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Competition from charter schools helps traditional schools, study shows

04/17/2013 6:57am
It looks like competition is helping Utah schools. Research shows having charter schools nearby increases the achievement at traditional public schools.

Police searching for man who robbed 7-Eleven

04/17/2013 7:41am
Police are asking for information about an "armed and dangerous" man who robbed a convenience store early Tuesday.

How much do data brokers know about you?

04/17/2013 7:59am
What do we buy? Who do we love? Are we on a diet? Are we expecting a child? While many of us hope some of this is private information, often it is not. Data brokers are growing as companies.

Canyons superintendent resigns to work in education reform

04/17/2013 8:33am
David Doty has been the superintendent since 2008 when the district was created. He will be leaving to lead the Utah-based education reform company, Education Direction.

6 'epic' announcements Provo could make today

04/17/2013 8:37am
Provo City is expected to make an "epic" announcement Wednesday that will put the city on the national map.

Cancer during pregnancy: Mother shares inspiring story

04/17/2013 8:39am
Kristen Montgomery was 17 weeks pregnant when she found out she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Had she not been pregnant, she's not sure the tumor would have grown large enough to be detected.

What commercial real estate is telling Utah's economy

04/17/2013 11:22am
Living in Utah, it's not uncommon to hear good economic news. In fact, sometimes it can seem a little hard to believe. And whether you know it or not, commercial real estate is a great indicator of how the economy is doing.

Email rules loosened for LDS missionaries

04/17/2013 12:20pm
The Mormon church's strict rules about email communication for missionaries have been loosened a bit.

Dead Sea Scrolls, 600 artifacts to exhibit at The Leonardo

04/17/2013 1:18pm
The Dead Sea Scrolls will be on display in The Leonardo this fall.

Evidence hearing set for Utah mountain fugitive

04/17/2013 1:30pm
A fugitive captured after a series of cabin break-ins in the Utah mountains will get a preliminary hearing June 10.

'Charge or exonerate' AG John Swallow, governor tells feds

04/17/2013 2:51pm
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert calls for federal officials to finish investigation into Utah Attorney General John Swallow

Provo announces Google Fiber partnership

04/17/2013 3:06pm
Provo city made its "epic" announcement Wednesday, saying it will join the shortlist of cities to get Google Fiber.

Logan man allegedly broke baby's arm, charged with child abuse

04/17/2013 4:57pm
A Logan man has been ordered to stand trial on charges of child abuse and assault after prosecutors say he broke his baby's arm.

Wednesday's Child: Isaac

04/17/2013 5:34pm
Tonight's Wednesday's Child is an extremely fun boy who is full of life, so Boondocks was the perfect place for his KSL shoot. Jennifer Stagg has Isaac's story.

Llama meat trendy, but makes some hesitate

04/17/2013 5:44pm
Feel like your culinary tastes range on the adventurous side? Have you ever considered feasting on llama? It's the latest offering in one Utah grocer's meat section.

Almost 1M Utahns drop and cover in annual ShakeOut earthquake drill

04/17/2013 6:17pm
Nearly a million Utahns participated in the Great Utah ShakeOut Wednesday, the annual statewide earthquake drill intended to help everyone get ready for the next big quake.

Senate to review immigration bill this week as Utah leaders call for reform

04/17/2013 7:05pm
The U.S. Senate will take on immigration reform on Friday with a proposed bill that includes a pathway to citizenship. As of Wednesday night, both Senators Hatch and Lee say they're reviewing the bill.

7 West Valley police officers placed on leave following investigation

04/17/2013 9:10pm
Two supervisors and five detectives with the West Valley City Police Department have been placed on leave during the ongoing investigation into the embattled police department's narcotics unit.

Shrinking Bear Lake concerns boaters, residents

04/17/2013 10:12pm
A low snowcap could mean a big drop in the water levels at Bear Lake this summer. Experts are predicting nearly six feet, which could mean a lot more beach and a little less water at the docks.

Internet tries to solve Boston bombing case by crowdsourcing

04/17/2013 10:41pm
Investigators in the Boston Marathon bombing have turned to the public for help solving the case, asking for photos and video taken at the scene and investigating cellphone records of those who were there. Some members of the public are going one step further, though, by starting an investigation of their own.

VIDEO: Bon Jovi rocks the house at Energy Solutions Arena

04/17/2013 11:04pm
Jon Bon Jovi rocked the house Wednesday night in downtown Salt Lake where he played a concert at the Energy Solutions Arena.