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Family films major food fight to raise money for clean water

12/07/2012 7:00am
Most people receive a lot of Christmas cards during the holiday season. One Arizona family made a virtual card that is every child's dream and mom's worst nightmare.

Dixie State's removal of confederate statue sparks more controversy

12/07/2012 9:12am
A debate has been brewing for a while now: Should Dixie State College change its name? Thursday, fuel was added to that fire as a prominent statue of Confederate soldiers was taken down.

New schedule for FrontRunner north trains to increase wait times

12/07/2012 11:13am
Changes are coming to the FrontRunner north line between Salt Lake City and Ogden. Now that the new FrontRunner south is finished, trains from Ogden won't stop and stay in Salt Lake City anymore. They will continue to Provo.

Prosecuters seeking death penalty for Nathan Sloop

12/07/2012 11:33am
Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings had long hinted he would do it, but he made it official Thursday when he filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty against Nathan Sloop.

Woman bakes 100 gingerbread houses, wins a High 5

12/07/2012 11:50am
If you think it's time consuming to bake a gingerbread house, try making dozens of them for friends and family.

Free class to help women launch small business accepting applications

12/07/2012 11:56am
Women who want to launch their own business have an option in the Banking on Women program offered in partnership with Westminster College and GE Capital.

Man arrested in Southern Utah for smuggling illegal immigrants

12/07/2012 12:10pm
A traffic stop in Hurricane led to federal charges against a Mexican national for allegedly smuggling an SUV full of people into the United States last month.

FLDS community cancels schools; children harvest pecans

12/07/2012 12:34pm
Children from the two cities operated by the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have ordered school be canceled while children labor in Southern Utah pecan groves.

Man charged in 2008 murder case pleads 'not guilty'

12/07/2012 12:45pm
A man accused of the brutal murder of a 7-year-old girl four years ago says he is not guilty. That was the plea entered by Esar Met at an arraignment on Friday morning.

Police: Man calls in fake bomb threat from police station

12/07/2012 1:30pm
A man who apparently didn't believe the Cottonwood Heights Police Department was attending to him quick enough was arrested for allegedly calling in a bomb threat — from the lobby of the police station.

Iron County metal thefts on the rise

12/07/2012 1:50pm
The Iron County Sheriff's Office is investigating several cases of metal thefts and encourages people in suburban areas to secure their property.

Trio arrested after luring man from home to beat, rob him

12/07/2012 5:12pm
Two men and a woman are behind bars after police say they lured a man from his home in the middle of the night to kidnap, beat and rob him.

Highways run through downtown in newly-discovered 1960s plans

12/07/2012 5:35pm
A recently discovered old map detailed previous plans for a pair of highways to run through the heart of Salt Lake City.

Santa's Secret Shop brings Christmas joy to low-income students

12/07/2012 6:15pm
They are often on the receiving end of programs like Sub for Santa, but low-income kids at Spring Creek Elementary School in Provo school are experiencing the joy of buying gifts for their families this holiday.

Prodigal Dad may have invented fire (he can't remember)

12/07/2012 6:35pm
I am in my extremely late mid-forties. I have to face it before my age spots start ordering for themselves at restaurants and arguing in public over who is the better, ELO or BTO. (If you have to ask, go take a bathroom break, and read on...)

Police find alleged robber in closet after stun gun robbery

12/07/2012 6:59pm
While allegedly robbing a clothing store, a man used a stun gun to escape the scene, police said.

Man claims he was blackmailed after visiting porn website

12/07/2012 7:08pm
A Cottonwood Heights man learned a lesson about visiting porn websites in a unique way. The man got scammed after some online surfing and police are now involved.

Pilot program for technology-driven classrooms launcehd

12/07/2012 7:23pm
Twenty years ago every teacher wrote on blackboards. Fast forward ten years and markers replaced chalk. Then white-boards went up on school walls. The next thing isn't just a smartboard, it's a smart classroom outfitted with iPads and flat screens.

Danny Berger gives first press conference following collapse

12/07/2012 8:03pm
USU basketball player Danny Berger addressed the media for the first time Friday night at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, following his collapse at practice on Tuesday.

Driver heads wrong way on freeway; troopers suspect drugs a factor

12/07/2012 8:46pm
A man who was driving the wrong way on the freeway Friday was using drugs during the ensuing chase, Utah Highway Patrol reports.

LDS artist's unseen work donated to BYU Museum of Art

12/07/2012 9:30pm
A significant collection from LDS artist Minerva Teichert has been donated to BYU. Unlike her paintings of scenes from the Book of Mormon or Mormon Pioneers, this mural size art is part of a private collection, that until recently, was never displayed in public.

Utah Pearl Harbor survivors honored in ceremony on 71st anniversary

12/07/2012 9:59pm
The American flag flew at half-staff in front of the Capitol Building for the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor. In Ogden, there was a ceremony honoring several Utah Pearl Harbor survivors.

Funny newsletter helps clarify dress code at junior high

12/07/2012 10:25pm
It's tough to determine what's fashionable and appropriate and what crosses the line. Right now, Churchill Junior High is trying to do just that. The major issue surrounds leggings.

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