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Contestants promote violence awareness during Miss Africa Utah pageant

03/29/2013 7:06am
Wars and fatal diseases continue to tear through Africa, but women from that continent are using a Utah pageant to bring attention to their solutions.

UDOT cannot be sued in fatal road collapse, judge says

03/29/2013 7:40am
Could a Utah Department of Transportation crew have done more to prevent a 2011 road collapse that led to the death of a teenage girl and the injury of two people?

Chopper 5 delivers pizza to students after reaching huge reading goal

03/29/2013 8:04am
Students at Valley View Elementary hit an impressive of reading more than 361,000 minutes and were rewarded with a pizza party from KSL.

Rifle stolen from locked box in car of prominent Utah gun lobbyist

03/29/2013 8:26am
An AR-15 was stolen late Wednesday or early Thursday from the car of one of Utah's most prominent gun lobbyists.

Man set wife's clothes on fire because she was snoring, police say

03/29/2013 9:11am
A man was charged Thursday with setting fire to his wife's clothing because he was upset about her snoring.

Man in go-kart accused of deliberately hitting 12-year-old boy

03/29/2013 9:19am
A 20-year-old man was charged Thursday with driving a go-kart into a 12-year-old boy who was taunting him.

Driver takes plea deal in Provo bicyclist's death

03/29/2013 1:14pm
A woman accused of hitting a bicyclist in Provo and sending him to his death in front of a train has pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

5 great Utah events to keep you busy this weekend

03/29/2013 2:00pm
Easter weekend is upon us and with it comes colored eggs, bunnies and loads of candy. If at any point during the Easter egg hunts you need a break, here are five alternative non-Easter activities going on in Utah.

Google releases real-time UTA updates on Maps

03/29/2013 2:56pm
Salt Lake City is among three U.S. cities to get real-time public transit updates via Google Maps.

Legislature appropriates $10M for STEM education

03/29/2013 5:15pm
The Utah legislature has granted $10 million to further the science, technology, engineering and math education, or STEM, throughout the state in an effort to prepare Utah students for high tech careers.

Medical problem causes driver to crash into Provo home

03/29/2013 5:36pm
A vehicle drove right into a home Friday morning, sparing the occupants — a family of six — who were not home at the time.

Children, grandmother safe after Hyrum house fire

03/29/2013 5:38pm
A woman and her grandchildren are safe after a fire Friday destroyed much of their home.

Body found in Logan River

03/29/2013 5:39pm
The body of a man was discovered Friday in the Logan River.

Veterans recount lessons learned in Vietnam on 40th anniversary of withdrawal

03/29/2013 6:59pm
Forty years ago, the last 2,500 U.S. combat troops were withdrawn from South Vietnam, ending the war. Decades later, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide and homelessness still plague many Vietnam veterans.

Disturbing details of injuries released on 3rd day of Sloop hearing

03/29/2013 7:07pm
The obvious injuries to 4-year-old Ethan Stacy did not cause his death. Instead his death was classified a homicide due to a combination of drug toxicity, scalding injuries and aspiration pneumonia, Utah deputy chief medical examiner Edward Leis testified Friday.

Battle over Utah-Nevada water rights in Snake Valley continues

03/29/2013 7:08pm
A battle over water rights has continued between Utah and Nevada for the groundwater in Snake Valley, and Utah Gov. Gary Herbert's signature will be the deciding factor.

5 percent tuition increase approved for Utah's colleges

03/29/2013 7:10pm
College and university students in Utah will pay 5 percent more in tuition next year after the Utah Board of Regents approved the boost on Friday.

Bountiful 7th grader memorizes more than 350 digits of pi

03/29/2013 8:47pm
A 7th grader at Mueller Park Junior High School can't deny her love for pi. Not the dessert though — the number.

Police name woman killed in Brigham City auto-pedestrian accident

03/29/2013 9:13pm
Police on Friday released the name of a woman who was killed while walking on the sidewalk with her grandchildren Thursday afternoon.

Marie Osmond calls son's death 'worst thing' in new book

03/29/2013 9:49pm
Marie Osmond is opening up about the darkest days of her life in her new book. She'll be in Utah next week as part of her national book tour.

Homeowner holds burglar at gunpoint until police arrive

03/29/2013 10:00pm
A homeowner who discovered a burglar inside his house Thursday held the man at gunpoint until police arrived to make an arrest.

Skier fights back to top after serious concussion

03/29/2013 10:53pm
It's no secret that being a professional athlete takes talent, skill and hard work. But for one Park City freestyle skier, it's more than that — it's a constant drive to succeed even in the face of adversity.

Friends work to complete 13-year-old's bucket list

03/29/2013 10:56pm
Funeral services were held Friday for a 13-year-old girl who died unexpectedly in her Kaysville home Monday morning from unknown causes. When her best friend heard the bad news, she decided to honor the teen by working to complete her bucket list.

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