Clark Planetarium

08/07/2013 7:13pm
The Clark Planetarium is currently displaying pieces of a shattered meteorite. Upon passage through the earth's atmosphere, the Chelyabinsk meteor broke into millions of pieces. Meteorite enthusiasts converged on the site where the pieces made contact with the ground and Clark Planetarium now has three of those fragments on exhibit.

Utah cities requesting tax increases to fund new schools, roads

08/07/2013 8:07pm
The Jordan School District has recently requested for an almost $500 million bond to help pay for more schools, but many other cities are also demanding for higher taxes to pay for newer facilities.

Man faces charges after having seizures while driving, killing woman

08/07/2013 8:47pm
A Salt Lake City man who suffered a seizure while driving and crashed into a car, resulting in a woman's death, now faces manslaughter charges.

9 Granger High football players treated for heat exhaustion

08/07/2013 8:52pm
Nine Granger High School football players were transported to area hospitals Wednesday after apparently suffering heat exhaustion at practice.

Unified Fire Authority paramedic charged with prescription fraud

08/07/2013 9:39pm
A paramedic with an 18-year history working for the Unified Fire Authority has been charged with prescription fraud.

Family struck by lightning while driving, films incident

08/07/2013 10:45pm
A family was struck by lightning while driving in their car in southern Utah and they captured the incident on video.

Nevada man advertises home as 'tiny country' to tourists

08/07/2013 11:07pm
If you enter the Republic of Molossia in Dayton, Nevada, be prepared to put up with the whims of a finicky dictator.

Simulation demonstrates dangers of drowsy driving

08/07/2013 11:30pm
The Department of Public Safety teamed up with UDOT to simulate how dangerous drowsy driving can be during a staged demonstration Wednesday evening.

Salt Lake County Jail erroneously releases rape suspect

08/07/2013 11:37pm
Police were searching Wednesday night for a man accused of rape who was erroneously released from Salt Lake County Jail.