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Gym memberships: what to check before signing contract

01/30/2013 7:45am
If you're looking to join a gym or fitness club, watch out. Complaints about membership contracts are way up across the country and in Utah.

Near-death experiences bring hope to readers, cash to publishers

01/30/2013 8:02am
A familiar yet shockingly surreal story is being told again and again by people of all walks of life — a story of a dark tunnel, a bright light and an astounding journey to a place called heaven.

Early intervention helps overweight children

01/30/2013 10:34am
If you want your children to be healthy, start good habits when they are young — even at birth — instead of waiting until they are overweight and then trying to fix it.

Drivers who text and drive more likely to speed, drive drowsy

01/30/2013 10:44am
Those who text behind the wheel are far more likely to engage in other dangerous driving practices, a new AAA study says.

Target shooting regulation, 'In God We Trust' plates and HOV restrictions

01/30/2013 1:32pm
As the first days of the 2013 legislative sessions pass, several bills have moved forward out of committess already, making it possible that HOV lanes will see more restrictions, 'In God We Trust' could appear on some license plates, and target shooting could be more restricted.

American Fork man sexually abused teen, charges state

01/30/2013 3:38pm
A personal trainer has been charged with having an illegal sexual relationship with one of his teenage clients.

Poll says many Utah voters want Swallow to resign

01/30/2013 6:32pm
Nearly half of registered voters who believe that recent accusations against Utah Attorney General John Swallow indicate he did something illegal or unethical say he should resign, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Trooper thanks men who found severed hand, wedding ring

01/30/2013 6:47pm
A Utah Highway Patrol trooper whose hand was severed when he was hit by a distracted driver last summer spoke publicly about the accident for the first time Wednesday.

Utah woman reconnects with biological parents through 'likes' on Facebook

01/30/2013 7:27pm
Jenessa Simons has known she was adopted since she was 2 years old. But she knew little about her biological parents until she met them — through Facebook.

Utah Pride Center pushes for marriage equality in Supreme Court cases

01/30/2013 7:47pm
The Utah Pride Center announced Wednesday that it will voice its support for marriage equality to the U.S. Supreme Court in two pending cases.

Harsh winter pushes cougars near towns; 3 euthanized

01/30/2013 8:12pm
After one dog was killed and another badly injured by a cougar, the Division of Wildlife Resources is warning the public to keep an eye on pets.

Hatch, Lee say feds are overreaching with gun control

01/30/2013 8:31pm
Utah Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch were swift to react to Wednesday's Senate hearings on gun control, saying the federal government is guilty of overreach and offering the wrong solutions. 

South Jordan prevents potholes with innovative system

01/30/2013 8:34pm
Thanks to our recent cold snap and heavy snow some Utah roads are starting to crumble. Roads in Holladay are already breaking apart in some areas. The trouble is, most road crews can't get a permanent patch on it until everything heats up and dries out.

School bus slides off road, rolls into ditch

01/30/2013 9:09pm
Heavy snow caused a Cache County school bus to slide off the road on Wednesday.

Woman who brutally beat grandchildren dies in prison

01/30/2013 10:08pm
A Utah woman who was sentenced to serve 19 years in prison for torturing her grandsons has died behind bars.

Suspected kidnapper of Herriman teen makes first court appearance

01/30/2013 10:12pm
A man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old Herriman girl and harboring her from police made his initial court appearance Wednesday.

Animal clinic creates uproar after euthanizing pet dog

01/30/2013 10:34pm
The owner of an animal clinic in Tooele is getting a lot of grief for euthanizing a pet dog that was brought to him by animal control.

'Pet the deer' video prompts concerned response from DWR officials

01/30/2013 10:35pm
When posted a video of some excited Riverton kids playing with a deer our "Have You Seen This?" section, people responded. So did representatives from the Division of Wildlife Resources, who raised questions about how we should interact with animals in our neighborhoods.

Snow-covered cars a problem for Salt Lake City parking

01/30/2013 10:54pm
Three days of snowstorms have buried cars along the Wasatch Front, and that's causing problems for parking enforcement agencies.

Gov. focuses on education in State of State

01/30/2013 11:19pm
Education and economic development are Gov. Gary Herbert's main priorities for the state this year. Herbert shared his vision for Utah during his annual State of the State address Wednesday evening at the state Capitol.

Trooper who died during search and rescue operation honored by Senate

01/30/2013 11:33pm
The Utah State Senate paused Wednesday to honor a Utah Highway Patrol trooper who fell to his death during a search and rescue mission on Mount Olympus in June.

LDS Church-owned high school in Mexico will become new MTC

01/30/2013 11:35pm
At the end of the school year, what was once a prestigious high school just outside of Mexico City will become a new Missionary Training Center.

3rd day of snow brings dozens of accidents, backaches for homeowners

01/30/2013 11:55pm
Motorists endured another white knuckle commute on slick roads from Ogden to Provo Wednesday morning. But before they can even hit the road, there's another headache this third day of snow is causing for residents along the Wasatch Front: shoveling.

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