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Small fire causes $2M damage at Lehi Costco

01/03/2013 12:01am
Though flames from a small fire in a Costco Tuesday night didn't burn much, damage from smoke trapped in the warehouse totals near $2 million. 

Man robs movie theater's concession stand

01/03/2013 7:10am
Police are reviewing surveillance video in the search for a man who robbed the concession stand of a movie theater in Sugar House late Wednesday night.

Price changes predicted for 2013

01/03/2013 8:40am
Is this the year you're finally going to get that flat screen TV? Are you hoping lower gas prices stick around? No matter what your economic goals are, be aware that price changes are predicted for 2013.

Dog rescued from hoarder given life-saving operation

01/03/2013 9:20am
One of the 149 dogs rescued in November from an Ogden man with good intentions is back on her feet after a life-saving surgery.

New options for grad school program

01/03/2013 9:46am
People who oversee a program that helps low income students get into graduate school have added some new options for the students they serve.

Utah graduation rate hits 78% overall; disparity among minorities

01/03/2013 2:36pm
Utah's high school graduation rate continues to climb, according to new year-end data released by the Utah State Office of Education.

Woman allegedly robbed at knife-point taken to hospital with minor injuries

01/03/2013 4:20pm
A woman was injured after a man allegedly robbed her at knife-point.

Hostess shutdown puts Utah WIC in bread bind

01/03/2013 4:54pm
The Hostess shutdown did more than just cut off Twinkie supplies - Utah officials say it put a state-run nutrition program in a Wonder Bread bind.

Workshop taps into spatial-visual strengths of children with autism

01/03/2013 5:47pm
The University of Utah's iSTAR educational program focuses on children with autism; specifically teaching them how to use computers for 3-D modeling.

District gives go-ahead to perform edited version of 'All Shook Up'

01/03/2013 7:09pm
Jordan School District reversed their decision to cancel Herriman High School's production of "All Shook Up" after receiving permission to edit the play's "sexually suggestive" content.

Tooele helping walkers stay active during cold months

01/03/2013 7:12pm
Tooele County is doing something it has never done before.

'You can't hurt me' girl tells abusive mother at parole hearing

01/03/2013 7:31pm
A Vernal woman imprisoned for physically abusing her children received no mercy from the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. During the hearing, one of her other abused children made the rare move of addressing the prisoner.

Instances of flu on the rise; doctors urge flu vaccination

01/03/2013 7:43pm
Hospitals along the Wasatch Front are reporting a spike in the number of people who are being hospitalized for the flu. One death in Utah County is even being blamed on the flu.

Jordan School District creates contest to increase parent volunteers

01/03/2013 8:12pm
The Jordan School District has developed a fun way to increase parent involvement in the classroom. The volunteers are being rewarded a pizza party with the students.

At least 200 stranded when FrontRunner train breaks down

01/03/2013 9:55pm
A breakdown on a southbound FrontRunner train stranded or delayed hundreds of commuters in the cold Thursday evening.

Killer's journals shedding new light on West Wendover homicide

01/03/2013 10:24pm
This upcoming March marks two years since the body of a 16-year-old girl was found near West Wendover. The case will get new attention Friday night, when "Dateline NBC" airs a special featuring the journals of one of the killers.

Utahns making time to rise above the haze

01/03/2013 10:27pm
It's only been five days, and it is January, but the bitter cold temperatures and thick smog are affecting our lifestyle choices and our health in Northern Utah.

Stomach flu outbreak sickens 250 at Provo MTC

01/03/2013 10:28pm
A suspected stomach flu that hit LDS missionaries in the Missionary Training Center has been nearly contained, Utah County health officials said Thursday.

Tips for setting resolutions with your children

01/03/2013 11:05pm
Kids' resolutions often seem like a lot more fun than those of adults: some want to play with friends more; others just want to eat more ice cream. Parents, though, seem to have higher expectations for their children.

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