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Mother of teen murder suspect admits to obstructing justice

07/11/2013 7:22am
A Moab woman has admitted that she lied to Grand County sheriff's deputies during their investigation into the killing of her boyfriend. The woman's 17-year-old son and another teen are accused of killing the man.

Marine Corps offers many diverse job opportunities for recruits

07/11/2013 7:58am
Each year, 17,000 young men graduate from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. After boot camp, they head off for more training in their chosen fields of expertise. Statistics show 99 percent are high school graduates.

Hospital nearly harvests live woman's organs, fined $6,000

07/11/2013 11:10am
A woman who was still alive nearly had her organs harvested at a New York Hospital in 2009. The hospital was fined $6,000 for the incident.

The BYU-Utah rivalry will return, so what changed?

07/11/2013 11:28am
After announcing a year ago the BYU-Utah football rivalry was going to take a two year hiatus, Utah athletic director Chris Hill said this week that the rivalry will return. Why the change?

5 unique Utah splash pads

07/11/2013 12:53pm
Temperatures have been record-breaking this summer and many people are looking for the best ways to beat the heat. If you have kids, chances are you need new ideas on how to keep your family cool.

Transformer sparks fire near subdivision

07/11/2013 1:44pm
An exploding transformer started a fire in the Farmington foothills Wednesday night. It was one of several fires that kept crews busy around the state.

Provo man arrested after alleged threats to bomb 3 buildings

07/11/2013 3:21pm
A Provo man was charged in federal court with possessing an illegal machine gun. The investigation into Keith Max Pierce began after he allegedly made statements about bombing three buildings in Provo.

Scientists see uptick in pollutants amid Utah and surrounding fires

07/11/2013 4:38pm
Wildfires in and around Utah are affecting the state's air quality, and as the mountains emerge from the smoke and smog, scientists are looking into how poor the air quality actually is.

Police locate, arrest woman accused of abandoning baby

07/11/2013 4:47pm
A woman who allegedly left an infant boy in a stroller alone under a tree was arrested Thursday.

Man in red mask robs SLC Zions Bank; police still searching for suspect

07/11/2013 5:04pm
Police are searching for a man who robbed a Zions Bank while wearing a red mask Thursday morning.

Utah leaders, legislators want movement on immigration reform

07/11/2013 5:33pm
U.S. House Republicans, including Utah's delegation, overwhelmingly came down against the proposed overhaul and as Congress reconvenes this week, House Republicans say they're starting over.

Midvale man finds niche in framing exotic bugs

07/11/2013 5:58pm
A small store in Midvale is infested with bugs — thousands of them — and the owner wouldn't have it any other way.

Mom trying to find man who helped son with seizure at parade

07/11/2013 6:46pm
Jaime McKee never got the name of the man who helped her son get to the hospital when he had a seizure July 4, but she'd like to meet him to offer her thanks.

Missing hikers found near Tony Grove

07/11/2013 7:23pm
Search and rescue teams have found the couple that went missing after setting off for a hike. They left for the hike Wednesday morning and didn't return home that night.

SLC judge who allegedly distributed Oxycodone appears in court

07/11/2013 8:11pm
A suspended Salt Lake City Justice Court judge appeared in court for the first time Thursday after facing felony drug distribution charges.

Judge allows man who killed wife with car to pursue new trial

07/11/2013 8:52pm
A man convicted of killing his wife by striking her with a truck and leaving her on the side of the road can continue his pursuit of a new trial for the time being, a judge ruled Thursday.

Attorney: Officer arrested for stealing pain pills 'not a corrupt cop'

07/11/2013 9:14pm
The attorney for a former West Valley police officer accused of stealing pain pills from a dead man's house said extreme stress and personal issues took their toll.

Farmington residents disgusted by stinky, yellow water

07/11/2013 9:31pm
Tyler Seamons prepared a bath for his 3-year- old son Wednesday night at their home in Farmington and was surprised to discover the water in the tub was yellow and smelled of sulfur.

Scout leader could face charges for shooting bear at camp

07/11/2013 9:59pm
Food, including bars of Snickers, were left out on a picnic table. Even with a crowd of 500 Scouts, the bear didn't move. A Scout leader felt the only option was to shoot it.

Sandy man helps save elderly woman aboard flight to Australia

07/11/2013 10:17pm
A Sandy man used his medical training to help save an elderly woman aboard a flight to Australia after she went unconscious.

Lehi woman's wedding ring retrieved from sewer by city crew

07/11/2013 11:59pm
When a distressed mother called to report her youngest child had flushed her wedding ring down a toilet, Lehi's water department rushed to help.