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Calvary Baptist Church celebrates heritage with song and dance

02/25/2013 7:00am
They discovered the Lord was on their side. That's the message that Rev. France A. Davis gave to his audience Sunday at the annual Heritage Musical. Africans brought to America as slave "learned in spite of it all to trust in the Lord."

Logan Tabernacle evacuated due to smoke caused by fan

02/25/2013 11:15am
Officials plan to be back at the Logan Tabernacle Monday to try and figure out why a fan malfunctioned on Sunday.

Community college could be quickest way into job market, experts say

02/25/2013 11:23am
In today's job market, it helps to have more than a high school diploma. Now politicians and business leaders are asking high school students to consider attending community college.

State revenue estimate drops by $36M due to tax increases, budget cuts

02/25/2013 11:39am
New revenue estimates for the state are all headed down, the Legislature's budget chairman announced Monday, dropping from $300 million to $264 million.

Utah whooping cough infections almost 4 times higher than nation's

02/25/2013 12:26pm
The Utah Department of Health had some disturbing news for residents Monday morning: Whooping cough infections are five times higher in Utah than the national average. State officials are attacking the epidemic with a new media campaign calling for vaccinations.

Shooter pleads guilty in front yard murder

02/25/2013 1:00pm
A Salt Lake man pleaded guilty Monday to shooting and killing a man and injuring another.

Sandy man accused of filming underage girls at drunken party

02/25/2013 3:10pm
A Sandy man is accused of hosting parties at his house, serving alcohol to minors and then encouraging teen girls to undress and kiss each other while he filmed them.

Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter in death of disabled woman

02/25/2013 3:44pm
A Kearns woman charged with murdering a disabled woman she was caring for has pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

Woman shot in eye by police gets probation for leading chase

02/25/2013 4:35pm
A Colorado woman who led police on a chase, striking police vehicles before being shot in the eye, was sentenced to probation Monday.

Gov. Herbert voices frustration with Washington on CNN

02/25/2013 5:52pm
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is among several state leaders frustrated with the looming federal budget cuts. He was in Washington, D.C., Monday for the National Association of Governors meetings and spoke openly about his frustrations on CNN.

50 students crammed into classrooms at Logan High School

02/25/2013 6:25pm
At Logan High School, the average class size is less than ideal. Some classes have 50 or even 60 students crammed into a small space. Overcrowding is becoming a big problem, and administrators have said a solution may be years away.

Does Jon Huntsman intend to run for president again?

02/25/2013 7:04pm
A publicized appearance in early primary state New Hampshire is leading to speculation that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. is considering another White House run in 2016.

Progress on Provo Tabernacle has residents, businesses buzzing

02/25/2013 7:48pm
A network of steel supports has both residents and visitors to Provo marveling at the Pioneer-era structure that will become Provo's second LDS temple.

Duchesne County Jail sees first suicide in 14 years

02/25/2013 8:32pm
A Roosevelt man has died in the Duchesne County Jail in what investigators are calling an apparent suicide.

Hale Centre Theatre to call Sandy new home

02/25/2013 8:56pm
It's official: Hale Centre Theatre will have a new home in Sandy by 2017.

Alleged fake ID mill shut down near Sandy

02/25/2013 9:21pm
Two people have been arrested for allegedly operating a fake I.D. mill out of their home in White City, near Sandy, according to authorities.

The bystander effect: Would you stop to help?

02/25/2013 10:53pm
We've all seen examples of what psychologists call "the bystander effect:" the idea that people are less likely to help when more people are around. KSL News recently put Utahns and out-of-towners to the test to see if the crowd holds them back or if they jump into action when faced with emergency situations.

Pedestrian killed while crossing street in Ogden

02/25/2013 11:17pm
A pedestrian was killed Monday while crossing Wall Avenue near 26th Street.

Man dead after high-speed chase, standoff on I-15

02/25/2013 11:59pm
A man is dead after a high-speed chase on Interstate 15 in Davis County turned into a standoff with the Utah Highway Patrol.

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