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Attorney wants change of venue in case of teenager's death

12/20/2012 7:30am
Attorneys want out of Weber County for the trial of a North Ogden man, Eric Millerberg, accused in the overdose death of his family's teenage babysitter, Alexis Rasmussen.

Police headquarters to be named after fallen officer

12/20/2012 7:44am
Ogden has decided to rename its police headquarters the Francom Public Safety Building.

Tortoise predicts snowy winter ahead

12/20/2012 12:18pm
The weather hasn't been too wintery lately, but prepare for some snowy days in January, February and beyond. How do we know? Because of a tortoise in the Millcreek area.

Man pleads guilty to sexual abuse of 2 girls

12/20/2012 12:27pm
A man arrested in August for sexually abusing two young girls who were family friends has plead guilty to the charges against him.

Missing boy found 11 miles from home; mom arrested

12/20/2012 12:28pm
A Salt Lake City woman faces child endangerment charges after police found drugs at her home while searching for her missing son.

Woman dead after rear-end collision with dump truck

12/20/2012 1:01pm
A 28-year-old woman was killed Thursday after her vehicle ran into the back of a dump truck.

Income from new fabric line donated to school for autistic children

12/20/2012 1:51pm
One Utah company is giving back to the community by donating a lot of money for Autism.

Utah town burns 16-foot mammoth effigy for solstice

12/20/2012 2:08pm
A Southern Utah town will burn a 16-foot effigy of a mammoth Friday to celebrate the winter solstice and draw attention to the historical significance of the area.

Holly Refinery agrees to settle clean air case

12/20/2012 4:41pm
Holly Refinery and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have agreed to settle an alleged clean air violations case stemming from the refinery's underground storage of propane.

Police: 4 students suspended for bringing weapons on school grounds

12/20/2012 4:43pm
Four high school students are facing suspensions and will be sent to a different school after they were found carrying knives and brass knuckles on campus.

Radio stations raising money for Road Home shelter

12/20/2012 5:09pm
Local radio stations are in the midst of a two-day radiothon raising money for the Road Home shelter in Salt Lake. The broadcasts are the largest fund raiser for the shelter each year.

1 person killed in officer-involved shooting in Taylorsville

12/20/2012 5:14pm
A 22-year-old man allegedly holding a woman against her will at knife point was shot and killed by a Unified police officer Thursday morning.

Man could serve 6 months in jail for brother's death, judge says

12/20/2012 6:42pm
Thursday, a judge handed Eric Charlton a 6 month sentence to jail for charges connected to his brother's death.

Different kind of 'Christmas Carol' production hits the road

12/20/2012 6:45pm
From Cedar City to Park City, Southern Utah University is taking a "different" production of an old favorite on the road to spread a little cheer throughout the state.

Man arrested after shooting in West Valley City apartment complex

12/20/2012 7:05pm
A man wanted in connection with a recent shooting has been arrested by police.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff shares memories of past 12 years

12/20/2012 8:00pm
Utah's longest serving Attorney General is leaving office in a few days. On Thursday, Mark Shurtleff shared his proud and humbling moments as Utah's head law enforcement officer.

West Valley standoff ends peacefully

12/20/2012 8:20pm
At least 15 homes were evacuated Thursday after an armed man barricaded himself inside his West Valley home. The standoff ended peacefully when the man was taken from the home to be treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Opinion: The mentally ill aren't always who you think they are

12/20/2012 8:43pm
In the dialogue about the mentally ill, we must never forget the millions of middle-grounders who are what mental illness is really about: people who have a cross to bear who are doing all they can to be loved, appreciated and helped along the way.

3 Roosevelt oilfield workers face assault charges after beating man

12/20/2012 9:00pm
Three men are behind bars after a fourth man was beaten so badly that investigators say his head swelled to twice its normal size.

Hundreds gather to remember Emilie Parker

12/20/2012 9:59pm
Nearly 1,000 people turned out Thursday night for a community vigil held in memory 6-year-old Emilie Parker, who was shot and killed in her Connecticut elementary school last week. Her family said they wanted to hold the vigil to say thank you for all the community support.

Retirement plans not a bust yet: start saving now

12/20/2012 10:15pm
A lot of older Americans are gloomy about retirement. Many have burned through all of their retirement savings, and are acquiring more credit card debt while having trouble making rent and mortgage payments. To combat the problem, whatever your age, saving for the future has to start now.

Advocates gather to remember homeless Utahns who died in 2012

12/20/2012 10:18pm
Bitter cold temperatures clamped down on Utah this week, which is a dangerous proposition for the many of the states homeless. Thursday night, more than 100 people gathered in Pioneer Park to remember homeless Utahns who've died in the last year.

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