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Latino students outpace others in educational improvements

07/25/2013 8:00am
Educators say proficiency ratings are going up for students across the board in Utah. But, improvements among one demographic are outpacing other groups.

NSA center may hold less data than expected, blueprints show

07/25/2013 9:42am
The new NSA data center in Bluffdale apparently won't hold as much data as previously thought, according to expert interpretation of blueprints obtained by Forbes.

4 things Utah football needs to return to its winning ways

07/25/2013 10:46am
Since moving into the Pac-12, winning hasn't come as easy for the Utah football program. For that to change this upcoming season, four things need to happen.

3 out of 4 U.S. members of LDS Church live in West, study shows

07/25/2013 11:14am
Nearly three-fourths of American Latter-day Saints live in the West, and four in 10 live in Utah, new figures from the Pew Research Center show.

Judge orders Sloop to stand trial for murder

07/25/2013 11:28am
Prosecutors on Thursday will try to convince a judge to make Nathan Sloop eligible for the death penalty under Shelby's Law. Sloop is accused of murder in the death of his 4-year- old stepson.

2 West Valley teens suffer carbon monoxide poisoning, police say

07/25/2013 11:46am
A teenager was found unconscious and a second teen was close to unconscious at their West Valley home Thursday due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Can you be a great father and employee?

07/25/2013 11:47am
Increasingly, dads are finding themselves struggling to figure out how to "have it all" — a career and time with their families. The pressure for men to be dedicated to their job persists, but dads are working hard to make family time a priority.

Police look for man suspected of voyeurism

07/25/2013 4:06pm
Police are asking the public to help them find a man suspected of being a peeping Tom.

Trial date set for Burmese man accused of killing 7-year-old

07/25/2013 5:09pm
A new trial date has been set for Esar Met, a Burmese man charged with the brutal killing and sexual assault of a 7-year-old neighbor girl in 2008.

Competency of man accused of murdering Sierra Newbold questioned

07/25/2013 5:18pm
A hearing about the evidence against a man accused of kidnapping, murdering and raping 6-year-old Sierra Newbold has been postponed amid questions about his mental competency.

Missing Cache County camper found

07/25/2013 5:38pm
Search and rescue teams found Ogden resident Jerry Duran, the camper that has been missing since Wednesday.

Vernal man arrested for allegedly stabbing brother with screwdriver

07/25/2013 6:57pm
Police said that alcohol was a factor that led to a violent confrontation between two brothers, which resulted in one man being stabbed with a screwdriver.

3rd bank robbery by robber wearing hat and mask

07/25/2013 6:59pm
A man wearing a knit cap and transparent Halloween mask robbed a South Salt Lake bank Thursday.

Ogden man hit and killed by car

07/25/2013 7:09pm
An Ogden man was killed Thursday in an early morning auto- pedestrian accident, and long-time friends and neighbors said they had fears about the often busy road where the crash took place.

Provo 'mermaid' entertains at festivals, parties

07/25/2013 7:31pm
A Provo teacher decided to make the most of her summer months by transforming into a mermaid to continue bringing joy to children.

Alleged 'Mountain Man' burglar to represent himself in court

07/25/2013 8:26pm
The accused mountain-man burglar fired his public defender Thursday, telling the judge he wants to represent himself in court.

Fatalities prompt future changes for The Wave

07/25/2013 9:01pm
Bureau of Land Management officials are considering actions to improve hiking safety after the summer's third fatality occurred Monday near The Wave.

National horseshoe championship held in Utah

07/25/2013 9:22pm
More than 1,000 people from around the world are in St. George competing in the world championship of horseshoes.

More Utah kids than ever go back to year-round school

07/25/2013 9:39pm
Back to school seems like it should still be weeks away, but not for thousands of students who attend year-round school.

Snow ousted as Swallow investigative committee chairman

07/25/2013 9:43pm
Speaker of the House Rebecca Lockhart announced today that the House committee to investigate Utah's Attorney General has a new chairman, Rep. Jim Dunnigan.

Man admits to attempted murder in kidnapping, police say

07/25/2013 10:06pm
A 21-year-old man accused of kidnapping two women and attempting to kill one of them, after buying her breakfast, was arrested by Salt Lake City police.

Missionary released from hospital after gruesome train derailment in Spain

07/25/2013 10:37pm
In the aftermath of a high-speed train derailment that killed at least 80 people, an 18-year-old from Bountiful is in the hospital having survived the crash. Thursday, he was released from the hospital.

Boy recovers after lawnmower propels nail into heart

07/25/2013 10:43pm
Like many 12-year-old boys, Abe Tullis plays soccer and practices the piano. But unlike other kids his age, an accident thwarted Abe's health and he is lucky to be alive.

Dumpster divers being cited by Unified Police

07/25/2013 10:46pm
Dumpster divers in Taylorsville are getting a surprise citation of theft as the city and police crack down on an activity officials say is not only stealing, but a safety issue.

Sergeant uses sports to reach out to struggling veterans

07/25/2013 10:47pm
Recognized recently with a bronze star, Sgt. Josh Hansen received a different recognition at a Bees game Thursday night.

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