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Residents warned to restrict water usage or lose some access

07/15/2013 7:47am
Water managers in northern Utah say they're stepping up their efforts to keep people from watering when they shouldn't. With water levels looking like they currently do in northern Utah, regulators say they have to do more to protect the supply.

6 stories you missed this weekend

07/15/2013 7:56am
We've put together a few of the bigger stories from the weekend that you may have missed. Click the headlines to read the full story.

Website aims to make air travelers happier

07/15/2013 8:11am
Whether a great price, entertainment options or roomier seats matter most to you when flying, a new website helps you find the flight that will make you happiest.

City Creek 'single most important thing to happen to SLC in 50 years'

07/15/2013 8:21am
A recent New York times article says the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spent hundreds of millions of dollars on City Creek Mall and it analyzed whether or not the Church's investment paid off.

Beat the heat: keeping your parked car cool

07/15/2013 10:54am
When temperatures in Utah approach the triple digits, it can practically turn our cars into little ovens. In fact, the interior of cars can reach upwards of 140 degrees remarkably fast making the heat of parked cars more than just a nuisance - it can be dangerous.

Study shows the ways flip-flops damage feet

07/15/2013 11:24am
When the weather heats up, people tend to wear more open, airy clothes and shoes in an effort to cool down. A popular summer shoe choice for many is a pair of flip-flops, but people may not realize the damage they are causing their feet.

Utah has largest weddings, youngest brides, survey says

07/15/2013 11:31am
A recent survey from the wedding planning site "The Knot" shows that Utah leads the nation in younger brides and large, casual weddings.

Funeral held for scout who died at camp

07/15/2013 12:18pm
The funeral is underway in Cedar Hills for the 14-year-old boy who died last week at a scout camp. Dozens of scouts in uniform came out to show their support and respect for Bruce Rhiddlehoover who passed away last week after slipping under the wheels of a trailer at a scout camp in Sanpete County.

5 kids' TV shows adults can enjoy

07/15/2013 2:04pm
For many parents, TV time for kids is work or relaxation time for adults. When the TV goes on, mom and dad can usually catch their breath for a minute and have some free time.

Man accused of impregnating 13-year-old he met on Facebook faces charges

07/15/2013 3:33pm
A 24-year-old Sandy man accused of having a sexual "relationship" with a 13-year-old girl he met on Facebook, injecting her with heroin and getting her pregnant, now faces criminal charges.

Canceled school bus route nearly leaves kids walking in street

07/15/2013 4:38pm
After a bus route was canceled last week, students in Syracuse and Layton were facing the possibility of walking along the side of a busy road with no sidewalk to get to school. Parents, district and city officials came together to prevent that.

Ex-teacher sentenced in sex abuse case

07/15/2013 5:29pm
A veteran Ogden school teacher has been sentenced to prison for sexually abusing two 13-year-old boys.

Salesman arrested after allegedly scamming Cache County couple

07/15/2013 6:21pm
A Utah couple was scammed out of hundreds of dollars when a door-to-door salesman sold them an air purifier for nearly six times its value.

Police mum on charges filed in Jordan High hazing case

07/15/2013 6:58pm
Charges were filed in juvenile court following a months long investigation of hazing involving members of the Jordan High School wrestling team. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sam Gill and Sandy police would not say how many students were charged.

Peregrine falcon dies after flying into glass wall in downtown SLC

07/15/2013 7:49pm
One of the peregrine falcolns that nests in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and has captured the attention of Utahns around the state has died, according to officials.

Wedding crashers' theft foiled by quick-acting guests

07/15/2013 7:53pm
In their 2005 hit comedy, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn crashed weddings for laughs. On Friday night, police say Richard Duran and Tarnya Muir crashed a wedding for cash.

W. Jordan man dead after Utah band's van overturns in Ill.

07/15/2013 8:03pm
Authorities say a 19-year-old man was killed and six people injured when a van carrying the Utah band Dark Seas overturned on Interstate 88 in northwestern Illinois.

Friends speculating on Facebook about hit-and-run death

07/15/2013 8:19pm
Authorities in Utah County say a 17-year-old boy may have been walking home Friday night when he was hit and killed by a car. They still don't know who was driving, or why that person didn't stop. It appears the teen's parents are turning to Facebook for some answers.

Massage parlor owner sentenced to prison for sex trafficking

07/15/2013 8:27pm
A Salt Lake massage parlor owner will serve five years to life in prison for coercing a 17- year-old girl and her mother into prostitution.

Officer justified in shooting man in West Valley police lobby

07/15/2013 8:37pm
A West Valley police sergeant who shot an armed man inside the lobby of the police department was justified in using deadly force, the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office said Monday.

Local hospital worker still going strong after 55 years on the job

07/15/2013 9:03pm
In 1959, Wilene Lowther came through the doors at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center and began working in the lab as a technician. She says she actually didn't think she'd be here that long.

Motorcycle medics saving lives by reaching patients faster

07/15/2013 9:22pm
When there's a medical emergency, seconds can make the difference in saving a life. And because of that, the Davis County Sheriff's Office is putting its paramedics on motorcycles, ensuring they're first to the scene to treat the patient immediately.

More added to Legislature's special session agenda

07/15/2013 10:08pm
Three items have been added to the agenda of Wednesday's special session of the Utah Legislature, called primarily to handle issues related to the House investigation of Attorney General John Swallow.

Want to be productive? Stop multitasking

07/15/2013 10:14pm
Technology seems to make multitasking easier, but most people use it improperly, thus becoming even less productive.

Man critical after motorcycle crash on Bangerter Hwy.

07/15/2013 10:35pm
A motorcycle driver was in critical condition Monday night after a crash on Bangerter Highway.

Officials surprised at slow start to fire season

07/15/2013 10:41pm
It may seem like we've had a quiet fire season so far, but Jason Curry, a spokesman for the Utah Division of Forestry, said we're not out of the woods yet.