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Utahns seek comfort, hope in time of national tragedy

04/26/2013 7:09am
Some churches have seen increased attendance since the Boston bombings. Others have noticed a change in message of the sermons or prayers, as people seek comfort and hope.

Man arrested after texting wrong number for marijuana

04/26/2013 7:58am
A Logan man received a text from a stranger asking if he knew anyone with marijuana. Police asked the man to play along and set up a meeting with the mysterious texter, and he was busted.

Would-be robber leaves empty handed from bank

04/26/2013 8:33am
West Valley police released photos of a man who they say tried to rob a bank but left empty handed when it took too long.

Rider killed when motorcycle crashes into river

04/26/2013 9:18am
A Payson teenager died after losing control while riding a motorcycle in Payson Canyon.

Man who attempted suicide shares story of hope

04/26/2013 10:01am
We don't often hear from those who have attempted to take their life — because it's just not something we talk about. But there are many who struggle with the stigmas and shame that come with suicide. One young man told his story to offer hope and insight.

LDS missionaries thwart burglary

04/26/2013 10:42am
Two missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints caught a burglar at their neighbor's house in the Phoenix area Tuesday night as they returned home from proselyting.

17 soldiers leaving Utah to serve in Kosovo

04/26/2013 12:04pm
Less than 24 hours after Utah families welcomed home 150 soldiers from a year-long deployment to Afghanistan, another group of solders is headed out, this time to Kosovo.

Carbon Co. police chief donates own pay raise to secretary

04/26/2013 2:32pm
When a Carbon County police chief was offered a raise recently, he decided to pass it along to his receptionist instead.

Vandals steal air conditioning units from churches for their copper

04/26/2013 5:19pm
Metal pipes were cut at the joints and the wire snipped away, and police say all the damage will bring in maybe $100 for the thieves.

'People I will kill' list leads to house arrest for 14-year-old Heber boy

04/26/2013 6:15pm
A Heber boy is under house arrest after he was discovered with a list of people he was allegedly planning to hurt.

Matheson letter confronts Congress over Obamacare

04/26/2013 6:28pm
It is a very unusual move for a Congressman to criticize leadership in such a public way, but Utah Congressman Jim Matheson did just that. While his motivation may be ethical, it's also clearly political.

SUU rugby player charged with rape

04/26/2013 6:34pm
A member of SUU's rugby team has been charged with raping a woman near the school's campus.

Trying to help family in need, man falls victim to extortionists

04/26/2013 6:56pm
A man says he was trying to help a family in need when he ended up getting caught in a trap by extortionists.

Cottonwood Heights man would rather move than give up 30 pet snakes

04/26/2013 7:15pm
Close to 30 boa constrictors and over 80 dead rats are housed inside a home in Cottonwood Heights and cops says it's illegal. A man must decide whether to give up his pets or move.

WWII-era Japanese-American newspaper on display during weekend festival

04/26/2013 8:16pm
A very old newspaper published by a local Salt Lake family that played a big role in serving the Japanese community here during most of the 1900's will be one of the featured exhibits at the annual Japan Festival in Salt Lake.

St. George girl solves McDonald's cheeseburger conundrum with science experiment

04/26/2013 9:13pm
Three months ago Jocelyn Hummel read an article in a national publication that stated a McDonald's cheeseburger wouldn't rot. She was skeptical and decided to slice through the sizzle and get down to the science.

Sinkhole on 5400 South causes major traffic delays

04/26/2013 9:18pm
A sinkhole reaching 20 feet deep has closed lanes through a busy Taylorsville intersection, likely to last through the weekend.

Burglars hit hardware store 4 times; police hope video leads to arrest

04/26/2013 9:56pm
A rash of burglaries has a small Sanpete County community concerned and a little confused. But police believe surveillance video is going to finally bust these crooks.

How one man defeated his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis

04/26/2013 10:22pm
Type 2 diabetes is a growing health problem in the U.S. But one Utah man shows how it's possible to overcome a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis and become healthy again.

Larry Miller's sons speak candidly about their father's diabetes

04/26/2013 10:36pm
Friday would have been Larry H. Miller's 69th birthday, but complications from diabetes took his life four years ago.

Chaffetz: Investigators need to take closer look at bombing suspects

04/26/2013 11:08pm
Some lawmakers want to know if the accused Boston bombers were really working alone when they set off two bombs at last week's marathon. Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz appeared on C-SPAN Friday asking federal investigators to take a closer look into the case.

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