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Celebrity attorney expects more cases thrown out in West Valley

04/22/2013 8:37am
A high-profile attorney who has defended the likes of Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder fully expects more drug cases to be thrown out in West Valley City.

Utah business leaders push for more skilled worker visas

04/22/2013 9:51am
Utah business leaders want to see more visas for highly skilled, high-tech workers after the last batch of the visas vanished in just five days.

Fiancee of man shot at Maverick arrested for obstruction of justice

04/22/2013 12:10pm
The fiancee of Sione Fakatoufifita, 19, shot and killed outside a convenience store parking lot, has been arrested for investigation of obstruction of justice.

Utah water official says too early to water lawns

04/22/2013 1:16pm
Cities are turning on their secondary water systems but water watchers say that doesn't mean it's time to start watering the lawn.

Mother gives birth on front lawn

04/22/2013 5:43pm
A Nibley woman was simply hoping to have a less-painful childbirth experience with her third son. Instead, she ended up giving birth in her front yard when her contractions escalated faster than she could get to the hospital.

Potential bomb threat closes Highway 163

04/22/2013 6:28pm
Utah Highway Patrol has confirmed it is assisting in the closure of Highway 163 after San Juan County officials were alerted to a potential bomb threat.

Riverton High teacher arrested, charged with rape of student

04/22/2013 6:58pm
A Riverton High School teacher has been arrested and charged with rape of a student. Courtney Jarrell, 22, submitted her resignation as a math teacher and girls basketball coach last week.

Man runs out of gas during high-speed police chase, arrested

04/22/2013 7:06pm
Police caught a rare break during a high speed police chase when a suspected criminal ran out of gasoline on Legacy Highway and slowly rolled into an arrest.

Feds dismiss 97th West Valley case

04/22/2013 7:17pm
Federal prosecutors have dismissed another case involving the West Valley Police Department, bringing the total number of dismissed cases to 97.

Mike Lee critical of current immigration bill's size

04/22/2013 7:31pm
At a Heritage Foundation lecture titled "The Conservative Agenda," Utah Sen. Mike Lee walked a fine line — critical of the size of the current immigration proposal but supportive of both reform and of keeping hearings on track.

Man accused of assault gets plea deal after marrying victim

04/22/2013 8:26pm
Prosecutors have offered a plea deal to a man accused of kidnapping and assaulting his ex-girlfriend in light of the man's marriage to his victim.

Program aims to help Utahns in service professions buy homes

04/22/2013 8:29pm
A national program that offers home rebates and discounts to those who serve their country and communities has made its way to Utah.

Father of The 5 Browns' appeal denied by judge

04/22/2013 9:33pm
The Utah Court of Appeals will not hear an appeal filed by the father of the classically-trained piano group The 5 Browns, who was sent to prison for sexually abusing his daughters when they were children.

Possible pipe bomb discovered at Layton elementary school

04/22/2013 9:33pm
A bomb scare at Mountain View Elementary School on Monday resulted in the evacuation of students and cancellation of classes.

Police identify body found in Uintah County field

04/22/2013 9:38pm
Johnny Olsen readily acknowledges that his son had a few scrapes with the law, but says he was finally "going down the right path."

FLDS investigated for alleged child labor

04/22/2013 9:59pm
The Labor Department began investigating Southern Utah Pecan Ranch after a CNN report in December showed FLDS Church children working in pecan groves near Hurricane.

'Welcoming community' critical for refugees

04/22/2013 10:27pm
Thousands of refugees come to the United State every year facing language, cultural and employment barriers. The people who help them settle say that those challenges can be made easier by one thing: a friend.

45 contracted workers laid off after Kennecott slide

04/22/2013 11:59pm
Kennecott received clearance Monday to inspect part of the copper pit buried in the massive landslide earlier this month, but has cut back on various contracted projects.

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