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Section of road in West Valley City renamed Rosa Parks Drive

11/17/2012 7:22am
A civil rights icon's name now graces a road in the city.

Photo gallery: prehistoric Native American ruins

11/17/2012 8:08am
Utah is home to thousands of Native American cliff dwellings, granaries, and other relics. This photo gallery features some of the most beautiful sites, all within a 10-hour drive from Salt Lake City.

UHP K9 dog killed on I-80

11/17/2012 9:11am
A K9 officer with the Utah Highway Patrol was killed Friday.

Man crashes, dies in Little Cottonwood Canyon

11/17/2012 10:26am
A 37-year-old man died after falling into a ravine while driving down Little Cottonwood Canyon Thursday night.

Man pulls gun on Kmart employees, police asking for help

11/17/2012 10:43am
Police are seeking information about a man they say pulled a gun on Kmart loss prevention employees when they confronted him about suspected shoplifting. 

Salt Lake Intl. Airport adds 13 new restaurants

11/17/2012 11:32am
Salt Lake City International Airport celebrated the grand opening of 13 new restaurants Thursday, including seven Salt Lake-area establishments.

Unidentified flying object caught on video in Denver

11/17/2012 12:47pm
An un-identifiable object has caused quite a stir after it was caught on video flying through the skies of Colorado.

Police look for man who robbed credit union

11/17/2012 1:41pm
Police are looking for a man who robbed a credit union on Friday afternoon.

Discovery could allow scientists to control cancer at cellular level

11/17/2012 2:36pm
Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute have discovered internal genetic machines that can turn on and off cells at the right times, giving promise to further research to find a cure for cancer.

Women who fled for their lives given chance to succeed in SLC

11/17/2012 4:38pm
Speakers of Swahili know "Ambatana" means "uniting people," and it is around that sentiment that Stefanie Shumaker has built the fledgling business she hopes to see one day uniting those who have given up everything not by choice, but out of necessity: refugees.

Closed-down FLDS businesses re-open suddenly after doomsday prophecy

11/17/2012 6:03pm
The businesses that closed in Colorado City, Arizona Friday morning, seemingly for good if you read the signs on the doors, all of a sudden re-opened today.

San Juan High School burns; two in custody for arson

11/17/2012 6:11pm
suspected arson gutted the media center of San Juan High School early Saturday morning, causing extensive damage.

VIDEO: It's Christmas time at The Gateway

11/17/2012 7:02pm
The Gateway was packed with people Saturday night as the shopping center unveiled its holiday light displays. They flipped the switch lighting up the giant Christmas tree and started a stunning visual display.

Primary Children's O.R. opens doors for behind-the-scenes look

11/17/2012 10:44pm
Primary Children's Medical Center opened its operating room to the public Saturday. Kids and their parents got an up-close experience of an area they don't usually see unless they're a patient.

Two bodies found in Great Salt Lake after extensive search

11/17/2012 11:59pm
The bodies of two men were retrieved from Great Salt Lake late Saturday night after an extensive search and rescue effort.