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Rock slides close trail at Dinosaur National Monument

06/21/2013 6:49am
The National Park Service has closed the popular Jones Hole Trail and surrounding lands inside Dinosaur National Monument because of "an active rock slide."

Man held on $105K bail after church shooting

06/21/2013 7:11am
An Ogden man charged with shooting his father-in-law while the man attended church services will continue to be held on more than $100,000 cash-only bail.

'Cantastic' smells success cleaning stinky garbage cans

06/21/2013 7:39am
A story that started with stinky garbage cans now smells like success for a unique Salt Lake company.

4 ways to go camping without pitching a tent

06/21/2013 8:41am
There are some among us who are happy to pitch a tent and sleep on the ground, but others prefer to enjoy nature from a real bed and be able to charge their cell phone. If your preferences align with the former and hoping to head to the great outdoors this weekend, check out reservations at any of these more luxurious camping spots.

Fire officials warn Utahns to heed firework restrictions, be smart

06/21/2013 8:58am
Fire authorities are warning residents of risks and restrictions associated with fireworks, especially as hot and dry weather continues.

Man arrested after early-morning standoff

06/21/2013 9:31am
A man was arrested Friday morning after an early-morning standoff with police.

Fishermen work to catch carp, clear Utah Lake water by 2017

06/21/2013 9:33am
Utah Lake isn't known for being the cleanest water in the Beehive State, but the Utah Lake Commission says it has a plan to make the lake crystal clear in less than five years.

Man allegedly beat grandmother to death in Sandy home

06/21/2013 9:34am
Police are investigating the death of an 86- year-old woman, who, police say, was beaten to death with a golf club.

Opinion: Congress must extend low rates for student loans

06/21/2013 11:48am
There has been significant discussion in Congress about access to affordable higher education, the role of the government in attaining it and the priorities our nation places on a highly educated workforce.

Layton man to serve 5 1/2 years in prison for double bank robbery

06/21/2013 12:11pm
A Layton man pleaded guilty Thursday to robbing a Zions Bank and will serve 66 months in federal prison.

SLC doctor to perform 'healing poetry' at Utah Arts Festival

06/21/2013 1:57pm
The Utah Arts Festival takes place in Salt Lake City this weekend, and a Utah doctor is taking the stage as an unlikely performer.

Man injured in burglary made up story about stabbing

06/21/2013 2:00pm
Provo police responded to a reported stabbing Friday morning only to arrest the alleged stabbing victim for an early morning burglary.

Free movies playing in the park this summer

06/21/2013 3:09pm
Several cities in Utah are sponsoring free movie nights in the park this summer. Bring a blanket or folding chairs, a Costco-size tub of Red Vines, and watch a movie under the stars.

Swimsuit modesty speech sees viral rebuttal

06/21/2013 4:06pm
A swimsuit designer's recent speech about swimwear and modesty sparked a viral blog post that rebuts the designer's claims.

'We're not going to let evil come in,' says wife of church shooting victim

06/21/2013 4:30pm
Congregants and family of man shot Sunday find healing during liturgy of reparation held at the St. James the Just Catholic Church, Thursday.

Parent stops armed teen who allegedly threatened violence at school

06/21/2013 5:39pm
A teenage boy is in police custody after witnesses say he walked into a South Jordan elementary school armed with two knives and threatened to kill people. Parents say they aren't happy with how the school handled the intruder.

Friends, neighbors remember Lake Powell victims

06/21/2013 5:40pm
Friends, roommates and neighbors are remembering three women who were victims in a Lake Powell boating accident Thursday.

LDS missionary from Salt Lake killed in accidental electrocution

06/21/2013 6:14pm
Elder Siosiua Andrew Taufa, 20, of Salt Lake City, a missionary serving in the Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Wednesday after coming into contact with a high-voltage wire atop a building.

Technical problems hinder search for missing women in Lake Powell

06/21/2013 6:57pm
A shortened second day of searching for the bodies of two women presumed dead in Lake Powell ended Friday with little success.

Man allegedly exposing himself to children at Lehi lemonade stands

06/21/2013 7:01pm
Police are searching for a man who has been targeting lemonade stands in a Lehi neighborhood and exposing himself to children.

SLC Council uphold $8 million tax increase despite mayor's veto

06/21/2013 7:01pm
The Salt Lake City Council convened Friday morning to override Mayor Ralph Becker's veto of the 2013-14 budget and accompanying 13.8 percent property tax increase, succeeding with a 5-2 supermajority vote.

Neighbors respond with kindness after teen with autism has bike stolen

06/21/2013 7:33pm
A young man lost his freedom earlier this week when somebody stole his bicycle. The 18-year- old has autism and his bike was his link to the world away from home. When his neighbors found out, they made sure he still had something to ride.

Utahns donate $20K in spare change to homeless

06/21/2013 8:12pm
For the past two years, people walking throughout the downtown Salt Lake City area have been able to deposit their spare change into the refurbished red meters. The change has been counted and over $20,000 will go to the homeless.

Wendover airport gets $500K fire truck with help of FAA, local casinos

06/21/2013 10:10pm
The Federal Aviation Association wants smaller airports across the country to replace outdated emergency equipment in case of a tragedy. Wendover Airport wasn't sure how it would pay for a new fire truck until some local casinos stepped up to help.

Blind entrepreneur turns whip-making hobby into business

06/21/2013 10:17pm
Jeremiah S. Espinoza was never satisfied with the whips he could buy as a teenager, so he learned how to make his own. Now the Vernal man with Leber's optic neuropathy has turned his passion into a growing business.

Utah's own driverless car created by Cache County company

06/21/2013 10:39pm
You may soon be able to put your car on autopilot thanks to a Cache Valley company that's teamed up with Ford. Using motion sensors and GPS, they've created Utah's own driverless car.

Wildfire burns 10 acres in mountains above Cedar Hills

06/21/2013 11:06pm
Firefighters were able to quickly get the upper hand on a small wildfire that started Friday afternoon in the mountains above Cedar Hills. Although the damage was minimal, the fear of more to come remains great.

Judge denies bail reduction for doctor accused of killing ex-wife

06/21/2013 11:20pm
A judge ruled Friday that John Wall, who is charged with killing his ex-wife, Uta von Schwedler, will continue be held on $1.5 million cash-only bail.