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Man shot, calls for help from convenience store parking lot

06/17/2013 7:33am
A man drove himself to a convenience store parking lot to call for help after being shot while sitting in his car at a nearby park Sunday night.

6 stories you missed this weekend

06/17/2013 7:59am
We've put together a few of the bigger local stories from the weekend that you may have missed.

Man's body found following report of bad odor

06/17/2013 9:53am
The body of a man believed to be dead for several days was found in a duplex early Monday after the owner in the other half reported a foul smell.

Opinion: What the standard is for impeachment

06/17/2013 10:16am
With increasing discussions about impeaching embattled Attorney General John Swallow, there is also increasing discussion on what the standard really is for impeachment.

Scout council demands apology from leaders who marched in Pride parade

06/17/2013 10:33am
The Great Salt Lake Council of Boy Scouts is demanding an apology from two Scout leaders after they marched in the Utah Pride Parade at the beginning of June.

Ask a cop: Stories, thanks from Utah residents

06/17/2013 10:57am
Have you ever wanted to ask a cop a question but have either been too afraid or had warrants? Well now is your chance through the safety of the Internet. Today, Officer Anonymous posts emails sent to him by readers wanting to thank police.

Tips to keep you and your family safe this fire season

06/17/2013 11:21am
As temperatures in Utah continue to rise, it is important to remember that so does the likelihood of fires. Knowing how to be safe and how to reduce your possibility of starting a fire can save your home, your car, your campground or even your life.

Utah research station simulates life on Mars

06/17/2013 11:42am
Research teams living and working at the Mars Desert Research Station have gathered valuable information that may one day be used if humans travel to Mars.

Woman killed dog by spraying Raid down throat, police say

06/17/2013 2:52pm
A woman was arrested after police say she killed her dog by spraying insecticide down its throat.

Chairs painted by Utah artists to be auctioned for charity

06/17/2013 3:26pm
Thirteen Utah artists have partnered with RC Willey and the Huntsman Cancer Institute to create unique painted chairs for a charity auction this week.

Man dies trying to cliff jump at Flaming Gorge

06/17/2013 4:45pm
A 24-year-old man died Saturday while trying to cliff dive in the Big Firehole area of Flaming Gorge.

Number of stay-at-home dads on the rise

06/17/2013 6:31pm
Figures recently compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau show the number of stay-at-home dads has doubled in the past decade.

Ashley National Forest officials ask visitors to be careful with campfires

06/17/2013 6:45pm
High winds, dry conditions and hot summer weather combined meaning lighting any kind of fire could be dangerous in eastern Utah. While not explicitly restricting fires, officials are asking people to be careful.

Miss Utah's pageant answer flub goes viral

06/17/2013 6:56pm
The Miss USA crown was awarded Sunday night to the contestant from Connecticut, but it is Miss Utah who was getting the most attention Monday morning.

Man charged with automobile homicide after girl dies in ATV accident

06/17/2013 7:01pm
Miranda Anderson was on an ATV last month when it veered off a road and into some trees. Miranda was wearing a helmet, but hit a low hanging branch and didn't survive the accident.

The Leonardo exhibits 101 inventions that changed the world

06/17/2013 7:53pm
Eight scientists chose creations that affected mankind in eight key time periods. The Leonardo curators call it an unforgettable multisensory experience, tying in the telephone, X-ray photography, TV and everything in between.

Vai Sikahema says he owes success to father

06/17/2013 8:24pm
Vai Sikahema played in the 1984 National Championship BYU football team and now he has a successful career in broadcasting. In his own words, Sikahema he told KSL TV why he believes he owes his success to his father.

6-hour SWAT standoff ends when house is found empty

06/17/2013 9:59pm
West Jordan police were attempting to serve an arrest warrant to Albert Chavez Monday morning when they believed the man fled into his home and refused to come out.

No clear motive in Catholic Mass shooting; victim expected to survive

06/17/2013 10:16pm
James Evans, Jennings' father-in-law, was in the back pew of the church with his family. Without saying a word, Jennings went over to Evans, and just as he had knelt down to pray, allegedly shot him in the head, police say. A day later, they're still searching for a motive.

Recent crashes at new I-15 interchange have drivers concerned

06/17/2013 11:16pm
The I-15 interchange with U.S. Highway 6 in Spanish Fork has seen a couple of semitrailer rollovers in the last month. The problem, drivers say, is the new configuration of the off-ramp created during the I-15 CORE project.

Majority of Utah voters want Swallow impeached, poll shows

06/17/2013 11:59pm
The results of a new BYU poll show that support for embattled Utah Attorney General John Swallow is "extremely low," hovering at around 12 percent.