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Degree no longer golden ticket to American dream

02/08/2013 12:05am
Getting a college degree may no longer be the ticket to the good life, but it is becoming a necessity.

Vandals spray fire extinguishers inside church

02/08/2013 8:04am
Murray police are searching for vandals who sprayed fire extinguishers inside a meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

5 ways drones will be part of Utahns' lives

02/08/2013 8:17am
It seems that unmanned aerial vehicles — more often called drones — are everywhere these days. How will they affect your life in Utah? Could you have one of your own?

Local program helps teen amputees learn to ski

02/08/2013 9:30am
Park City Mountain Resort joined Shriners Hospital for Children to give young amputees a chance to ski Utah's famous slopes.

Legislature: Bills on wildfire prevention, custody battles, and banning felons from school board

02/08/2013 1:59pm
During the second week the 2013 Legislative session, several bills were passed ranging from wildfire prevention to allowing teenagers a choice in a custody battle.

Jordan High hazing case has few details; investigation ongoing

02/08/2013 2:36pm
Officials on Friday continued to investigate allegations of hazing at Jordan High School, but few details have emerged from Sandy police or the Canyons School District.

Famous motivational speaker to start anti-bullying campaign in Utah

02/08/2013 2:41pm
Internationally-renowned motivational speaker Nick Vujicic has chosen Utah as the place to begin his national teen suicide and teen bullying prevention campaign.

Program lets students' taste buds decide new school lunches

02/08/2013 4:40pm
Students around the country have been pretty vocal about their school lunches since new USDA guidelines went into effect under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, and now they get to choose what's served.

After Kearns bomb threat, 'no compromise on student safety'

02/08/2013 5:11pm
An unrelenting focus on student safety allowed the smooth transition from a drill to a soft lockdown at Kearns High School on Thursday, according to district officials.

U of U workers win $1M lottery

02/08/2013 5:46pm
A group of blue collar University of Utah employees will share $1 million in Idaho lottery winnings.

'It's empowering our youth,' says coach about anti-bullying program

02/08/2013 5:48pm
In a week-long effort to fight against bullying, Friday was deemed "Be a friend Friday." One program for southern Utah athletes has taken that motto to heart.

SWAT trainer describes how police would search for ex-LAPD officer

02/08/2013 6:15pm
As a former assistant police chief with the Ogden Police Department, SWAT trainer Randy Watt knows how to lead the kind of manhunt California authorities are operating this week. He also knows the dangers that a man with tactical training presents.

LEGO artist brings life-size sculptures to Park City

02/08/2013 7:47pm
When Nathan Sawaya was 10 years old, he asked his parents for a dog. His parents said no so he built a life-size dog made of LEGO bricks instead.

Man 'thanks the grace of God' after helping save accident victim

02/08/2013 8:03pm
Bystanders helped save a man's life Friday after the man had a heart attack that led him to hit two vehicles. Officers at that accident were then able to arrest the driver in a hit-and-run a few blocks over that left a man in serious condition.

Orem officer accidentally hits 2 birds with 1 car

02/08/2013 8:37pm
Orem Police Sgt. Craig Martinez has quite a few interesting stories to tell. But he says most people wouldn't believe his latest story if there weren't pictures to prove it.

Lawmakers propose several anti-bullying, suicide prevention bills

02/08/2013 9:31pm
Bullying has grabbed the Utah Legislature's attention over the years, but the state's 4-year-old anti-bullying law isn't enough.

Storm moves in with little impact on roads — for now

02/08/2013 10:36pm
A winter snowstorm that rolled into Utah Friday afternoon didn't cause many problems evening commuters. The storm, however, is expected to intensify.

Police identify couple killed in I-80 murder-suicide

02/08/2013 11:14pm
Two adults found dead Friday inside a vehicle on an I-80 off-ramp were likely killed in a murder-suicide, police said.

UHP trooper hit while investigating accident on I-70

02/08/2013 11:17pm
A Utah Highway Patrol trooper suffered minor injuries Friday when he was hit while investigating a crash on I-70.

Lawsuit between ranchers leaves horses to starve

02/08/2013 11:22pm
An ongoing lawsuit between two Utah ranchers has left nearly 100 horses to starve during the winter months.

Successful suicide prevention curriculum made available online

02/08/2013 11:23pm
"Bully-cide" is a new term being used to describe when someone takes their own life as a result of being bullied. It's a growing problem that will take a united effort to combat, and one Utah educator is making it a bit easier for everyone to access a successful suicide prevention curriculum he helped create.

Toddler's meeting with donor family a 'heart reunion' for father

02/08/2013 11:47pm
A Utah toddler who was born with a life-threatening heart defect recently met the person who helped give him a second chance at life. For the Iowa man, it was a chance to be close to his infant daughter once again.

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